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Cars and bubblegum

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posted on Dec, 24 2005 @ 11:37 PM
I would like to say that we have all got to lighten up.I dont understand why people are wondering why they are in bad shape.How much physical activity do you do.supposedly our physical make up has been building for thousands of years....supposedly.And for alot of that running for our damn little lives from big scary things...I think.
Now with that in mind while your sitting at a desk all day,head down to the
cafeteria or macs for lunch.DRIVE HOME sit infront of the couch and eat something else while you watch T.V then go to bed.Oh yeah and youre so stressed out about life,work your bill payments your wife mabey..That you cant sleep.Drowning ourselves in coffeee just to stay up at work the next day.Making barely enough to stay alive...ALIVE..Who said we have to validate our exsistence GOD? some say so others say the government.I dont know these guys do you?Oh they didnt make all this they just run it?

Why do they run it?
Whatever im out....


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