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What happened to Greer and Disclosure project?

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posted on Dec, 26 2005 @ 11:58 PM
What are they doing now? In my opinion, Dr. Greer did better when he
was practising medicine and saving lives, then doing CSETI in his
free time. After he quit his emergency medical work, which paid well
and kept him sharply focused, the project seems to have made less
headway. When they started charging small fees for viewings and so
on, it cut their exposure. It was better to see free videos, more
exciting for all of us: inspiring.

I think Dr. Greer would do better to work out his retirement through
his medical profession, then at age 53 or so, retire neatly with a
few million (as doctors tend to do). Then he'd be secure and free to
move more vigorously with CSETI. It seems they haven't nearly
matched their 2001 exposure. CSETI needs more than just a
technological SEAS breakthrough. They need a major push social
movement again. With Greer back in practise and a sharply focused 2-
3 year strategy, CSETI could make a bigger difference. Dr. Greer had
more energy, it seems, when he was juggling the whole world and a
medical practise on his shoulders; it was more exciting. Does he
think he's already made his major contribution?

Who knows, but the Bush White House offers NO HOPE whatsoever, for
breakthroughs (as far that goes). A lot of us are frustrated by the
cabal having direct control of government--it's extremely dangerous.
They seem to be trying to do the most posssible damage. But why?

Back to Dr. Greer. What can we encourage CSETI to embark upon? A
more terse, deeper witness exposure? More technically tasked
witnesses? A different theme in witness terms?

The danger at the moment is that all those hundreds of witnesses who
braced themselves and stepped forward at the same time were
emboldened by the 2001 breakthroughs, but now that Bush is back in
(although losing re Patriot and more, yet probably intent on
executive privelege torture and spying on us), some witnesses may
begin to feel a chill. We need more to come out publicly. We need to
keep up the chorus and not be conditioned by a hack, narco-dealing
electronic dictatorship, of sorts. Keep your eye on Ohio, which just
pulled the plug on democracy. But we need to work as a globe, more
than just an isolated nation. You feel better, more involved after
being vulnerable among another people. They see the need and will
act accordingly, but do we?

CSETI needs to work foreign witnesses, also. What can Disclosure do
now? Any ideas?

posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 12:55 AM
I can't reply to your post in detail, because some of the things I could say, (with good evidence) would go against some of the people I respect.
(on several sides of several fences)

One thing I will say is, and as I have said before in Newsgroups,
I was happy to see The Disclosure Project after reading many UFO books from the public libraries.
Because I'm interested in astronomy and biology and intelligence. (On/near planet Earth and elsewhere)

However, I don't support Dr Greer with giving advanced technological magic to everyone.

I'm a fan of
(safe, clean, and excellent)

Anti Gravity Propulsion is for the people that have that technology now in possible facilities.

And let's hope they are better quality people than the Tobacco Giants
shown in the movie called "The Insider" who lied under oath to Congress.

posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 02:31 AM

Originally posted by CYCdroid
However, I don't support Dr Greer with giving advanced technological magic to everyone.

Anti Gravity Propulsion is for the people that have that technology now in possible facilities.

...but the people who have access to this technology will keep it under wraps for decades to come, while they continue to control and scrimp every last dollar out of the fossil fuel industry. Is that fair to mankind? I think not. I consider it Dr Greer's mission and focus right now to get these technologies out there in the open - it's the only way through, I feel. I support him 100% all the way.

posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 03:02 AM
Many people are going to build
into busses for Africa.
(We have HTML copies of those plans)
People will be able to travel all over Africa for the price of a cuddle and a hug. And not hurt the planet Earth's atmosphere and ecology.

