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Research Project on Mind-Control and Programming

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posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 12:17 AM
The following project I will be co-ordinating is that on the topic of Mind-Control and Progarmming. I have a vast knowledge on the subject, which can offshoot into different areas such as deprogramming and healing of the mind.

If you would like to participate in this ongoing project, feel free to u2u me.

Note: This project will involve plenty of research, having to weed out disinformation to that of plausible truth on the matters.

Does Mind-Control Exist and in what form?
Does Programming of the mind exist, and in what form?
Are Mind-Control and Programming related, if so in what way?
Who is behind Mind-Control and Programming?
What is the History of Mind-Control and Programming?
Personal stories of Mind-Control and Programming
If programming exists, is there a way to deprogram and if so, what are they.

To find out if the goals of the elite are for our interests of that of their own.

None so far.

posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 02:57 AM
I will attempt to write a paper on the topic of Programming

Programming of the mind has been around for quite a few decades, and is newer than the generally discussed 'mind-control'.

You've heard topics of mind-control and programming such as MKULTRA and other related subjects, I will not be researching this, hoping someone else is more an expert on the topic, instead I will be discussing programming and how it works.

There are many forms of programs out there, nearly everyone has seen the movie (old and new) 'The Manchurian Candidate'. Unfortunately, programming of the mind in these movies is not far from the truth.

In a programmed mind, the term is referred to is a Matrix. (This is where the movie 'The Matrix' comes from, more on that later)

The matrix of the mind is a duplication to that of the oversoul/god-mind level, the elite know this and use it accordingly. The matrix is divided into 2197 possible compartments. This is in the shape of a 13x13x13 cube.

Each compartment is called an Alter', or Sub-personality.


Each alter is programmed to have a function. There are many types of alters, and hopefully I will write about what each of these do.

The most important alters are:

Internal Programmer
Guardian Alters
Sabotage Alters
Ribbon Alters
Suicide Alters
False Core Alters
Front Alters
Back Alters
Family of alters

Internal Programmer
The internal programmer is a portion of the REAL programmer of a person that is programmed into an alter of the victims matrix. It is in charge of the whole matrix, it makes sure things go smoothly, it tells what alters to go in front and when. Its the architect of the matrix in the programmed mind.

Guardian Alters
The Guardian Alters are used to prevent the 'front alter' from going into certain parts of the matrix. That means that if you try to deprogram, the Guardian alters will go 'Nah ah, you can't enter in here, its forbidden'.

Many Guardian Alters are installed in the matrix to prevent a victim from knowing their true program

Sabotage Alters
This is an alter of the mind that sabotages your work if your internal programmer has found that you've been deprogrammed. This can result in lots of things to the individual.

Symptoms of Sabotage
depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts (suicide alter kept ready just in case), paranoia about yourself and others around you (thinking there's no one to help you)

Ribbon Alters
Ribbon Alters are links between alters in the matrix. They are otherwise known as reporting alters. They go to the internal programmer to tell it what the front alter is doing. It is a communication alter between various other alters in the matrix.

Suicide Alters
It becomes a front alter, and you feel suicidal. If you don't fix the issue quickly, it will turn on and you are in deep trouble.

The process this occurs is the front alter tries to do deprogramming. A Guardian alter prevents it from going into certain parts of the matrix. A ribbon alter relays the guardian alter information to the internal programmer. The internal programmer then brings up a sabotage alter, if this doesn't work, the ribbon alter reports back to the internal programmer and the internal programmer then brings up the suicide alter.

False Core
When you reach your 'source' you are said to have fully deprogrammed and reach the core of your personality. However the internal programmer knows that this will eventually occur and brings about a false core in the deprogramming efforts. The false core will make you feel you've succeeded and no longer want to do its deprogramming. That is when the internal programmer has won.

Front Alters
Simply the concious alter that is at the front of the personality. If you are reading this AND you are programmed, your front alter is reading the text.

Back Alters
The alters that are not active, and brought to a front alter when needed.

Family of Alters
A group of similar alters in the matrix used with similar functions and are physically stored in the matrix close together.

Objects and non human/living aspects of the matrix programmed into your mind. Examples of this are castles, houses etc...

This is enough for a first introductory post. I will discuss the movie 'The Matrix' and why its in relation to Programming.

The 3rd post will be about what sorts of programs are out there.

[Information and knowledge from Stewart Swerdlow. 24 hours of DVD's on the topic of Mind-Control and Programming]

posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 03:02 AM
In mind-control and programming, your mind is divided into 13x13x13 (2197 compartment) cube called a 'Matrix'. Each compartment holds an 'Alter' or part of a personality to hold a specific function, Some are Guardian Alters to prevent you from knowing your programming, to an Internal Programmer, which adds NEW programs if you've managed to deprogram certain parts and prevent you from going further.

The white rabbit in the first matrix is a trigger to activate sleeping mind-control victims. This is for Alice in Wonderland programming victims.

