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Can we change our world?

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posted on Dec, 26 2005 @ 11:19 PM
In society today it seems as if the majority of people are unaware of what their government is actually doing. The information they recieve is mostly from the media, which does not always show us everyside to a story.

Now in past history, rebellions and revolutions were very common. My question is will we ever see succesful mass revolution or rebellion in the U.S. or other powerful nations?

I believe that the majority of people do not particularly care to know whats right or wrong. They might see something in the news and have an opinion or make a suggestion, but will never take action. Even if some take action they are likely to be quelled by the majority of people who think they are crazy. I've read the article on "How to control people" and it seems to make sense. How will the truth of things ever be revealed?

The minority seems to have no chance against the majority who are not influenced by their own thoughts. I am an American. And I have to say that I wish I would take more action, however I'm still young and theirs always hope.

There are just some things in this world that need reform, and I wish there was more action being taken.

Any Comments?


~Enjoy what is now, because now is for never

posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 12:56 AM
Yes, we can change the world, is it possible, yes, is it likely, no.

The people on this planet have what is called a 'victim' mentality. EVERYONE is a victim of some sort. The soul chose to incarnate and experience this as well, so in essence, we are here by our own doing.

If you were born on Procyon lets say, you'd be a spiritual class citizen with no victimisation.

However because we're on earth, the story is different. The elite of this planet see this and try and control the population because they see sheep, and they are the shepards. They believe its their RIGHT to do so as well and they will remain unchallenged.......for a while.

Unfortunately as i said before, its possible but unlikely that things will change, there is only a few things that we can do to change the world, and that is to change ourselves. To remove the victim mentality, to remove the mental conditioning we have, to remove the blatant mind-control and programming the elite has installed on the population of the earth.

Once we change our mind-pattern, the result effect is that people around you start changing, and a possible domino effect is on its way. Thing is we have to do it, and we have to do it now, no one can do it for you. To change the world, is to change yourself. You are the only saviour to yourself, and its effects will pour externally to others.

Kind Regards

posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 10:56 AM
well said merger

coherent orginization of your local community is also important. some of the information on the internet can be highly regarded, highly sensitive, and thouroughly informative, so try and spread the truth as long as it agrees with your common sense. also debate and exchange ideals with people you meet, cuz they also might know a think or two.

it shouldnt be too hard, given the level of sophistication our information systems adhere to. we can find things and supplant knowledge into each other with a comprehensible foot hold in the data storage levels of the internet. finding, sharing, exalting, progressing, achieving. it doesnt stop here, go on first and foremost in life and extend an eager mind to adjust any incursions of confound contempt, and enhance any analytical discourse that hinges on the subjectivity of infirior factors of awareness.

a likewise empethatical agreement may very well apeal towards a broader understanding of our modern day psuedo-democratic society. until of course the all seeing eye plays its cards and our suposed freedom cherishing leaders attempt to warp our understanding of our national directive and undertake a coersion of the conception of the many.

so may our exalted awareness as formidable above top secret conspiranoid troopers (you and i
) remain resiliant at last and stride hither to upon the defunct mannerisms of the wayward masses and explode into a fiery torrent of gamma fruition! retaining an exeptional parallel to the United States of Americas compartimentilized military industrial economic infrastructure. the paramountcy to the situation resides within each and every one of your hearts and minds.

good day, and good luck


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