(I must admit, they will need stronger boarder control, and that is very good)

(The world is too lax on that procedure just for ease of making quicker money)

(If I want to go back to Japan, I would expect it to take two weeks, after a bounty of checks and balances and in between relaxing moments in a bubble hotel or other either side of the boarders)

So people don't have to pollute the air, and rob the planetary body of crude oil that seems to be important left as it is in the planet Earth.
(study the data about oil extraction from
(Warning Though: I'm not a big fan of Pleiadians because they never much talked about hundreds of other species in the Galaxy)

It's not just
"people who have access to other advanced technology keep it under wraps"
..... or
"powerful fossil fuel people have too much control".

It's brains and common sense and love and kindness
is what we are talking about.
That is one of the many reasons I respect the recent documentary called...
"What The Bleep Do We Know".
"Do You Wish That We Show Up"

Love to all you powerful people and other folks.
Let's chat here for a few months and love these topics.

[edit on 27-12-2005 by CYCdroid]

posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 03:57 AM
The problem is that we rely on fossil fuel for ALOT more than just transportation. Plastic for starters...

However, yes knocking out gasoline vehicles will put a dramatic dent into a cleaner environment.

Greer wants antigravity vehicles and zero point energy (not over-unity) Zero in --> Mega watts out... And he wants it in our world and I agree. It should be.

Greer is right, we need to get off fossil fuel and we need to do it yesterday.

Apparently Greer is soon releasing an auto biography that is going to name present day names, positions that are in the know. I am sure this will be good!! It will be interesting to see who in the government this book ticks off first.

posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 05:44 AM
Thank you very much tn2k.

Yes, everything everyone on planet Earth says is true.

(I'm not here to debate on that because I have seen it in more than hundreds of documentaries)

It is all true to some extent because we have heard about it.

Fossil fuel was found just after learning how to rub two sticks together.
And that mind-set was held together by burning people.

But don't waste our time hating people in the past.

Love the knowledge.

And it is only thanks to the people that helped us have the Internet, that we can gather together the caring people with wisdom to show the world how much we care, and how we can help everyone.

It won't be easy if I was in control.
Because I'd order a factory built in every town.
So you could drive around the country roads often for almost free
and lay down with your lover in the country fields.
And I'd slow down the international travel.
(For health reasons. Ecology, etc)

All my words hint at, is the answers are there, for Free.

And many people in the past gave me the opportunity to say so.

And I love them.
Thank you all very much
for everything around us,
with intelligence and kindness and love.

I'd like to contribute a few more hours to this post,
although you'll find related information in my recent "find posts" if you are logged in.

posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 06:43 AM
Funny how things that go up have a tendency to come down. If I were the U.S. govt. and we had working prototypes of A/G machines, I'd sure not want the rest of the world to know until we had everything we needed out of that program. The only other real players at this time are China, Russia,Japan, and maybe India in that order. I have also thought that all the sightings of triangular lights/ or ships known as U.F.O's could be with us already. These reports have been coming in for the past 15 years and it could be very well we've had the technology for some time. They don't pay the men and women over at the Skunk Works to sit around and play.


posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 03:33 PM
But is their use of such technologies responsible? If they use it in attacks on Iraq and such, the aliens who slowly seeded us with such technology will try to say, Look--humans are using our technology for forbidden purposes, even though we tried to give them some of it---so we have a universal right to infiltrate and try to control their planet.

Indeed, for all we know, all the basing of aliens and interactions allowed to date (tall whites near Indian Springs Nevada and other reported alien sites) have been part of the same scheme. The MAJ elite is addicted to power and technology. Airman Charles Hall, who reported on the tall whites in his books, said a 4 star Air Force general was in regular touch with the tall whites and allowed them to mangle and kill (unwitting) US soldiers who scared the tall whites by approaching them (the soldiers weren't even told they were aliens, so of course they approached).

Also, tn2k--what's the source of your rumor that Greer is finishing an autobiography? By completing an autobiography now, before disclosure has gained enough critical public mass, is he sending out his swan song? Does he think he's completed his life's work?