Link mentions Neo being 'Superman'. Reference to Superman Programming.

Cypher mentions 'Buckle your seat belt Dorothy, because Kansas is going byebye'. This is a relation to 'Wizard of Oz' Programming.

The oracle in programming is called a 'handler'. Not part of the actual matrix, but an external person, most likely a family member, that is programmed to guide you and protect you until you are needed in your programming.

Cypher was a sabotage subroutine. This happens when you get closer the truth, exactly what Neo was doing when he came out of the Matrix. Cypher was there to sabotage the work. In mind-control and programming, when you deprogram, your Guardian Alters will kick in Sabotage subroutines to make you want to quit and lash out at everyone that is trying to help you deprogram. This is what happens when �Agent Smith� talks to Cypher about what to do at the dinner table.

Neo sacrificing himself at the end is a result of Suicide subroutine. This happens when your program wears down or you are no longer needed.

Trinity and Morpheous are part of 'Family' Alters. All in for the same cause, but different roles in doing so. Exactly the same as a group of Alters in your programmed matrix.

The 'architect' is in reference to the Internal Programmer, In reloaded, the outdated 'programs' are exactly that, outdated programs which no longer serve a function in the mind and need replacing. This is done through technology like ELF and microwave

There is also what is called an 'Internal computer' which keeps track on everything that is occuring in your matrix. Its also called 'the beast'. When you've accessed the internal computer, you've gotten to the core of your programming. This is what the reference in reloaded to the 'source' where Neo must go. When you get closer to the �Source� Gaurdian alters will surface and try and persuade you to do something different, kick in sabotage, kick in suicide routines, trying to do anything it can to stop you getting to the source. What happens in the movie? Agent �Smiths� (Lots of guardian alters) are trying to prevent Neo from entering the door.

The doorways to other parts of the matrix are in relation to what are called 'ribbons' in your programmed matrix. These link each compartment of the 13x13x13 cube, as the doorways lead to other parts of the matrix.

The twins in reloaded are in reference to 'twinning' or twin programming. In Mind-Control and Programming, two or three victims are joined together in a like minded cause, making a 'twinning'.

The Merovingian is a programmer, and his wife, is a controller.

And the bit that gives the movie away about that its a trilogy. In programming, you repeat 3 times to someone that is programmed for it to stick into their mind and used as a subroutine. This is called a Trigger.

posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 09:55 PM
Hi everyone, thought i'd post a quick one on the topic of 'how do I know if I'm programmed'.

Some symptoms that relate to programming.

1)Dreams. There are what is called programming dreams, these are controlled via ELF transmissions targetted at a population or individual. You will have a weird dream.
...a) The dreams seem real life like and vivid.
...b) The contents of the dreams gives indications of programming eg..
.......i) Dreaming of Aliens
.......ii) Dreaming of Religious events and or figures
.......iii) Dreaming of yourself in a 3rd person POV, looks like you but a different character in the dream

2) Your beliefs. If you are a heavy believer of aliens, thinking we will be invaded or saved by aliens, this COULD indicate programming. If you believe you are a prophet of god, or believe you will have involvment in the END TIMES, you COULD have programming.

3) Your reactions to movies. If you react a certain way to a particular movie, you COULD be programmed. For example, The Matrix, Manchurian Candidate, Wizard of OZ and Alice in Wonderland are a few.

4) Your reactions to certain words. If you react a certain way to keywords, ie a repititious word repeated 3 times to you and you get a panic attack, or all of a sudden build confidence, you COULD be programmed.

This is all I have for now, I will next write about what kinds of programs there are, and a brief description of them.

Kind Regards

posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 10:13 PM
The following I will be discussing certain programmes and what they mean to the individual.

Monarch Programming
Monarchs are otherwise known as 'sex slaves'. Some prostitues are monarchs. Others are programmed to perform certain sexual acts during certain events. Others are known as 'Couriers'. (Shapelle Corby for example in Australia who got caught couriering marijuana to bali - she does NOT recall doing it, but could infact have unwillingly participated - This is an opionion)

There are many types of monarchs, both male and female. A monarch during their teen and into their twenties have a charismatic appeal to them, many people are attracted to monarchs.

There are also different levels of Monarchs, from Alpha Monarch to Omega Monarch - and the rest, unfortunately I can't remember off the topc of my head what they are.

End Times Programming
Also a mixture of greenstar programming.

End Times programming is a main category for End Time Scenarious programmed into individuals. Some of these are....

New World Religions Programming
The New World Religion is a religion that mixes many types of sub-religions into one overall world wide relgiion. It will consist of Satanism, Christianity, Kaballah, Catholocism, Buddism and many more - except Islam.

People programmed with this type of programming have certain religious beliefs and will act upon these beliefs to bring in the new world religion. Pope Ratzinger (spell check) Has this type of programming. He is trying to instill a New World Religion.

