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Cape Cod loaded with millions of what appears to be moths

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posted on Dec, 26 2005 @ 08:46 AM
Coming home from Christmas dinner last night, (we have a jeep with a soft top) our vehicle was hit by thousands of these moth looking bugs. I have never seen these before in the winter, come to think of it, not many in the summer either.
They were hitting the truck pretty hard. We thought it was snowing, but it wasnt.

Has anyone out there noticed anything like this?

posted on Dec, 26 2005 @ 09:59 AM

This is the cape cod winter moth.


December 22, 2005
Bug out
Something's eating Cape Cod trees. With any luck, something will soon be eating it.

It came as one of those ho-hum press releases: Sen. Therese Murray, D-Plymouth, puts $150,000 in the Senate's supplemental budget for a study of the European Bud Worm. More pork?

Actually, it's a tale of illegal aliens, CSI-style autopsies of caterpillar ''cadavers'' and the latest in organic pest control.


Winter Moths Back With A Vengeance
You may have noticed some uninvited guests at your home lately. It’s the invasion of winter moths and experts say the sheer number of the moths is a sign of things to come.

If you've driven up to your house lately and looked around the porch lights, there are just moths everywhere – all over the house.

Those are the winter moths and they showed up a few years ago and basically, they’re not a problem when they’re moths. But wait till next spring.

Last spring, little winter caterpillars practically defoliated parts of the South Shore.

posted on Dec, 26 2005 @ 03:20 PM
Oh wow, thank you for that information. I knew it wasnt my imagination because my husband was the first to complain to me.

Thanks for the info.


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