I think the movement needs new blood and a new focus to get it rolling again. Greer got Rockefeller money in his first days, then turned it down later, but had Lawrence Rockefeller making various public statements as he went along. Now that Lawrence's brother and last remaining Rockefeller big moneyman, David, is 92 and little more than a bag of old bones, the Rockefeller dynasty is coming to an end. Now where will Greer and others find sympathetic voices in corporate USA? Those actual big $ types who hid behind Rockefeller may be reluctant to risk their future profits from Carlyle and related boondoggles, leaving the question open.

Has the MAJ structure matured yet, or is it still just chasing its own tail, an easy dupe for more intelligent, abducting alignment aliens? The big myth is that the public can't handle the news about aliens. I've got news: it isn't the public that can't handle it; it's the MAJ power elite who can't deal with the fact that the news will open up a new paradigm that is epically dynamic. Humans will have to rally as a globe, which scares US elitists.

Greer is what, 53 now? That can either be a time of inspired life mission accomplishments, or, if the train isn't moving along well, can be a time of tired and seemingly futile stasis. To me it seems as though the ball is in an international court, but Greer still thinks it can mostly be managed from the US side. It can't. The US government is too corrupt, too "security" obsessed and eager to cover up its elite's crimes against humanity, too willing to torpedo Kyoto and the World Court, to make the break with industrial slave economics.

Perhaps rather than argue for putting a cap on elite incomes, we need to argue to raise the lowest levels and re-orient our economy to match sustainable resources to money numbers. It's a start, at least. We need movement on various fronts, but the more cut off we are, the more content with individual dilemmas, the less we advance into cosmic citizenship.

I suspect that Greer sees the SEAS as worthy and something that occupies his time, yet nearly impossible to achieve under the current paradigm--until further disclosure. The brassy types want to say that electrogravity and zero point energy (also known as scalar electromagnetism) could be abused by terrorists. Most ironic that the Bush regime is deeply in bed with the narco traffickers who surrounded the 9-11 hijackers (remember, Bin Laden was in virtual control of Afghanistan, home of most of the world's opium production--even though the Taliban were cracking down, billions worth still partly funded Al Queda). Most ironic that the new Big Brother security regime, post 9-11, keeps all the secrets more deeply buried while the abducting alignment deepens its scheme to infiltrate and thwart, sabotage, etc. humankind to their advantage (as Phillip Krapf quotes one alien as stating they do on purpose).

I think Greer is beginning to feel cynical and powerless. With Bush and organized crime in power, with the electronic vote assuring that the US is not and will not ever be the democracy that it pretends to be (until some future reckoning), Greer must feel as though the situation is hopeless. Which government figures will feel as though they can disclose much after 9-11?

Greer needs to put together a different plan, go international and seek out unusually brave witnesses for a further round of exposures. But it has to be dynamic. It can't be the same old stuff about UFO's. It needs to be more substantive, somehow. I find it most ironic that Greer supposedly has videos of his various outings to call alien craft down for sightings, but he hasn't bothered to publicize them. We need better proof in the next round, but Greer doesn't want to personally figure as a witness. He wants to be the ambassador, instead.

I also criticize Greer for not developing enough of a critique of the abducting alignment. To me, that's his worst fault. It seems strange to not be clear and explicit in basic legal terms about an abuse of the sort while calling for further encounters. In a sense, it's like he's enjoying sensational elite pleasures (sightings and encounters, some big star status in the social circuit surrouding such issues) while others are being abducted and used grotesquely for an alien breeding program. Greer isn't as bad as Boylan, who just called for a "massive" alien intervention here, just as Boylan is reaching age 65 and fading in a sense.

Disclosure without clean exopolitical analysis isn't very smart. But Greer should be smart enough to see that, explcitly. I think he's parked himself in a slightly dated role image. He needs to work a different tack, draw in the younger crowd--those who do the most risky duty surrounding alien tech related sites.