The Second Coming of Christ scenarious also has to do with New World Religion. Unfortunately its not the christ of the bible, but that of one created by the Elite of the earth. He will claim the NWO to be his new holy empire. People with this type of programming when seeing the 'fake' second christ, will believe it is he! They have an image of his face imbedded in their programmed matrix.

People also with this programming will bring about the rise of the fake anti-christ. The anti-christ will rise from the 'Hapsburg' Illuminati family.

Assassination Programming
Another type of END TIMES programming. Programmed to assissinate. IE Manchurian Candidate.

Greenstar Programming
Greenstar programming is an unbrella project for alien and space related scenarios. It 'has' to do with end times programming but has a classification of its own.

Star Trek Programming
Loving Star Trek (the new ones) may give an indication to this programming. Unfortunately the series has so many programming themes that can trigger and activate viewers for the overall greenstar project.

Star Wars Programming
Just like Star Trek, however it involves triggering by the Star Wars Movies. Star Wars also has indication to New World Religion programming. Will discuss some points about this later.

Stage Alien Invasion Programming
The simple fact in believing in aliens and believing they will come to save us is an indication to this programming. People will try and fascilitate a STAGED invasion (not real). This program was activated in 2003, and is peaking. 2006, you will see many related Alien type series and movies released, War of the Worlds was one to kick it all off. The staged invasion will happen thereafter, but before the staged second coming.

Disney Programming
Programmed with references to The Wizard of OZ and Alice in wonderland.

Both types of programs are related to a 'fake' reality and that of distortion, inside the program matrix. IE, someone may believe the movie the matrix is real, and they are really in a computer simulation. Distortion of reality and thus this type of programming.

Many Disney movies have this type of programming.

Tinkerbell Programming
This type of programming is to slow down the ageing process of individuals. They are older but look really young.

Thats all for now, will add more if I remember it all, will post results later.

Kind Regards

posted on Dec, 28 2005 @ 03:30 AM
Hi everyone,

Here are a few links I've found on the topic of Mind-Control and programming.

I will have to read through and sift through the information to what I recall from previous research. I will post my findings later on.

Mind-Control, the Ultimate Terror
The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler
Project Monarch Mind Control

Kind Regards

posted on Dec, 28 2005 @ 04:25 PM
Here is a link with regards to Wizard of Oz programming (as mentioned above).

Kindly given by a member of ATS who forwarded it to me.

Kind Regards

posted on Dec, 29 2005 @ 06:41 AM
The agenda of the elite is very simple. There are about 300,000 active and knowing elite of the planet. How do you turn this figure into controlling the world population of 6 billion???

The answer is also simple. They had to figure out a way to control the masses, and started doing this hundreds of thousands of years ago by introducing religion. Religion is the oldest known form of Mind-Control that exists on this planet. What better way than to make people believe they are doomed to hell for eternity if they do not follow the 'narrow' path that is written for them.

They also figured that religion was going to be outdated, and needed a new form of control, and thus programming of the mind began. Early experimentations began where Reptilian controllers of the planet worked with the elite of the planet to find ways to control the minds of people of earth. The earliest known technological based programming and mind-control began in the early 50's, however radical improvement needed to occur if the elite and reptilian controllers were to succeed in controlling the planet.

Thus began what was called the Montauk Project.

Montauk Project
The Montauk Project started in the 70's and progressed through to the early 80's. It started as an offshoot of Project Rainbow otherwise known as the Philedelphia Experiment. Please read the Philedelphia Experiment Research Thread.

The purpose of the Montauk Project was that to experiment with the following:

Genetic Manipulation
Mind-Control and Programming
Time Travel

All were successful, and most of the goals were completed except it came to a crunch when the Montauk Project was unexpecedly destroyed by 'unknown powers'.

What is the method of control to programmed slaves
There is a chain of command under the elite for programmed slaves.

Illuminati or Elite
programmed slaves

Vast subject. In a nutshell, the people of earth that run the show on planet earth.

These are the actual people that do the programming of the individual. The program is inserted between the ages of 1 to 5 using 'sexual' methods. Its not defined as sex, but because of the energy that can manifest through sexual acts, programming is inserted this way. The programmer inserts a part of his own personality into the programmed slaved otherwise known as the Internal Programmer. Please read above posts what the purpose of the Internet Programmer is.

These are the people who report the progress of the programmed individual to the programmers. If something goes wrong, the programmed individual will be returned for fixing. The controller is known to the family and that of the programmed individual, could be a friend, family member, or person of respect in society.

These are people who are closely tied to the programming individual. They are there to make sure the sleeper doesn't go astray, they 'handle' the situation of sleepers. The oracle in the movie 'The Matrix' is a handler of neo.

Programmed Slave
DOES have the genetics of one of the 13 illuminati families. They ARE related to one of the top 13 in one way or another. Usually the most programmable are the Blonde Hair Blue Eyed. This is because of the way their genetics work. However in recent years, its said that the elite have managed to fully control other genetics.

