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Getting/Giving Presents!

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posted on Dec, 22 2005 @ 05:46 PM
I am sure I will get "flamed" for commercializing Christmas, but hear me out...

No, Christmas isn't about presents, but sometimes that incredible gift just appears out of nowhere and lands in your lap. Ever have that gift given to you? Or did you give that once-in-a-lifetime gift to someone?

My example:

My mom always gets the short end of the stick when it comes to presents. She will always tell you it is wonderful, and she will genuinely love it, but what can you give your mom to "rock her world"?

Well, I found it. Innocently enough. Upon talking to an esteemed colleague of mine, he mentioned the fact that a friend of his was selling tickets to an NFL game.

For New Year's Day.

Eagles vs. Redskins.

Now some of you will think: ewww, who cares (like me)?


1. My Mom loves the Redskins.

2. The Eagles are playing at home. 1/2 an hour away from where she lives.

3. She has never ever ever been to a pro game in her entire life.

4. The tickets were only $50 a pop (I bought two).


She is finally getting something she will really like!

Anything like this ever happen to any of you? Has the "perfect" gift ever land in your lap? Or was it given to you?

Please Note: I did not mention the holidays, although this is the perfect time. This can be for Christmas, Hannuhah, Kwanzaa, birthday, New Year's, Easter, Arbor Day, whatever...


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