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Finally A Sign!!!(for me)

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posted on Dec, 24 2005 @ 02:28 PM
Well.Since I first got here I've been fighting a very hard inner battle.Although swearing allegance to the collective of what people
call(good).I have the same amount of debt towards the collective of(evil).
For many years now my light has been dimming.Although slow in my decline as the poisons of desire and sin plaugued my judgment I started to delve into them and indulge in my pleasures all the while my noble heart being broken by the weight of the world.As time went on my thoughts were plaugeued and my heart dark.I have had many visions of things that have passed and things to come.Even death couldnt save me from my fates for i am here now.I have been hunted for many years by the forces that wish me ill(in my dreams/planeswalking.And here on earth)Now.I have been fighting tooth and nail for my life and my soul the last teo months.There are many mays to die.I had most of them covered.But when i knew the end was near i cast a very powerful Manifest Destiny spell.
The one thing that has helped me through this Is A.T.S.
Thank you everyone.For last night I was the hunter.I was in the shadows for once.Waiting for the vileness to come......I am almost there.I have much to do still.In every aspect of my life.I write this now for the one amongst us who has been the voice calling me.She was the first one to start talking to me here and she kept the tide from taking me.

Without eachother we are lost..............................

As I stand here now.
A tear falls from my eye.
Shattering upon the earthen floor.
Falling to my knees I almost died.
I look out upon the fields I protected once before.
The forest seems to have me not now or anymore.
I hear the voices calling me away.
The truthsayer is almost here.
You have helped me find myself again.

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