Next post: Deprogramming.

Kind Regards

posted on Dec, 29 2005 @ 06:57 AM
Deprogramming, is it possible? Yes it is. However this depends totally on the dedication to the programmed individual.

Observing your thoughts and actions indicate programming, observing your dreams also indicate programming.

Basic Deprogramming Method - MERGER Symbol
What is the Merger Symbol? The merger symbol is an archetype that eminates from the mind of god-mind which means to 'merge' alternates parts of self to a larger part of self. This means merging two or more of the 2197 compartments of the matrix into one compartment.

Notice my avatar? That is the Merger symbol. You visualise that symbol in BROWN (meaning NOW) at the pineal gland. So not between the eyes, but inside the middle of your head. Make sure the background of the symbol is in royal blue.

SEE what comes up. Nothing may come up, or weird irrational thoughts will come up. If you see 'people' they are other alters of your matrix, you place a merger through them. If you see objects, they are contructs. You place a BROWN X through them. This negates the construct.

The more advanced deprogramming methods involve other exercises, however if you feel a sabotage alter, or god forbid a suicide alter showing itself, YOU MUST STOP THE EXERCISE IMMEDIATELY

You MUST go to brown. What that means is putting your whole body in the colour brown, this will GROUND you to the earth. You will also need to put ICE BLUE surrounded by VIOLET around your whole body after you do the brown. This will get rid of depressed feelings. THIS IS A MUST, its very important you do this if the mind wanders.

You should not experience this with the Merger Symbol, it is there to help you. Only with advanced deprogramming.

Advanced Deprogramming Methods
Unfortunately, i cannot go into detail about that here. This is because its a very sensitive topic, and can cause as mentioned before, sabotage or even suicidal alters. All I can say about it, is that the 'names' of the programmes, gives to indication what can be done to deprogram. Read the above posts.

What I can say about deprogramming though, is that to be fully deprogrammed, and to be done really really quickly than doing the above exercises, is that it needs to be done the way it was inserted, and thats sexually. No one really wants to do it this way, so I won't discuss that here.

Any questions, please post in the Paranormal section under the mind-control and programming research thread. Otherwise you can U2U me.

Kind Regards

posted on Dec, 29 2005 @ 01:44 PM
Hi Merger,
This is so info I have tracked down--
Fritz Springmeier is a staunch believer of Illuminati families and that they are perpetrators of mind control. He says that mind control from the government really overlaps with the secret world government of the illuminati. He says they use our patriotism against us and makes us think that for the sake of our own security, the secrecy is needed.
13 major bloodlines rule the world of the illuminati.
They practice Satanism or some form of witchcraft
(Hmmmm….I find this a bit funny since I don’t believe in Hell or Satan except for Hell being on the physical plane and being separated from God. They love the material world so much they worship a being that doesn’t exist, in order to be instantly reincarnated again. This are just my beliefs….)
The 13 bloodlines are Collins, Dupont, Rothschild, Russell, Astors, Rockefellers, Freeman, Kennedy, Bundy, Leigh, Onassis, Van Dine, and Merovingian, Merovingian being the royal bloodlines of Europe.
He notes that Prince Charles is related to George Washington, Jefferson, Madison, the Harrisons, Tyler, Taylor, Bush, Quayle. (Wow, I see how the powerful really DO stay in power through bloodlines.)
He states the goals of the Illuminati are the bring the NWO (New World Order) into being with one government. He states the reason for deprogramming and mind controlling the people have to do with a plan to unify the world under the reign of the Antichrist.

This info I got from the website:

Here is a website interview of Cisco Wheeler which I thought was quite interested. It really explains the terror she went throught with mind control and being a monarch sex slave. I felt sick during the part where she talks about being locked in cages in the desert and how the doctor eliminated non-illuminati children in front of her eyes to deprogram her.
The website is:

I also stumbled across this WONDERFUL, full of information, website that has tons of links to mind control. It also has some chapters of a book that was to be written. This and other materials where seized by the FBI when Fritz and his wife got arrested. These were files from internet archives. My favorite chapter was 10.1.
The website:

I have also included this website which talks about Fritz and his wife getting arrested. The author even writes to the website owner (David Icke!!!) and talks to him.
The website:

I hope some of this helps!!!!
Yours truly,

posted on Dec, 30 2005 @ 03:34 PM
Spin Programming—A form of Mind Control

From AlphaCentauri--

The subject of Spin Programming to control the mind is a controversial topic. I got this information from a paper by John D. Lovern Ph.D. He presented this at the Sixth Western Clinical Conference on Multiple Personality and Dissociation in Irvine, Ca.

