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Former Champ Fenech charged with shoplifting

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posted on Dec, 29 2005 @ 05:48 AM

The Marackville Mauler seems to be in a spot of bother...

Fenech accused of shoplifting

Former world champion boxer Jeff Fenech is due to appear in a Gold Coast court on Friday accused of shoplifting,

slightly embarrasing

Seems there's a matter of him, a mate and three watches.

I wonder if he'll claim his "director" told him to, as someone else attempted to. Rather vaguely and foolishly, I thought.

BTW, anybody else wondering if the Gold Coast court was accused of shoplifting on Friday?

posted on Dec, 29 2005 @ 09:33 AM
the only thing that comes to my mind in this situation is rick james saying: coc aine is a helluva drug!

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