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posted on Dec, 23 2005 @ 03:37 PM
The ATS Council threads are in several diiferent section of ATS.
My goal is to centralize all the pertinent threads on ATS.

No more trying to remember where you saw that thread two months ago!
We will be adding threads as needed. This first post will be a retrospective of sorts and will deal with the first Council whose term recently expired.

The second post will be devoted to the Second Council which was elected late 2005.
And so on....

This is another collaboration. If you see a thread you think fits here, please contact me (DontTreadOnMe), Parrhesia, Amorymeltzer or a current Council person and please provide the link.
Special thanks to Amorymeltzer for hunting down and adding most of these threads

First ATS Council:

ATS X Representative
Assistants: Djohnsto77, onlyinmydreams

ATS G Representative
Assistants: Sanctum, SpittinCobra

ATS L Representative
Assistants: Parrhesia, Ycon

ATS DISC Representative
Assistants: Mirthful Me, BlackJackal

BTS Representative
Assistants: UK Wizard, EnronOutrunHomerun

PTS Representative
Assistants: The Vagabond, Kidfinger

ATSNN Representative
Assistants: Valhall, subz

Time for the next step in the evolution of this online community.
ATS Council Member Primaries!
Discussion of council members- no self noms here please
Council Members Election Question
Is there an opt out list for political campaign emails?
ATS Campaign Election Results in 4 hours
Offical ATS Council Election Results
ATS introduces the membership Council
ATS Councilors: Roles and Functions
ATS Council: From Behind Closed Doors
ATS G Council
Listen Up PTS!
Attention all members!
DISC Councilor's Report, July 4, 2005
Run ATS for a day!
The Future ATS/PTS/BTS Voluntary Taxation System!
ATTENTION: Points System Is Being Revamped

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