The information in the paper was taken from seven cases of patients with multiple personalities, all which had histories of ritual abuse. These patients were all females ranging in the mid-twenties to mid-forties. The patients were diagnosed with complex personality disorder due to the ritual abuse by satanic or similar cults.
The patients had been in therapy for about a year before disclosing any information on spin programming. They were all white, the majority were married, and over-half were employed full time. College degrees ranged from two year to masters degrees.

The information about spin programming was usually disclosed when the patient and therapist were brainstorming about the programming history. Some info was revealed spontaneously, or with direct questioning. The technique used was previously unknown to the therapists. In this paper, the technique is called “Spin Programming.”

Ritual abuse can involve a technique known as “spin programming.” Ritual abuse, a brutal form of abuse given to children, teenagers, and adults, uses physical, sexual, and psychological abuse to control the victim.
Therapists that have been working with ritual abuse victims will often discover evidence that patients have been abused with mind control techniques, often called programming. Self-destructive behaviors such as contemplating suicide, and self-mutilation were often found by the victims responding to different types of cues, such as numbers or signals. Also, outbursts of negative emotions, fearing the therapist, and other such behavior patterns were found.

Spin programming is designed to make emotions such as pain, spread throughout the body. It is then spread to the personality to help crush it, so it can be rebuilt in the image the programmer sees fit. Many times, this is done on children, because they are so vulnerable and can easily be molded. This method is also used to harass adults and to disrupt their pattern of thinking. This type of programming is often done in cults to abolish individual thinking.

The spin program is based on actual physical spinning and cognitive/imagery training. This, along with repetition and practice is designed to create internal multi-alter egos: a multiple personality disorder. The physical abuse is usually severe, and torture and killing are usually involved. Sexual abuse is used to humiliate the victim, cause pain, and to show them that they are slaves. Psychological abuse uses mind control techniques and mind altering drugs.

Physical Mechanics of Spin Programming

Victims who endure spin therapy are physically spun. They are usually drugged at the time, with hypnotic drugs, sedatives, and anti-nausea drugs. Spinning can include being spun horizontal, like a record player, vertical, like the wheel of fortune wheel, inside a cylinder, and even hanging upside down. The victims are bombarded by lights, (colored or white) or listen to verbal commands, music, or rhythms. Sometimes, they experience addition pain, tied in with the pain of spinning.
Usually, these victims have sensitivity to these cues of light and sounds, and will respond to them negatively. These can be used to punish the person without having to physically spin them.

Stages of Life the Programming is done:

1. Programming at the earliest stages of life, often birth. This is favored, because this is the time when minds are growing and learning, and the programmer doesn’t have a lot of built walls to break down and rebuild, unlike with the teen or adult.

2. Current or recent programming or reprogramming that can disrupt the older persons psychotherapy.

Programming a person can target a single alter or a small group of alters. Alters are also known as sub-personalities. Spin programming, however, often targets the entire system of the person, and is also called Global Targeting.

Spin Programming and its Effects

Examples of how spin programming is spread include: physical pain, depression, apathy, hopelessness, confusion, lethargy, sleepiness, self-destructive urges, suicidal thoughts, fear of rejection, terror, jealousy, doubt, suspicion, use of drugs and alcohol and many more. These can be spread throughout the system by a programmer to disrupt the personality and to erode the functioning of the person.

Currently Activated Program: Global effects, symptoms that can feel and occur like a storm, dizziness and spinning inside, pressure. Also, many individuals will use spinning-related images and language.

Physical Effects: Victims tend move about at moments when they are reliving the spinning sensations. They may have a blank state and be ready to dodge pain, wherever it may come from. Any type of rhythmic or circular motion can be noticed. It is interesting to note that these movements are not your typical nervous jerk motions. Spin programming movements are slower, graceful, more subtle, and fluid-like in nature.

Global Effect Symptoms: The person will typically use the word “we” to talk about themselves. One can conclude they are involving the alters (sub-personalities) and that the person is referring to him/herself as a “we” rather than I. For example, instead of saying, “I have to go now,” they will say, “We have to go now.”

Stormy Symptoms: Often like quick temper tantrums, these outbursts will build in intensity until they peak. They will gradually diminish and then completely subside.

Pressue and Dizziness and Sense of Spinning: Because spin programming uses physical spinning and force, victims will often get headaches, vision distortions, and speech disruptions. Victims will often still feel a sense of dizziness and spinning inside at times, and feel like their whole body is out of balance.

The Imagery and Vocabulary of Spin Programming

Victims will often symbolize their spinning into images and words. The typical vocabulary recorded include: vortex, tornado, falling, sinking, exploding, whirling, and twirling. Likewise, images are invoked.

Patients victimized by spin programming often obsessively draw and make doodles of their feelings. Many of the drawings reflect the image of spinning.

One of the victims of this disorder felt the diagram showing multiple personalities or alters should be circular (b) instead of tree shaped (a). One alter could branch off to other alters to form secondary alters. Then in turn, the secondary alters could branch off and form tertiary alters. She felt like the most powerful alters were in the center of the diagram. In a multiple within a multiple subsystem, the original alter can threaten to activate and replay the pain caused in order to cause more trauma. This can lead to greater breakdown of the victim.

