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posted on Dec, 25 2005 @ 05:25 PM
I recently had a dream that I am still disturbed about. I will do my best to describe what happened, though I will leave parts out that I am too embarassed by to revisit.
It started off with me standing with a group of people. Abruptly I was in another room. There was a man there that looked like a normal human being. That is until he attacked me and grew a set of tentacle-like arms that he wrapped around my stomach and held my wrists with his normal arms. I believe he said something like, "Just give up."
The dream moved on right after that to unrelated and meaningless topics. But again I was pulled away from this and became aware I was in another room. The monster man was gone but in his place was a blood red naga with a menacing aura. The monster also had the tentacles. He told me something like, "You are so weak it's pathetic. You'll never escape me." Then he left the room, and I was trapped there.
After that I sludged through other dreams before I finally woke up.
Can anyone see any meaning to the monsters?


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