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programmed BRAIN ???!!!

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posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 05:49 PM
I don't speak english very well , so i'm sorry if i make a mistake ...

I assume that the following theories are truth (axiomes) so i can try to demonstrate my theory

1. Allthough we have not even toutched the tip of the icebearg , scientifically speaking , we can assume that the whole universe is made of ELEMENTS ( atoms, neutrons, quarks, etc) that are clearly defined ( they have clearly defined properties that react to clearly defined LAWS ) ; what i'm trying to say is that this ELEMENTS are like variables(OPERATORS) in a computer program, and the LAWS are the operations (OPERATORS) that you can do with the ELEMENTS ;

2. Every computer program implements specific algoritms that work with defined variables in the program, so that the program can acomplish specific tasks; we can say that these tasks become more complex and more BIG IN QUANTITY (i.e. the program can make a lot of tasks) directly proportional with the number of variables, the number of algorithms and the complexity of the algorithms that the program implements; SO taking this as a starting point we can assume that if we had a very large number of variables (i.e BRAIN NEURONS), a large number of algorithms (i.e NUMBER OF CONNECTIONS BETWEEN NEURONS) and very complex algorithms (i.e VARIOUS COMPLEX CONNECTIONS BETWEEN BRAIN SYSTEMS) that that program can acomplish a incredible amount of tasks; so incredible that hey can be categorized as RANDOM; so we will call that program (i.e HUMAN BRAIN) a RANDOMIZED TASK GENERATOR.

3. So the human brain is made of incredible amount of ELEMENTS (neurons) that are storage used by algorithms (i.e. connections between neourons activated by the generation of electrical impulses) to acomplish specific tasks; we can asume these TASKS are THOUGTH(ANDGER,LOVE,LOGICAL THINKING,etc); and there are so many neurons and connections between them that these TASKS cand have incredible number of variants and thus can be classified as RANDOM;

The theory and the questions at the same time is .... Doesn't this mean that FREE CHOICE does not really exist ??? Free choice implies a system that can generate something from nothing , something that defieee the laws of physics, but in this universe the REALLY THING THAT DECIDES FOR US ARE THE LAWS OF PHYSICS NOT US ( i.e NOT US = systems of neurons that make our brain and react to electrical impulses) or is it something else ????

Thans a lot !!!
and Happy new year !!!

posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 06:18 PM
A very interesting thesis, if what you stated is true where is the room for individuality? Then you have to look for another element. Maybe this time what we're seeking is not visceral but intangible... a soul prehaps. A ghost that rest in our shell. Science never claimed to have every answer to every question, so wait. The jury is still out.

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posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 06:50 PM
What you're saying devalex is the monkey theory - that we are nothing but pre-programmed instructions and thoughts with a single or multiple purposes, such as reproduction and survival. I'm not saying this is a bad theory, it's just the nuts and bolts of it.

So, the reason I like Root Beer is not because I developed a taste for it, not because I just like it, but because there was a pre-program in my DNA and brain structure that said "Well, this is new, has X, Y, and Z, and doesn't hurt me (much) - let's adopt it as a favourite."

And you may be entirely correct. We may be nothing more than elaborate computer programs, made by nature, evolution, or god.

But then there are parts of us that come out as something fundamentally more. Maybe it's the vanity of mankind, or maybe we have something deep down inside - like the soul. However, it's a matter in which you must simply take faith in. There are some events and occurances in this world which I can think can only occur through the will of God, or the will of the soul. For example, every now and then I will have a dream, which I will think of as impossible or just a dream, but then - approx. 6 months later usually - it will come true. And when it does, I can change what happens if it was bad, or let it unfold if it was good.

I have heard many argue, perhaps this is simply your brain extrapolating possible events and creating it in your mind, and then being interpreted through your dreams. However, some of the specifics are just too great - such as language, position of myself, position and shape of others I have never met at the time, shape of other rooms which I have never entered. These things I cannot chop up to a chemical reaction in my brain. It is because of this that I MUST believe in something greater in myself, like the soul.

So, perhaps we are just chemical reactions, but then again, perhaps not.


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