Long Term Effects of Spin Training

Spin training is usually done over a number of years, and includes physical spinning, cognitive imagery, pain, and sending out of pain and emotions to other alters. This training is very successful to the programmers. The victims actually become the representation of the spinning object. The victims’ link spinning with the send of the emotions so that with the sending out of pain, emotions, and other feelings to other alters, the two experiences are inseparable and indistinguishable. Spinning can be done at such a force (physically and internally) that the faster they spin, the more pain or feelings are sent out at a farther rate.

What Programmers want Spin Programming to Accomplish

What spinning must accomplish in the victim is the idea of feeling good. Victims will think themselves separate from their alters, and must view the other alters as deserving the pain brought on by spinning. Proper spinning is reinforced and praised by the programmer to establish good feelings. So not to deflect the training of spinning, contact with the outside world is limited and the victim is usually surrounded by like people or protectors. The victim is usually surrounded by disciplinary figures and has to follow strict rules.

Victims are taught that there are two ways to deal with the spinning:

1. If they don’t spin, they themselves will experience all the pain, and it won’t be sent to the other alters.

2. If they do spin, they won’t experience any pain at all; as it will be sent to the other alters.

When creating a spin programming system, the programmers keep alters dimly aware of the other alters, so they won’t interfere with each other and because one person. Within cults, the people usually have different groups of people with certain abilities or jobs. They are taught to hate each other so they won’t form any kind of resistance.

The Effective Training Method-What It Does to a Person

1. Create multiple personalities. The more personalities the more to send pain to, the less pain and emotion the individual as a whole will feel.

2. Physical spinning is used so when pain enters their lives, they will create that feeling internally, sending the pain to the many different alters. It’s like an escape mechanism so the person won’t feel.

3. Imagery training is used to build and reinforce connections between internal re-creation of the experience and sending out pain to escape it. Connections are established between the centrifugal force, velocity, pain intensity, and other feelings.

4. Additionally, special training can be used to convince the spinning alters that they are not related to each other. So, when the victim hurts someone they love, the other alters don’t feel guilty, because it’s not really them doing the hurting.

One training method includes a contest known as a “Pain Contest.” Two individuals would receive mounting pain until one could not take it anymore. The one that could not take it is deemed a loser. The persons receiving or the specific alter receiving the pain creates new alters to send the pain to, to dissociate from it. This is the creation of the multiple personality disorder, also known as the “multiple within a multiple.

Internal Workings of Spin Programming

For spin programming to work correctly, there must be an alter who spins. There should be another alter who will move the dissociated memory so it can be spun. Informers will tell of alters that are not behaving right. Punishers will punish bad behavior of misbehaving alters. There is the controller that runs the whole show. All these different personalities (alters) keep the person in check and compliant.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Program

Spin programming has strengths in that it has been unable to be detected for many years. It is difficult to diagnose; the reactions in therapy can be non-specific. Hypnosis and visualizations don’t work well in spin training therapy because there are many cues and flashbacks that can activate the training. Working with the victims is difficult due to them being guarded against outside contact, and their ability to not trust anyone.

Weaknesses are detected with the program because it can be helped with therapeutic intervention. By exploiting the weaknesses in the program, the therapist can slowly show the patient was has happened to them.

Alters that aren’t affected by the spin program can observe the reactions of self, and make decisions for the benefit of self. The victims are usually proficient at spinning and therefore are definitely feeling emotions. A therapist can find ways to communicate with these alters, and to open them up to become aware of emotions and feelings.

Also, the link between external and internal spinning can be broken. Pain can be disassociated with spinning. The illusion that must be shown is that the alters are different from the rest of the person. Good spinning during spin programming is reinforced by the programmers with praise, so spinning is something that is looked upon by the victim with pride; something that he/she does well. That is a habit that needs to be broken.

The key in helping a victim of spin programming is providing therapy to each of the alters inside the person, and to all the checks and balances that control. The therapist can show that the programmer has been using the different alters against one another, and that they can work together to resist the forces.

Alpha Centauri

I got the information from this website:
For more information visit this site:

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posted on Feb, 25 2006 @ 02:43 PM
Glad you have found time to read this article. My previous article on “The Matrix” was about how the movie was related to Mind-Control and Programming. Over time since then, I’ve come to some information that the concept of the movie ‘The Matrix’ is actually more obvious than first realized. I stepped back, and looked again at the overall picture, and started analyzing again. What I found was absolutely unbelievable. I was fascinated and decided to re-write my findings, hopefully this time people may begin to understand the mind-set of the powers that be on why they do the things they do.

First of all, I will discuss an analogy, which everyone can understand, and then translate that into how the movie ‘The Matrix’ and literally the whole planet falls into this simple yet effective equation.

