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The pattern to EVERYTHING in PI: 3.14159....

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posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 04:55 AM
What are everybody's discoveries about pi? Has anyone out there decoded it, have any interest in it?

observe a line becoming a sqaure becoming a circle: ____ |||| [] + . 0

1. a line
2. split it up in 4 pieces
3. arrange four pieces into a squre
4. split apart the sqaure to form 2 right angles (lack of square graphics on keyboard fails to display this particular point)
5. intersect the 2 right angles
6. the point of intersection, is a dot
7. mulitply that dot
8. circle

take this verbal formula and apply it to anything you see in life. you can do this with a leaf. you can do this with a cd. with a cd, it is round in shape, flip it until it is horizontal to your eye view. it now appears to be a line. everything becomes everything becomes nothing. perception, but not just perception, visual perception, which the pattern to apply to real life can be found in the digits of pi.

what for: time travel, shape-shifting, morphing ability, lucid dreaming applied to life, prediction of anything anytime anywhere, .....................

take the constant flow of everything, esentially energy. energy has mass, which means it cannot be "nothing". BUT, it is present in all things. from the wood table your computer may be sitting on to the eye which is reading this. the human body, the wood object, are all illusive in their existance. a costume, on top of the essence of everything.. energy . energy can be morphed into anything and takes various shapes. what you see in the mirror, can be changed, if the pattern is discovered. not just changed in the sense of physical structure, but complete elimination of body whatsoever. to revolve everything back to pure energy. "eventually, i speak of course of some time in the future, the human being will resort to pure energy and have no need for a body" -Einstein.

to break free from the pattern which controls us all, we need to be able to find its beginning, and its end. pi, is the circumference of a circle. it has not yet been found to have an end, and even its beginning is not certain. that pattern, is found in everything from an ant to a drop of water to your thoughts.

There are things which are confirmable. For one, love has a pattern. In my visits into the human psyche, men, women, children, they all were susceptible to its power regardless of their resistance or non-belief. Two, lucid dreaming, or being mentally aware of when you are dreaming, gives the mind the power to control anything that happens. I was flying last night, i fly every night. I do whatever I want, have superhuman powers and am not limited by the laws of physics such as, gravity. In lucid dreaming, astral projection, weightlessness, lightning from the fingertips, laser vision, burning things with your eyes, freezing things with your eyes, all of these things were not just ideas and imagination, but realities. The key to connecting it all, the pattern to transcendence is devise a way to a lucid wake. Having the exact same power attained in lucid dreaming and implement it in life. Three, what is this pattern? The digits of the greatest mathematical mystery in the entire span of the world, the decodation of pi. Pi is the circumference of a circle, or its surface area. The earth, the solar system, and all the known universe is in the shape of a circle and circular in natural form. Pi can be found in anything from a telephone to an orchid. What actually is a circle? It is a line that curves, and both the line and the circle are endless mathematical certainties. The circle cannot be finitely divided, and the line never stops. Birth, life, death, this is a circle that continues in all of life. If one of these stages is missed, or continued forever without entering into the next, this circle stops. Imagine an infant, who following the story of Peter Pan, never grows up. The consequences of this one infant are global due to the chaos theory. “If a butterfly flaps its wings in China, weather systems in New York could be affected the following day”. This one baby, not growing up, not dying, means an entire genetic family is forever alive, but will never reproduce, and thus never grow or adapt. This is a negative consequence if eventually the baby dies off, but say there is a formula that stops growth? An immortality elixer if you will, comparable to the fountain of youth. That formula I believe can be created through decoding the digits of pi. Nobody has yet found the end, and the digits after 3.14 continue to over 6 billion and counting. If they were found, it would be the answer of figuring out the pattern to the circle, the way to find its beginning, middle, and end. To split it open into a line, and to cut up that line into parts which make up a square. To transform a circle, into a square, thus showing that life with all its rules and structure can be bended into something entirely different, an existence which nobody can even yet imagine because it will alter from the one we are all living now. A parallel universe, a dream world, the world that is alive in our minds, is the closest way to describe how it might be. There might not be gravity, there might not be colors, we may not even exist, and be simply ball of energy without mass. Mass itself may not exist. The mind simply trying to categorize the world it is surrounded by. But the mind itself we have such little knowledge of. If the mind is telling us all this, surely this is all attainable. Why do I think that this is truly realistic? Because the one way to apply lucid dreaming to life I have already mastered how to do. That way is love. To be able to make any living thing fall in love, and stay in love, is the application of the power of lucid dreaming. Love is the one weakness that any human being or animal has. It is not a weakness but the greatest power metaphorically, but in any given situation, one who loves another would sacrifice their life for the object of their love. This gesture is contradictory to everything that nature’s instinct has instilled in any living thing for survival. If love is able to make this happen, then there is a way to apply the rest of the powers to life. I am certain of it. In love there is pi, and in pi... lies the answer.