Again, a more open, free CSETI, a watershed press event, more rigorous hands-on witness testimony (could include men like Sgt. Stone, for example), and more international figures. Take it to the world's people. Don't linger where a locked up, electronic vote-stealing Frankenstein will try to sabotage all that you do. Rally a larger crowd and seek international press.

posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 05:13 PM
Where is your love, gl2.

You know so much.

To be honest, when I read your post here,
I felt a massive wave of energy in my face.

Not good energy, mate.

However, I love and respect you for being here.

Feel the love.

Dr. Steven M. Greer MD. ......

..... has much love.


- Ali G.

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posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 05:50 PM
Your remote assessment may be quite apt. The universe is not a single ball of positive energy. There are many different governments, all of whom pretend to be deeply integrated into the best principle of interaction. But be honest: we're talking about physical biological entities, not solely luminous spirits.

You may have touched upon the actual controversies that I both track and write about: various alien populations, resource crises, an abduction and breeding scheme that has control here as its aim, a gray population that is servile to that scheme after destroying their own home planet then being absorbed by an empire (dominated by one population that tries to mask its control as a collective), manipulated human conflicts (AND religions--to note your love theme), big narco trafficking as noted above (Greer notes it also), and more.

Not a warm fuzzy. In fact, emotion is sometimes genetically minimized among alien populations--who nonetheless remain sentient, but can easily rationalize the above manipulations of a species like us. Diplomacy, as in Greer's case (generic, not yet recognized) isn't all about love. There are real issues, real crises and problems. If by looking for the solely positive (you won't find that among ANY alien population because they are all alive and complex thinkers, despite the simplified summaries you may get from them) you're hinting that we should just open up, trust the abductors and let them do their work here with a loving smile on all our faces, I have to caution: eternal vigilance. The solution to human problems may not be to simply be colonized by a yet larger, sometimes more contradictory and propagandistic population of sexuals (who control the abducting alignment in question).

Exopolitics is as real as is democracy. The totally positive view of alien intervention is no more safe and rigorous than are smug blandishments about the constitution and America's greatness, all mom and apple pie. Who is intervening? What is their history? What is their intention here, given that they originate in an entirely different galaxy group? And do they intend to lay claim to those planets they've already taken positions on in nearby star systems?

Do yourself a favor: Use that same remote sensing ability and get a detailed, or comprehensive assessment of the feelings of other Milky Way populations regarding the abductors' intentions in our vicinity. While you're at it, check and see if there actually is a planet Iarga, for example, and what is their perspective on same? It's not all one regime. We live in a predominantly non-IFSP galaxy (not associated with the grays' alignment).

posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 06:29 PM
I'd really like to hear more about:

Originally posted by gl2
We live in a predominantly non-IFSP galaxy (not associated with the grays' alignment).

Could you please elaborate?

posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 07:05 PM

Originally posted by CYCdroid
That is one of the many reasons I respect the recent documentary called...
"What The Bleep Do We Know".
"Do You Wish That We Show Up"
[edit on 27-12-2005 by CYCdroid]

I've seen the "What the bleep do we know" and it's greater that great, but
I only know the "do you wish that we show up" from an email being circulated.
Is the last title also a documentary???? Where can I get it?




posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 11:42 PM
Re ours being a predominantly non-IFSP galaxy (not associated with the gray's alignment) read a free ebook called Alien Mind - a Primer. It discusses the subject at length, with references to other sources.

*I'm the author of the book, which is in-progress but you can read the first 110 pages or so now, either there, or on which is also publishing the book online (free).

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posted on Dec, 29 2005 @ 04:51 AM

Originally posted by gl2
Also, tn2k--what's the source of your rumor that Greer is finishing an autobiography? By completing an autobiography now, before disclosure has gained enough critical public mass, is he sending out his swan song? Does he think he's completed his life's work?

The source is ATS user, meshuggah1324. meshuggah1324 received this info from sombody named Don from the Dislosure Project in an email.