There is an open field, full of sheep, what the masters require, is to get the sheep inside a pen so that they can be controlled into the direction the masters want. The sheep are slowly placed in the pen, one sheep goes in, and the rest follow. Most of the sheep are now in the pen, however there are a few outside that didn’t follow the herd. A Sheep dog then rounds them up and forces them back in. In the mean time, the other sheep inside the pen scoff at the ones outside baa’ing at the fact that they are too different and not part of the ‘norm’.

This is the equation we will use to analyse the movie the Matrix and of course, the true reality of Planet earth.

In the movie the matrix, the Machines, believe they are superior and that the humans are merely ‘viruses’ – and it is their role to control them. So they invent ‘The Matrix’, a place where humans are enslaved for life, controlled so that they can be used as battery packs to use them as a power source. Before being placed in the matrix, the humans are cultivated are no longer born, but ‘grown’.

The matrix is the ‘pen’. The machines are the ‘masters’ and the humans are the sheep. The first ‘one’ realizes that its enslavement and releases himself into the field or back to ‘the real’. Soon followers begin to emerge and thus Neo is taken out of the matrix and placed in the real. The matrix is all around you, you can see it, you can feel it, breath it, but you know there’s something wrong, its there like a splinter in the back of your mind.

Neo is one of those sheep that left the pen, and now the other sheep are laughing at him for leaving calling him ‘different’ and ‘abnormal’. Something that Morpheus praises Neo for, because he is ‘the one’.

Now the masters or machines realized that Neo is dangerous to them and use the sheep dog, otherwise known as the sentinels to try and get Neo back into the Matrix or into the pen.

Thus a circle of dissidents or free thinkers, outside of the system, no longer enslaved, and the real being more ’desert’ like because there are fewer resources available to them as they are now outside of the matrix or ‘society’.

Real Life

This is a story that is not so far from the truth. This is what I am trying to get into the mind-set of the powers that be. They play games with the sheep, they make the sheep watch a movie of seeing other sheep going to the slaughter, and all the sheep laugh because it’s a huge joke thinking that the masters will not do that to them – as they are happy in their pen, or society of ‘normality’.

The masters in real life are called ‘The Illuminati’. The sheep are everyone else, you, me, the world population, the sheep dogs are the prison systems or punishment systems, or medical institutions.

The Illuminati created the pen, or the norm, told everyone what is right and what is wrong, told them they have to go to school, have inoculations, have to work, have to pay taxes so that you will be accepted in society – the sheep. Free thinkers, the people who are anti-government who realize what is going on, the free souls, the ones trying to get outside the pen, they are ostracized for being different, they are given heavy medication to make them stupor and ‘re-control’ their minds to force them back into the pen. These people are Morpheus and Neo and Trinity, these people are the saviours to human kind, they will free the minds of everyone in the matrix – or society, and will force the masters or illuminati to flee.

Education is brainwashing our children, they HAVE to go to school, if you fail you are ridiculed and called stupid. But why so? If you fail, you just know where to improve and pass the next time. The illuminati don’t want this, they want to ridicule you if you do NOT pass by THEIR rules. Because if you learn from your mistakes, you are more of a ‘free thinker’ and more likely to step outside of the pen.

Problem is that this has occurred for so long, that if you step outside of the pen, you live in ‘the real’, with few resources and no one to help you, unless there are others in the ‘real’, others outside the pen. Some now have to go back into the matrix, to work, to pay taxes to simple survive. You are CONTROLLED.

The movie ‘The Matrix’ uses lots of religious doctrines throughout the film, this is no coincidence, because even when you are outside the matrix, the programmed mind still takes the crap that’s been fed into you throughout the matrix/society life and spreads like a virus even OUTSIDE the pen. You basically have to DEPROGRAM the mind, get rid of the crap, and fill it back with useful knowledge about what life is really about, without the need for dictatorship to control your mind, and get back to the ‘source’ which in reality is who god really is.

What happens when Neo reaches the ‘source’. He realizes that there is no prophecy, there is no saviour. This is the illuminati saying that God is NOT here to save you, you have to save yourself, isn’t this what Neo keeps telling everyone? That you simply save yourself? Because if you save yourself, it spreads like wildfire and everyone around you begins to save themselves.

Cypher is a sabotage, this is an illuminati ‘agent’ working outside the pen or the matrix and reports back to the illuminati masters. This is an indication that there are dis-informants in the ‘real’ world, where the free thinkers are. You have to keep an eye out for these people as they will try anything to bring them back into the pen, or matrix, and get you back into the controlled system.

The oracle was a program and helped Neo, what does this mean? It means that the illuminati know there are defectors in their own group, illuminati members trying to help humanity become free, there is such a group in real life, and they are called ‘The White Nights’ – Illuminati Defectors.