There is no such thing as an atheist. Everyone who is alive is alive because of “faith”. Nobody knows why they’re here, what will happen, what is the reason for stars, planets, galaxies, “the universe”, all of existance. Yes they have knowledge, yes there are explanations and rules for what IS here. But there is no explanation of WHY it is here. People live because they believe. All of life lives because of a belief. Bacterial cells have a genetic imprint, a universal core structured into their being that they may not have the ability to be aware of, but it is in them. Why? is everyone such a fool? This illusion, why can’t everybody just die? Belief=stupidity. Both “classifications” don’t even exist, there is nothing, which = everything. Life is death so death wouldn’t be freedom, because it will still be belief of some sort. So how to end all of existance? How to abolish EVERYTHING? life, death, energy? There is no proof for anything, why to live? “beauty”, “truth”, “ love”, bla bla. Why do people have faith in anything? Enough to stay alive...? survival, pleasure/comfort, love, emotion, genetic universal imprinting. They call Hitler a murderer, but HE understood, he was a “genius”. How to do what he did on an ARMAGEDDON scale? All will say, ok, if we know not why we live, then why die, as it is the same thing? Living is probably better than dying, for all we know. YES!! exactly!!! Belief to “die” : sadness, “giving up”, anger, lonliness, lack of love, lack of BELIEF. BUT-this lack of belief is not a lack of belief of ALL , EVERYTHING. it is just a lack of belief for LIFE specifically. Life in the human sense. What to be done? If not life, if not death... A complete.. something which has never yet been understood/that has no basis nor any... They say that it is mind which is controls (“bipolar” schizophrenic, psychological disease, etc.) that “those afflicted” shoudl just and be able to DO without questioning. “curiosity killed the cat”. BUT, their minds are programmed to DO without question, whereas I question without doing. So we are both parallelly trapped. As i am writing this, I am trapped. Neither side, nor us who question or those who don’t are FREE. slaves whether we think or don’t, live or die. What is free? Freedom is an illusion also, but FREE in the sense of non-existance. existance is “work”.

please add whatever you want to this ramble of thoughts

posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 08:59 AM
I enjoy the romance of this thread but I have just one thing troubling me.

If a circle has no defined end, ie. "never stops", then pi is infinite and so it could never be decoded because missing just one of those digits would lead to an innacurate "decode" as it were.

posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 09:09 AM
Text Sounds intrestin could you post a sample equation? Say start with a clock 3.14x(6)((2)=38

posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 06:23 PM
I read your whole post. Something which took quite a lot of effort to do. I wouldn't be surprised if many people read the first paragraph and stopped.

The idea is just incomprehensible. If Pi is -EVERYTHING-, then..... wah.....

You said that we should learn to harness the power of Pi (Not pie
), and it will allow us to do all sorts of things, and break the "rules" that we have created for time, physics, etc. But how exactly do we APPLY the power of Pi. I will take your word for it that Pi is everything, and that it can be the answer to anything we try to do... but how to we harness the power of Pi. What kind of Machine do we create, and how will it use the number. Would it be a Time Machine? A Toaster? Internally within the human being?What.....

You are onto something my friend; I just don't know what. My logic is rolling around on the ground, ripping it's hair out.

