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People and their Parents

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posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 05:30 PM
During the Christmas season many famlies undoubtly come together to share and to just be a family. Naturally when this happens there can be some internal conflict among the family members. This is most eaisly seen in young adults and teenagers. I have been able to look at this from a standpoint of an observer and I have noticed soemthing rather intresting about family conflicts. As I have said undoubtly at a family gathering it will almost be bitter sweet for soemone there. There will undoubtly be someone who is gossiping or talkign about somethign entirely negative or how bad off things are. There will always be something there to bring down the overall mood of the gathering. Now we look at the young adults. They almost always never find themselves happy with their family. Especially their parents. Many teenagers feel that they have "the worst family" and "the worst parents." Why is this?

If we take a step back and look at the whole picture we can see somethign intresting. As a child your parents are your life line and we respect them for that. We want them and we need what they can give. When we become older we can see that we now have responsiblity and hte older we get the more freedom we can exert. I feel this is the root of the problem with why teenagers often have so much against thier family. As a teenager you becoem more independent and can support yourself to an extent. Generally the parents are trying to nuture a good way of this and the teen will want total freedom. So the teen views the parent as an obsticle. Its also cruical to look at how a teens mind thinks. Many teens start to discover life. After all this is verry early on in life and now new things are discvoverd. we begin to ask the big questions Why am I alive? Death? What is conciousness? We jump into philosphy. ITs easy for our view on the world to change completly and then to assume that no one else sees it that way. This is because its new knowldge to us and something that cruical would have had to have been revealed to us before. Why didnt mom tell us the meaning of life? Its easy for a teem to begin to feel superior to there parents and the people around them. Now lets move on to later stages in life.

If we look at people over the age of say 25 we begin to notice a bond between the parents and the child. There is a true bond of love that develops? What do they learn about their parents that a Teen does not get? what do they see in life? What do they learn that the all knowing teen doesnt? As a person becomes older they then see their parents as a head figure and great people.

Now I know this isnt always true and I know I am generalizing but Im saying this all from a basic level.

So now what is the point of my post? what am I geting at?

I know there are a good bit of teens on this board and I hope they read this. This is not to chastise them or to make myself feel superior it is simply to say that your missing something. There is somethign about your parents that you are overlooking. What that something is? well I dont know for each of us it is different just as the meaning of life is. I dont have the answers. I simply want you to take a look at your family and realize that you will one day love them for who they are admist all the rules the fighting and the slander. YOur over looking somethign and if you can come to grips with it and humbel yourself. I can garuentee it will improve the quality of your life now and it will put you one step ahead of the game. How do I know this? It happpend to me.


posted on Dec, 28 2005 @ 12:50 PM
Very intresting post. Thanks for this view.

Growing up in a nation which affords such stability and security compared to many other nations...youth can often afford many values which are of conveneince..not necessarily responsibility. This is obvious when viewing many of the statistics concerning teenagers. Also to take this line of thought further it shows when many become young adults and even adults into older age which still think and have consumption values like teenagers.
Only such artifical security without responsibilty can get teens to think this way for so long about their parents. Mind you now..not all teens think this way but it is in much of the media and constantly bombarded to them 24/7 with a sense of entitlement. Many people dont change this pattern even when they are into like..age..45years olde.
A proper parent loves their child/children and wants them to be able to stand upright for the day when they will no longer be able to pick them up when they fall and bloody thier nose. They want to know that their children overcome all this entitlement rubbish and go on to have children of their own...and know how to make them stand upright too. To see and know that thier children can define themselves..who and what they are by a good decent standard based on good sound judgement..not by what they consume or what they think they deserve in life as we see so many doing today.
A proper parent hopes and prays that thier children will be able, with what they have instilled in them and what they have learned in thier walk through life, stand up for their name sake.. This is parental love....beyond the flesh. It is a love that will serve their children when the parents are no longer here to help them... when the parents sleep with thier Fathers.
This is what children who finally grow up learn when they begin to think beyond themselves and their egos.

Good line of thought you have begun here Mizar.



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