Here is the original post:

Originally posted by meshuggah1324

posted on 3-12-2005 at 12:32 PM Post Number: 1840759 (post id: 1862652)

I just got this email response from Don with the Disclosure Project:

"We are almost certain it was the NSA, hints from sources and other
means, but we could probably not prove it in court.

The CIA Guy was the former head of the CIA, read the Disclosure book
for more. Dr. Greer is also coming out with an Auto-Biography which is
going to name names and give no quarter. Watch for it."

I also remember hearing something of this on a radio broadcast perhaps Coast To Coast AM...

I am sure it is a further attempt to broadcast the need for disclosure. I see your point about auto-biographys. They seem to come out as an end thing. However, in Dr. Greer's case it can also be seen as a cronological order of happenings and by no means complete even when it is published...


posted on Dec, 29 2005 @ 01:49 PM
That CIA head was probably former Clinton CIA chief Admiral James Woolsey, who asked Greer to brief him about aliens and the black budget. Woolsey had been cut out of the loop on aliens because he was a Clinton appointee and the Bush/organized crime cabal (which is part of the DuPont-Dulles-Bush axis in intelligence) didn't trust him to keep his mouth shut.

Bush Sr.'s father helped to make Nazism possible. He secured the funding stream that German industrialist Fritz Thyssen used to sponsor Hitler then help Hitler take over Germany (knowing that they would kill many Jews). Like the Bush-DuPont connection (DuPonts were Hitler's biggest business partners in the US and even sponsored an avowedly fascist attempt to "remove" Roosevelt from power), the Bush-Thyssen connection appears to have been a deliberate attempt to bring fascism and war upon Europe.

Back to Woolsey: He's a turncoat. He supported Bush Jr.'s foray into Iraq and still supports it. He's a mouse on the inside, one of those people who feels so insecure for having been excluded by the intel mob that once he got out of office and into corporate life, he was corrupted completely. Now he's just another big $ sellout.

We have to watch for "inside" players who aspire to power with slick promises to do better but once they're in, sell out to organized crime and become part of crimes against humanity. Woolsey is just a rent-a-goon. He isn't one of us. He's one of them now.

Greer knows it, of course, and has probably distanced himself from Woolsey, who will never be trusted by reformers. ~Drink deeply, Woolsey, and live forever within your own little prison of a castle.

And Clinton? Deeply compromised and guilty in the Mena AR coc aine traffic that he reportedly approved of (and marginally profited by) while governor of Arkansas (a Rockefeller/cabal stooge), he'll never be a good ex-president like Carter. They've got so much blackmail dirt on Clinton: see Hopsicker's book Barry and the Boys for the whole story, also see Cathy O Brien's books about Monarch--says Clinton AND Hillary are both Monarch and big coc aine involved, in various ways. Clinton was so corrupt. I remember talking to a schoolteacher whose uncle was a banker in a county in AR. He swore that (suicided) Vince Foster was Clinton's payoffs bagman, that his uncle personally participated in a $50,000 payoff to Clinton while he was in AR. He says everyone back there knows it.

Clinton is a mug with a false smile and a pretended little boy innocence. You don't take CFR and Rockefeller money to do their dirty work (sunny side up) and retain your integrity. Clinton now makes the scene with Bush Sr., US history's worst traitor (to the Intervention), as though it's just another photo op. Barbara Bush says he's like their son....

Again, Bush Sr. is THE heavyweight in the Monarch/cabal direct operative wing of the abducting Intervention. They are stalking horses for direct basing here by the tall whites and other abducting federation aliens. Of course they cut out ALL Democrats, even Clinton. Democrats, like Jack Kennedy (and even his mistress Marilyn Monroe) have a habit of talking. Imagine what the people might find out.

Carter does continued duty for democracy and integrity in government but Clinton is just an old whore. They use him as they choose. Some NY real estate goon bought Clinton that house in NY, where he now lives, and Clinton is just a stooge, even if he likes to act as though he is on our side re Iraq. Don't forget: Clinton ushered in big coc aine in Mena, coc aine that went directly to Gambino family head John Gotti's men during that time (see Barry and the Boys, which Peter Dale Scott has endorsed). And Clinton ushered in the WTO (via GATT) which takes sovereignty out of the hands of all nations and puts it in the hands of secret corporate goons--for some time to come.