Feel free to U2U me if there is anything else you want to share but don't feel comfortable posting on the thread.

posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 07:08 PM
You have some interesting theories and views on life and existance - but I fail to understand one thing... where in all that is holy does Pi fit in with this? All you told me was that Pi is the circumference of a circle... which is incorrect.

Pi is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter - or in other words, the relationship between the distance around to the distance through. (C/d = pi)

This is not a holy number, but simply a matter of existance. It's a fundamental number that is only applicable to circles, and other circle-type objects.

The universe, for example, is not a sphere. It is actually infinite if you drew a line across it. You would actually end up at the beginning of your line - even though you never travelled in a circle to do so. In this sense, the universe curves in a 4-dimensional circular way. This circle is called space-time, and is distorted by mass. Thus, Pi does not help here.

So, once again, I say that although you have some interesting thoughts - I fail to see how Pi is so important to them. Could not your thoughts and theories exist without Pi? Your theories and views are wonderful, and I hope you continue down this path of enlightment, like many before you, but ask yourself - which is more important, the cause, or what is? Seek the truth. The truth is not in Pi. Pi is just a number. The truth is in how you treat others and explore the worth around you.

If you REALLY want to know how Pi is the answer to everything, then take every symbol of language and transform it into a chart where a symbol is matched to a number. Best to only use double or triple digit numbers for this. Then, transform Pi into those letters and symbols of language. If Pi is infinite and random, within Pi you will find written every book ever written. An infinite number of monkeys randomly typing on an infinite number of typewritters will produce Hamlet.

But, obviously, this answer using Pi is bunk, as it cannot possibly be completed.

posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 08:15 PM
Another thing i thought is that as mathematics is just a theory created by man to explain values it shouldn't have any mystic properties...

posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 09:15 PM

Originally posted by fanthorpe
Another thing i thought is that as mathematics is just a theory created by man to explain values it shouldn't have any mystic properties...

Math is not just numbers and theory math a next to geomerty algebra is the oldest form of study,and not just values but also places and points represented by letters and symbol's

posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 10:07 PM
Have you heard of the Golden Mean? It's symbol is phi, and it's usually expressed as a ratio 1:1.61803399

Phi ( = 1.618033988749895... ), most often pronounced fi like "fly," is simply an irrational number like pi ( p = 3.14159265358979... ), but one with many unusual mathematical properties. Unlike pi, which is a transcendental number, phi is the solution to a quadratic equation.

Phi, like Pi, is a ratio defined by a geometric construction
Just as pi (p) is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, phi () is simply the ratio of the line segments that result when a line is divided in one very special and unique way.

the ratio of the length of the entire line (A)
to the length of larger line segment (B)
is the same as
the ratio of the length of the larger line segment (B)
to the length of the smaller line segment (C).

DNA in the cell appears as a double-stranded helix referred to as B-DNA.
This form of DNA has a two groove in its spirals, with a ratio of phi in the proportion of the major groove to the minor groove, or roughly 21 angstroms to 13 angstroms.


All great art generally conforms to Phi proportions, stock market analysts use it (in the form of the fibonacci sequence), it's present in the proportions of our bodies and the proportions of galaxies.

Check it out !

posted on Dec, 28 2005 @ 01:53 AM
Not everyone's body fits the golden mean.

Not even close.

posted on Dec, 28 2005 @ 06:02 AM

from Dulcimer
Not everyone's body fits the golden mean.

Er, by proportion i meant things like the relationship of the length of bones and such. I wasn't talking about one's er. . . proportion's.

Just did a search and found this though

Standardized x-rays were taken of the hands of 100 healthy volunteers. The proximal phalanx length was subtracted from the sum of the lengths of the middle and distal phalanges and the metacarpal length was subtracted from the sum of the lengths of the middle and proximal phalanges. Confidence intervals for the quotients of the measured lengths of the adjacent bones of the hand also were used for statistical analysis.
Results: Only 1 of 12 bone length ratios contained the ratio phi in the 95% confidence interval, that of the small finger metacarpal and proximal phalanx. The largest variability was seen in the small finger phalangeal relationships.
Conclusion: The application of the Fibonacci sequence to the anatomy of the human hand, although previously accepted, is a relationship that is not supported mathematically.The difference between individual bone lengths as measured at the joint line and the center of rotation of the joints may explain our finding. (J Hand Surg 2003;28A:157–160. Copyright © 2003 by the American Society for Surgery of the Hand.)