Now at the end of revolutions, the machines and humans form a pact, of peace and live side by side. I personally believe that the Illuminati want people to think that, to live side by side, and live in harmony, trying to portray that LOVE is the answer. This is so far from the truth, this is disinformation and the true reason ‘New Age’ was introduced into the public. Love is NOT the answer, You can love unconditionally, or you can love someone to DEATH.

What is the answer to all this? To free our own mind? To push the illuminati away? To get out of the pen?.

This is very simple, and here is the equation.

Step back, and look at the world around you, see where its going. See if you want to be part of that, see if you want to be in the pen.

Say affirmations everyday throughout your day, stating ‘I am now free of being oppressed and dictated upon, My mind is now free’. You can make these up as you go along.

Find people who are already outside of the Pen, in the real world and study them closely, practice what they practice, they are your mentors. (I will give a list of people who’s work is to improve yourself and gain knowledge about the Illuminati)

Spread the word to people inside the pen, but be careful, because if you try and do it all on your own, you will be sucked back in, for example, be given anti-psychotic medication, anti-depressants, and so forth, further back INSIDE the pen. Do this in a group, so they can support you and you can support them.

BEWARE THE VIRUSES/IMPOSTERS/DISINFORMANTS. Some people who say they are trying to help you, will tag you and stick you back into the matrix/pen/society. People such as psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors, government officials etc.

People who are outside the pen, have people in their support structure, and are willing to help you ‘remove the veil of illusion’.

Sources of Valuable Information:
David Icke
Stewart Swerdlow
Alex Jones

Thank you for your time.

Kind Regards

posted on Mar, 17 2006 @ 05:54 AM
My first ELF induced dream (that I remember)

Of course, this dream gives a huge indication of what programs I have....if you believe that it is infact ELF induced that is..... means that i've decided to be outspoken about a lot of my experiences, you will actually find a lot of posts having a similar meaning behind it all..... you may even refer to a post and I will remember LITTLE about posting it...that means there was a shift in alter, with information from the posting alter only small details passed to the alter forced to remember the actual post.....this means there is a function of 'family of alters'.... sub-personalities that all have links to each other, but each alter having more information about certain things than any other alter....... to MERGE these alters...I have to visualise my avatar thus combining the separate alters into a merged one.....

This is something i visualise everyday mind you, many times a day (plus some other mental exercises) which balance left and right brain at the pineal gland..(so not so much left or right, but in unison)...activate pineal gland and enlarge the pineal gland as well...


I was in a bedroom, there was a man trying to seduce me three times, each time I said no. Then he changed to a female and tried again, I accepted. I got out of bed and walked to a brown table, and on the table there was a Yellow Birthday Card in comic book style. The first scene was an overview of the bedroom with video cameras in each corner of the room filming the man trying to seduce me. The next scene in the Birthday Card was the morphing into a woman. The next scene was I walking to the table and picking up the Birthday Card. The next scene was looking at a Birthday Card, which was looking at a Birthday Card, which was looking at a Birthday Card. It was eternal. At that point, the book turned to fire, and Satan appeared (looking like the star wars phantom menace red faced guy). He said to me 'Come with me' three times, I said no three times. As I said no the last time, he vanished in fire, and 666 were displayed in front of me burning to ashes. Then I was picked up by clouds and taken to the sky where the words 7TH HEAVEN appeared. That is when I woke up.

Dream Analysis:

Bedroom: In an altered State
Man on bed: Internal Programmer
Trying to Seduce - Said no 3 times: Input resisted
Morphed into Female accepted seduction: acceptable format
Brown Table: Presentation of idea needs to be grounded saving the input of the program (Grounding it)
Birthday Card: A new Start, function, cycle
Comic Book style: Accepted comic style as programmed as a child.
Scenes recorded with cameras in room: Duplicated, twinning programming entered
Birthday book burnt: Stopping twinning input, deleted running over and over.
Black and Red Satanic Figure: Guardian alter, Sexual Magic ritual programming
Come with me 3 times, participate in ritual
Rejected 3 times:rejected.
Figure burns: Ending
666 appears: staged religious event scenarious
Lifted into clouds: end time programming
7th Heaven: future openning up of Crown Chakra (7th chakra is crown chakra)

Result: Fill crown chakra with violet all day, and definately before sleep.

More specific with the Internal Programmer.... the physical programmer of the person is always male........and the personality of the programmer is inserted into the mind of the programmed person..... so a PART of the mind of a specifically programmed that its actually the personality of the physical programmer!!!! (I've done a deprogramming session with someone who has the inate ability to communicate with that part of the personality.....questions asked to the IP, questions answered by the IP....very unusual)

Let me tell you...the questions had NOTHING to do with their knowledge on anything that they would've come across, however the responses were always of what the physical programmer would have does mean yes that the answers were already in their mind, but they had no access to it.... (read my mind-control and programming research thread for further details on complexity of this)

So.......Now does this sound like a normal dream to anyone?

Kind Regards

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