Clinton is like Woolsey and has a compulsive womanizing habit. Meanwhile, Hillary thinks she'll get near the White House. What a laugh. Even the Democratic party fixers smell a rat. Who in their right mind would drag the old Monica stink back before the voters? It won't happen, but, like T. Coleman DuPont, who thought he'd run for the presidency also (his father betrayed the US by pushing the South to secede, then profiting on the sale of DuPont gunpowder during the war that followed---the majority of Southern voters didn't want to secede, didn't want war) Hillary wants to flatter herself with a run. Hypnotic, shades of Monarch.

Republicans will let McCain run, but run Jeb Bush also and do a character assassination job on McCain (like the fastboat routine on Kerry), then pump $ into the promotions to make sure the polls are close, then fix the election electronically (not ALL Republicans---if they knew the crimes of the Bush Sr. regime, they'd be revolutionaries, too---imagine what you'd think of him if your best buddies died fighting Bush family sponsored fascism, let alone Monarch and big dope or the Intervention).

We're on the cusp of major, all-of-human-history-important exposes, but WHICH JOURNALISTS HAVE THE SHOT-HEARD-ROUND-THE-WORLD SPINE TO PERSERVERE IN SUCH EXPOSES? Arthur Sulzburger Jr.--whose bunny mate Judith Miller lied us into depleted uranium crimes against humanity in Iraq? No chance: he wears a diamond collar in bed, so to speak. He's part of the Rothschild-Goldman Sachs combine (which sponsored J.D. Rockefeller's rise and is in bed with DuPonts and the mob, even though they pretend to be an alternative). The Intervention proceeds and gets worse with each day.

Sulzburger is one of them, or at least twisting on their rope. If he had more power and thought he'd make a clean break, he'd be suicided like Amschel Rothschild (hung on a rope) to make way for a better stooge. Sulzburger won't go near Daniel Hopsicker's expose of big BUSH-CIA heroin and the 9-11 hijackers' school in Venice FL. See Hopsicker's book Welcome to Terrorland. Sulzburger's been fixed, so to speak. They probably wouldn't even suicide him, but would make him squirm--in less luxury...

Men of the sort only make parting shots, but I don't think he's got the guts to even do that. His routine is like methadone maintenance. They live in palaces--ALL OF THEM. They sleep with each other's mistresses. They drink together and thrill in fast boats, neat little escapes to drink and dine beside flaming hearths in castles in Europe and Asia. They do coke in college AND later on. They look way down on little people like you and I--choking in thick traffic, and wax whimsical about the petty ironies. They only hint at the actual guilt in cases like big dope in MAJ and the mob and certain crimes against humanity.

They're addicted to a luxury lifestyle and they revel in the power that they feel in having it over so many luscious but reluctant female employees, a certain percentage of whom will always go for the bait.

And you? Are you so attractive?

They are well trained courtiers of a worse-than-monarchical regime. As Martin Luther King said, that regime is the biggest threat to humankind on this planet, no other is equally so. The crimes commited under the guise of Bush Sr.'s cabal are some of the worst in human history, so bad that reluctant addicts like Sulzburger fear that exposure would cause an economic turndown that might jeopardize his/their continued indulgence.

DuPont-Rothschild-Bush: the prime direct operatives of the Intervention (with Rockefeller the willing stooge of Rothschild in resurrecting the old Second Bank of the United States conspiracy against the people--that Andrew Jackson defeated).

Don't trust any of them.

They betrayed the people in mass criminal ways and will do so again, and again, and again. They enjoy their addiction.

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posted on Dec, 29 2005 @ 09:02 PM

Originally posted by gl2
That CIA head was probably former Clinton CIA chief Admiral James Woolsey, who asked Greer to brief him about aliens and the black budget.