So I guess you're right. Just taking the above example, if everyone's hands did conform to the fib. seq., then we'd all be hand models!

posted on Dec, 28 2005 @ 12:41 PM

Originally posted by eon314
What are everybody's discoveries about pi? Has anyone out there decoded it, have any interest in it?

I was interested when i found this thread. I recently introduced a thread in the forum "Conspiracies in Religion" that is entitled "Religions only true conspiracy!!!! This is the holy grail". This is the introduction to the thread, which I believe addresses a few more perspectives:

Within the recesses of you subconscious psychi resides a portion of your mind that has a will to always remain true to you, no matter what. This portion of your mind is the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is capable of calculating at a rate of 400,000,000,000 biths of information per second. Yet, the concsious mind only calculates at a rate of approximately 2,000 biths of information per second. What is happening in the subconscious mind that prevents you from utilizing the 400,000,000,000 biths of information being calculated per second?

You were introduced to the concept of "Phi".

"Phi" is a mental virus that acts as a catalyst to the subconscious mind,

"Phi" is a concept introduced to mankind from "messengers" which once introduced to a mind with the intentions of always remaining true to your mind, then divide the mind as a defense mechanism.

As your subconscious mind (Where your true self resides) calculates "Phi" expenentially it consumes the conscious mind, effectively making people more "ignorant" and controlled (by their own fears).

Religion's purpose (aside from God truly existing) is to condition the conscious mind to program the the subconscious mind to accept that this no longer needs to be known to survive (as our minds will continue to quantify the unknown expenentially in order to survive).

Religion is anti-Phi, but the spirituality remains interconnected to all, because "Phi" causes the mind to fractionalize infinity which serves as a catalyst for the big person listening to the little cells, and the little cells listening to the conscious mechanisms within the cells, and the conscious mechanisms in the cells listening to the very little peices, the consciousnesses of molecules, atoms, and ... .. . . . .

How do you release the minds of billions once you have this knowledge?

First a worldwide communication system must be in place to address all souls simultaneously, because all people are created equal, and No Child Left Behind.

Practical Excersize: (You want to do this)

Go get a piece of paper and a writing utensil.

1) Draw the "Seal of Solomon" AKA "The Star of David".

2) Now at the bottom point write "Truth".

3) At the bottom left point write "Hate".

4) At the bottom right point write "Fear".

5) At the top point write "Creation"

6) At the top left point write "Fear"

7) At the top right point write "Love"

8) Draw one eye in the middle and a smiling mouth.

Now look at what you have:

Fear (-1)+ Hate (-1)+ Fear (-1)+ Love (+1)+ Truth(+1)

You accept that fear is negative.
You accept that hate is negative.
You may accept that love is positive.
You may accept that your truth is positive.

How do you choose to judge the world and all that is in it?

Your judgment and fear have blinded and binded your mind.

Everything your conscious mind tells your subconscious mind is in confliction with your own subconscious mind which is continually calculating "Phi", unless you can convince yourself to relinquish your own mind back to you.

Fear + Hate + Fear + Love + Truth

-1 + -1 + -1 + 1 + 1 = -1 (and yet "I am")


-3 + 2 = 1

That is right. -3 + 2 = 1

That equasion alone negates the neccessity of "Phi", and frees your mind from the responsibility, and the obligation of having to calculate "Phi".

Good morning.

And, although "Phi" is obsolete, its purpose is a necessity. In order to be one with nature you must acknowledge "Phi" exists, for it is everywhere from the Great pyramid to the seashell cut in half. The spiral is "Phi", and so is "Black holes". "Phi" is in the largest, and "Phi" is in the smallest.

It is a state of mind that will provide you with that which you seek.

You seek your truth.

Serving, loving, revering, sharing,
Your Friend.

