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Advice to those learning about the NWO

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posted on Dec, 24 2005 @ 08:46 AM
Looking around at some of the threads here,I respect all opinions but I also feel obligated to interject my own....

There are those of us in the patriot movement who have different ideas as to what the NWO is and who the players are however in most,if not all cases,the main objective is to wake the sleeper class. Alerting the public is not easy. You've got to realize that most of these people have been dumbed down and conditioned to believe anything being said in the mainstream news. It's an information war first and foremost. The NWO see the internet as the most dangerous medium because it is still uncontrolled. Being that,I suggest that even if you do believe in the reptilian connection via Icke or what have you,maybe you should think twice before coming at someone like that because there is no hard proof to substaniate those claims currently...

On the other hand...
One could provide a strong case on the NWO based on the following:

a. Near scholarly books like "Tragedy and Hope" by Professor Carroll Quiggley(who was Bill Clintons' mentor) or any of the great works by Professor Antony Sutton including "Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler" or "America's Secret Establishment" that chronical the NWO system.

b. The mission statements and infamous quotes concering global government from the members of Bilderberg,Trilateral Commission,and The Council On Foreign Relations. Also trace members of this hive back to their seats of power.

c. Current trends in Globalism,the EU,the UN,World Bank,etc...Make the connections.

d. Make the connections to the private Federal Reserve. One could link the international banking scam all the way back to the original bankers,the Knights Templar. Make a note of how JFK and Lincoln both issued US notes backed by gold and both were assassinated.

e. When implicating Freemasonry or secret societies to this plot,don't rely on esoteric symbolism and numerology that average Joes can't comprehend,instead cite the events of the P-2 Lodge Propaganda Due or the historic story of the Bavarian Illuminati. They illustrate the notion of how secret societies can topple standing governments given the chance.

f. Establish a track record on how the government has decieved the average citizen from past to present. Educate yourself on real-life conspiracies that were proven: Project MK Ultra,Iran-Contra,the Tuskegee Experiments,etc... and currently the war in Iraq,Bin Laden CIA ties,Patriot Act,9/11,Echelon,etc...

g. When discussing the Illuminati as it pertains to today,point out that while some smaller esoteric groups exist today that sometimes use the name "Illuminati", most legitimate NWO researchers use the term "Illuminati" to describe the webs of interlocking membership in pyramid fashion among the secret groups and the family dynasties(Rockefeller, Rothschild, and Morgan in particular) pushing for a global government system,cashless society,micro-chipped population,etc.

h. Point out the obvious conspiracy everybody suspects...JFK
Note that like the Warren Commission,these people always set up some phony group to investigate themselves that results in a cover-up aka the 9/11 Commission.

i. Research the numerous ties that the media has with the CIA. Point out obvious bias. Mass media acts like a 4th branch of government.

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