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BTS Comics Shipping List: Comics Shipping 29 December 2005

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posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 03:10 AM
The products on the lists below are expected to ship to comic book specialty stores on the indicated date. Note that this list is tentative and subject to change. Please check with your retailer for availability.

PLEASE NOTE: Please check with your local retailer to confirm availability of new items, as not all new releases will be on sale in all areas on the same week.

NOTE: Due to Diamond's holiday shipping schedule, we'll be receiving our books on Thursday rather than Wednesday this week, as well as next week, due to New Year's Day.

Amazing Fantasy 16
Amazing Spider-Man 527
Arana Heart of the Spider 12
Black Panther 11
Black Widow 4
Daredevil 80
Daredevil Father 5
Drax the Destroyer 4
Exiles 74
Fantastic Four Special
New Avengers 14
Nick Fury Howling Commandos 3
OHOTMU Ultimates
Sentry 4
She Hulk 3
Spider-Man Black Cat 5
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane 1
Thing 2
Thor Blood Oath 6
Ultimate Fantastic Four 26
Ultimate Spider-Man 88
What If? Daredevil
What If? Thor
Wolverine 37
X-Factor 2
X-Men 180
X-Men Power Pack 3
Young Avengers Special 1

All Star Batman & Robin 3
Batman 648
Catwoman 50
JLA Classified 15
Justice 1 (3rd Print)
Solo 8
Superman Batman 23
Vigilante 4
Wonder Woman 224

Loveless 3

Silent Dragon 6

10 One Shot
30 Days of Night Annual 2005
Berlin 12
BPRD Black Flame 5
Cannon Hawke 4
Evil Ernie in Santa Fe 3
Fallen Angel 1
Fathom 6
Free Fall 1
G. Romero Land of the Dead 4
Gold Digger 70
Hack/Slash Land of Lost Toys 2
Hunter Killer 5
Jenna 1
Keep 3
Lucky Bamboo Presents 0
Metal Gear Solid S.O.L. 2
Night Mary 5
Paris 2
Perhapanauts 2
Revelations 5
Revolution on the Planet of the Apes 1
Rocketo 4
Silent Hill Dead Alive 1

Crazy Love Story vol. 5
Death Note vol. 3
Harlequin Pink Girl in a Million
Harlequin Violet Response
Honey Mustard vol. 3
Hyper Police vol. 5
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure vol. 2
Kindom Heart’s vol. 2
One Piece vol. 9
PhD Phantasy Degree vol. 5
Rouroni Kenshin vol. 22
Shadow Star vol. 7
Tezuka’s Buddha vol. 7

Captain America & Falcon: Secret Empire
Dawn Lucifer’s Halo Supplemental
Fables vol. 6
Juror 13
Lex Luthor Man of Steel
Marvel Comics Presents Wolverine vol. 2
Marvel masterworks Golden Age All Winners 1
Rann Thanagar War
Shaun of the Dead
Squarecat Comics
Star Wars General Grievous
Ultimate Spider-Man vol. 14
Will Eisner Contract w/ God Trilogy HC
World of Darkness Chicago

Buffy/Angel 2005 Yearbook
Doctor Who 364
Femme Fatales 14.5
Mad Classics 4
SFX 138

Archie Digest 222
Betty & Veronica 214
Cartoon Network Block Party 16
Chicken Little Cinemanga
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man vol. 2
Sonic the Hedgehog 157
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane 1
Teen Titans Go 26
Uncle Scrooge 349
Walt Disney’s Comics 664
X-Men Power Pack 3

Complete Book of Scriptwriting
Draw Fight Scenes Like a Pro
You Can Draw Marvel Characters

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posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 04:40 PM
I don't think I'll be hitting the comic store until the new year.


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