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10 Music Tracks Everyone Should Listen To?

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posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 12:16 AM
This should be an interesting thread. List 5 to 10 music tracks that you think everyone should listen to sometime in their life. It can be any type of CD, both musical or inspirational. You can post more than 10 if you wish, but please at least list 5 if you can. You don't have to post a link to reviews on it. Just whatever comes to your mind.

Here are mine.. (As you can tell, I listen to a wide range of music) I'll try to post a variety that most here have possibly never heard. I would be surprised if there was anyone here who has heard all 10 of these. So here they are:

This is a very nice introduction to meditative music, very relaxing and creative, a start to finish type album. Listen from the beginning and let it play all the way through while you sleep.
1. Enigma - MCMXC A.D.

A good mix, very spiritual.
2. Enigma - Cross Of Changes

A good cd for writers or artists. A must own cd if you are into art. Play it while you write, paint, sculp, or just medidate.
3. Enya - Paint The Sky With Stars

A very melodic cd. Probably everyone here has heard this, so not much to say about it.
4. Coldplay - A Rush Of Blood To The Head

Another cd most have probably heard. A great starter cd for those who have never heard a full radiohead cd.
5. Radiohead - Ok Computer

This is my favorite rock band of all time and probably my favorite cd from the band.
6. Tool - Aenima

This is a classic prodigy cd that all electronica seems to be compared to. Prodigy has yet to create anything nearly as good.
7. Prodigy - Fat of the Land

This music is unbelievable. Another highly meditative track, you will feel different after listening to it.
8. Air - Talkie Walkie

A great track to listen to while driving. Music like this allows you to think. It's like a background beat to your ideas.
9. The Crystal Method - Tweakend

If you like rap or are slightly interested in rap, you have to listen to this. You will likely hate it or love it. But at least you can say you heard it. The beats and vocals will take you to another level. Worth the experience if anything. This track actually was originally released as a dual disk with Chapter 2 world domination. Then they split them and sold them separately. A lot of people don't know that or remember it. So I've included them both below.

10a. Three Six Mafia - The End

10b. Three Six Mafia - Chapter 2 World Domination

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