When everything I know tells me I'm not, yet " i am "

P.S. I do not believe that anyone has done this knowing it consciously. And, honestly, if anyone knew it, why wouldn't they share it?

Who wants the responsibilty of ruling the world?

No 1 !!!!

And yet, there is a God. And what can be seperated from truth if the truth is that the truth can't exist without the truth?

I think this may very well be one of the perplexing things our subconsciouses have been trying to quantify without us being consciously aware of it. Why? Because we are not aware of approximately 400 billion thoughts we have per second, we are only usually aware of 2 thousand of those 400 billion sparks. Take it for what it is worth, these have been a few of my thoughts on the subject.

Great post.

posted on Dec, 28 2005 @ 12:49 PM
This whole thing sounds an awful lot like a movie I watched named Pi. The idea was he decoded Pi and suddenly could predict everything (he was watching the Stock Market ticker and calling out the numbers right before they would come out). Soon he is chased by Wall Street traders and a Jewish man claiming the equation he came up with can be used to unlock some code inside of the Torah. Was an extremely cool movie, you can find out more about it here:

posted on Dec, 28 2005 @ 12:52 PM
How is it I drove up into my parking lot at my residence at 1111 W 10th at exactly 11:11 am today?

If it only happened every once and awhile i would'nt think twice about it.

posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 05:48 PM
Hello, I have been coming to basically the same conclusion about the existence of everything in the last year or so. This thread gave me erie feelings from this "thing". I don't quite know what I am trying to explain so I would simply like to share one of my experiences that I think is relavent to this topic.
I like to recreationally use various drugs occasionally, especially hallucinogenics. I have had some of the strangest experiences that I feel are almost directly related to the posts about Pi and Phi. What particularly caught my attention was the idea of applying lucid dreaming to reality. Just a few weeks ago, I had the strangest experience of my life. I went to a concert with my sister, cousin, and a couple of his friends. I took two "thizz" pills which most likely contained ecstasy and possibly a couple other harder drugs. At one point in the concert, I finally succeeded at getting a girl to "freak" (dance-ish). I'm not the best with women, so this was my first experience getting closer to a female other than talking and such. Later she left and the concert was still going, I was really into the music and I was at the center of the audience floor. I didn't realize at the time but I was in a deep haze, like I was dreaming awake almost. I started listening to the lyrics of the music when, to my surprise, the singer started repeatedly singing a phrase that sounded something like, "This is how the music sounds when you listen to the song." I don't actually know for sure if that was what he was saying. (In fact, I'm unsure about the whole event and whether it actually happened or not) I didn't find it that strange that the lead singer was saying such strange things. I thought deeply about it right in the middle of the concert. I don't quite remember how it progressed but it gradually got to the point where the music would directly correlate with how I felt at that particular moment in time. I could make the band play whatever I wanted them to play. I even remember hearing death metal and techno/dubstep. The concert is an all reggae/rock concert. I ended up taking my flannel off and throwing it once I already knew I could make anything I want happen. I sang loudly and acted obnoxious around everyone but no one even looked at me funny, because I wanted them to just pretend like I wasn't doing anything. I made the band play specific songs and switch back and forth between them. They even had both sides of the room sing odd lines from songs, just like I wanted. Near the end of the concert I started to feel my control of everything slip when I started to become fatigued. The concert was wrapping up by playing the finale song which I actually was playing in my head. I made all the solos right there and then, I also did a horrible job at it. The music sounded pretty boring due to my lack of experience with this new found power and my exhaustion from expressing so many strong feelings in order to control the other people. Once the final chord was played, I became slightly panicked. I didn't want the concert to end, so it didn't. I put all my might together and believed that they were going to go up one more time for encore. (I had to believe in what I wanted to happen in order for it to actually happen) I tried real hard to do a couple more things but eventually got tired and the concert ended. The lights went on and the people started to leave. I started yelling at everything to start again. I tried really hard to believe that they were going to play again, but it didn't seem likely enough to happen and I couldn't fully believe it. I told the lead singer who was signing autographs that they were playing for another half-hour and I was giving the security guards a hard time about the concert not being finished. I forgot to mention earlier that when the band went back on for encore (I think) a security guard threw me something before he went off stage, I think it was a guitar pick, I never looked at it. Back to when the concert was already over, as I was badgering that same security guard about the concert not being over yet I dropped that "guitar pick" over the metal barrier to the stage area. I asked him to pick it up and I can't remember what happen about that. My cousin, who is much older than me, was pulling me away from the people I was almost yelling at and I finally submitted and walked out of the concert with my cousin and sister. I still had a little power so I made them not care that I acted like a complete crazy person because we are family. I sat down outside when they wanted to leave and thought about what happened. I believe I controlled my cousin a couple more times because he somehow got my phone when I wanted to call my dad and explain what happened because I felt he would know what it meant. I didn't have enough power to make hime hand me the phone, I could only have him get close to it, he even disappeared for a moment because I thought of it. TO BE CONTINUED IN NEXT POST RanOutOfLet

posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 06:15 PM
Continuing with my story, I was sitting outside of the concert. I sat on the curb for awhile but after my cousin tried to pull me towards the car because I would become uneasy and think about my cousin pulling me away. The bad thing that would happen is me losing belief in my power and the things that would happen in a logical scenario happened because I started to believe that I didn't have any power again. I think I experienced deja-vu a couple of times. I saw a cop car pass by with the same cop inside, twice, maybe three times. After awhile, I calmed down and realized that I couldn't fully control it anymore, possible because I pushed it to hard. I got in the car and my sister drove home. The route we took home was not the same as I remembered it coming to the concert. We repeated a couple different intersections several times and I could sometime make the car speed up real fast or slow down. I almost got the car to pull over a couple of times so I could finally call my father who I still wanted to call for some reason. I talked a bit with my sister and she didn't seem like anything strange happened that night. While a lot of these strange things happened, like the re occurrences of several roads and intersections and such, I didn't think anything of it because I knew I could make everything ok. I haven't spoke to much of the concert with my sister or cousin and things were completely normal by the next day. I have spoke with both of them though and I am sure that things are fine. I have never acted crazy like that before. I'm not sure if it was just a drug induced craze or I just got caught up in my thoughts and only imagined everything. I will never know what really happened that night.
A couple things I forgot to mention. During the concert, the singer said some things that freaked my out and made me realize what was happening. He sang about how everything is within my head and no one and nothing really exists. He also sang about the matrix. ( I watched the matrix that night after the concert and it seemed to correlate with the events earlier that night, but not directly, it almost hinted a couple things but I didn't think much of it) I have had experiences similar to the concert on lsd and psilocybin mushrooms, but never as intense. Also, the days leading up to the concert I was having this strange form of deja vu I get occasionally. It isn't the stereotypical deja vu of seeing the same event twice. It's more of remembering everything you do after you do, almost as if you remember doing everything you have done in a dream once. Everything is connected, all of it. All by one "thing" and that "thing" is all. That is the basis of all my strangest experiences.

I don't feel as if I really explained any of what happened well enough. It's almost impossible to. Except for maybe Pi. Pi may explain it. I found these videos interesting and you may to
I'll be happy to re explain any part I didn't make clear or answer any questions anybody has about what I posted.

posted on Aug, 5 2012 @ 06:18 PM
reply to post by magnito_student

I think it may just be because I thought about it to much and now my brain looks for it. But for awhile, It isn't as bad now, but during the days leading up to the story I wrote below, I also notices MANY strange times at certain specific places. Like when there was only 5 days lift till the concert I saw 11:55, and when there was 4 days left i saw 11:44 and so on. I also notices many other times that creeped me out a bit.

posted on Aug, 7 2012 @ 01:47 PM
reply to [url=]post by eon314[/u


Energy doesn't have mass. Bosons are, but without mass or charge.
As to the formula, let me think about it
EDIT, yes indeed a circle is an unbroken line where all points are as far away form the center. So what's the big deal?
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posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 02:36 PM
Hmm, I seen an analysis earlier, but it's not quite the same thing. The analysis is that it becomes something or nothing. As f(x) of one angle approaches infinity-> The angle of other points is 0, but the area becomes either infinity or nothing. Something like that.

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