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Katrina Victims Homeless

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posted on Dec, 28 2005 @ 10:55 PM
On September 6, 2005, I wrote a letter to President Bush and suggested that he set up communities in Texas and Louisiana and other vast areas where trailers could be provided for each Katrina family. The trailers would provide privacy, a home, and a feeling of humanity and hope for the victims.

Obviously, the President took my advice shortly thereafter, but the trailers are allegedly not being distributed as quickly as they should be according to the victims. One Katrina family told me that FEMA approved a trailer then denied them the trailer because their driveway was two feet too short. (This is a family of four who is homeless and they denied a trailer for two feet? This is outrageous!)

Later, FEMA re-approved the trailer, but never delivered the trailer nor told them when it would be delivered. The family said that the FEMA papers that must be filled out in order to apply for a trailer are lengthy and difficult to understand and they had to seek a professional family member's help. These victims said that their insurance company paid out only $66,000 even though they were covered for $100,000.

They said that the SBA loan was denied by our government which would have helped cover the rest of the building costs. They also said that they have to stand in long lines for hours for FEMA, SBA, welfare and food stamps. They are not asking for a hand out but a hand up. They are willing to do some of the work themselves.

But, now, the government added new and very expensive building codes that must be met and that added more financial burden onto their pain and suffering. So, these victims have been sleeping in a camper on top of a pick up truck in a driveway because they have nothing and they are homeless. How many more of these families are being denied help by our government while the general public is being fed a bunch of lies about how well the victims are doing?

The Congress diverted the money to fix the levy over to Iraq for a war that the American people never voted upon. The diverted monies for the repairs of the levy should be investigated and heads should roll for making a decision that cost this country the lives of American families whether living or dead.

These victims are now living in their own "war zone." It seems to me that the victims of Katrina could allegedly sue the Federal Government for negligence; abuse of public funds and pain and suffering. How can we save another country when our country is being destroyed from within and our people are having to live in chaos, division, strife, prejudice, corruption, indecency, and lies?

By the way, how did Congress divert the money from the U.S. to Iraq without any accountability to the people or some other overseer agency?

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posted on Jan, 9 2006 @ 06:17 PM
Allot are homeless now, most are not spoken about anymore. I know that a couple hundred came to my state and were asked to stay (NM) and frankly I think the govt. doesnt give a hoot what happens to the homless on a nation wide scale so why care about the victims of one city? People can overlook the ones down the street so what the heck right?

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