I appoligize as some of the content in that quote showing the source you asked for was in referrence to another subject.

Where the quote says, "The CIA Guy was the former head of the CIA, read the Disclosure book for more." That was in reference to the CIA Director that was found dead in the platomic river a few days after he was to give Greer some serious material evidence. His name was Bill Colby.

I should have explained that. I was only focusing on the source of the info regaurding the auto-biography.


posted on Dec, 29 2005 @ 11:23 PM
If I'm not mistaken, Greer and others have suggested that William Colby's death may have been related to his exposes of the Monarch project and narcotics. Colby was one of the architects of the Phoenix Project, which assassinated some 50,000-70,000 South Vietnamese, without trial, without due process, for simply being cited by someone or suspected as Viet Cong sympathisers. Ironically, the book The Franklin Coverup, written by Nebraska state senator John Decamp, quotes Decamp's old Vietnam boss, Colby, who discussed the Monarch project (satanic and child sex slave abuse) with Decamp. Decamp personally investigated and confirmed the existence of the Monarch project, which reportedly had deep ties to the CIA, via men like Richard Helms--the old Rockefeller chum. Rockefellers paid nearly $2 million to a man named Verscheuer, who was Dr. Josef Mengele's boss in Nazi Germany. Rockefellers paid to fund eugenics research. Mengele was the doctor who did murderous experiments and "selections" of Auschwitz Jews to be killed. He amassed a ghastly trove of records about experiments on children, i.e. he killed one twin just to traumatize the other and selected children of child sex abusers for brainwashing and multiple personality experiments. Mengele's records and, some say, even Mengele himself, were picked up by Rockefeller-related intelligence and used, sources say, as the basis of Monarch torture and mulitple personality experiments, then a program under CIA and military intel control in the US. The purpose? To have sex operatives and assassins who could commit crimes and be "used" ruthlessly, heartlessly, without remembering what their hideously tortured split personality "alter" did when triggered to perform a task.

By going public in such regard, Colby was tacitly admitting awareness of the massive narcotics trafficking reportedly done by Monarch betas and deltas. It's a shocking story. Colby was starting to talk about a number of subjects and was found face down, drowned in the river where he was fishing near the Chesapeake. He was both a good swimmer and skillful boatman. It was truly suspicious.

[edit on 29-12-2005 by gl2]

posted on Jun, 21 2006 @ 09:58 AM
What are we doing for this subject and our freedom?????

Almost nothing!!!

Im supporting DR.Greer and other witnesses...this is the only way, we can survive!

iam so concerned for our planet, the threat is real, is hard to understand but we can make a difference!

---> Untold Story

We need support... The Government is under pressure from the Shodow government. This is happening all over the world. We can change that, believe me!

[edit on 21-6-2006 by Amon_Ra]

posted on Jun, 21 2006 @ 10:40 AM
"Im supporting DR.Greer and other witnesses...this is the only way, we can survive!"

I personally think he is full of crap and the disclosure project will accomplish nothing. No one ever considers that there is infact no ET cover up. The problem with conspiracies this big is that smoking gun proof always comes out. None has regarding this issue it is just all heresay and speculation.

Some may think I am wrong but I am am quite comfortable knowing what I do about government operation (not ET cover ups). So much so infact I would stake my life on the basis there is no conspiracy regarding ET. There is just not enough evidence none that I have seen anyway that could really prove this type of conspiracy.

posted on Jun, 21 2006 @ 03:27 PM

Originally posted by The_Doctor
Some may think I am wrong but I am am quite comfortable knowing what I do about government operation (not ET cover ups). So much so infact I would stake my life on the basis there is no conspiracy regarding ET. There is just not enough evidence none that I have seen anyway that could really prove this type of conspiracy.

Wow. Now you really do need to share your insight concerning this issue. As your comment indicates you at least assume you're privy to information hidden from public scrutiny.

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