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Terrorism by media..

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posted on Dec, 22 2005 @ 11:19 AM
Why is it that there is a program on christmas day called "Katrina, Where was God?"? someone tell me why there HAS to be a muslim before every Christian mentioned in the media.. someone tell me whats happening to the way we are being fed information, our tv shows include the hatred filled whites who are predujiced against the faithfull muslims, its BS.

Ive never met anyone who is prejudice against muslims in the way our media presents us to be, our very own celebration of who THIS CHRISTIAN COUNTRY celebrate is being turned into a bloody muslim apolagy center...why?? Because retards who call themselves "holy" try to blow us up "in the name of Allah" and try to scare us. After the bombs in london we were strong, now in the after affects not WE but our MEDIA are presenting the british public as one who is sincerally sorry for having a different faith..I for one am not sorry..

Im sorry, but im sick of the fact that not 1 Hindu or Buddist will be mentioned on tv. Its all Christianity and Islam. Dammit whats the world comming too...

posted on Dec, 22 2005 @ 01:23 PM
you ask a very good and valid question. By your very question I percieve that you are questioning the very core concepts in practice in what you see around you. You are questioning the very nature of what you see and dont see. This is good if you can develope it further to your benifit.

I am in the United States and though our media is slightly different here we see the Yank version of what you express are your concerns. Through much of the ignorance of the general public here and heavy emotional training by our politicians, media, and public education system we have been heavily pre conditioned to respond to clues and cues to not think about the real nature of a thing ..only respond predictably to it by emotional conditioning. Alot of this pre conditioning comes from being raised in front of a television set or movies which often do our thinking for us. So you see..we respond predictably...especially at voting time and many of us can be counted on predicatbly to pull the right levers in a voting booth after a lifetime of pre conditioning.
This results in our core beliefs as a nation being eventually turned upside down ..180 degree turn around from the beliefs of our father and mothers time. This cannot be accidental but very deliberate.
You find that Chrstians are somehow shunted by the system into a stance of non consequence...and others being allowed to play through like a default setting on this automatically goes where it is programmed. Others must stand pat and let them play through...even though they are paying for most of this playing through. The whole system gets turned around. You realize after a while that you are paying for your own are paying first fruits for second or third hand status as a citizen in your own nation.
The media , politics and public education financed by the body politic must work together and shill for this system to get it to go this far. What happens eventually is that the core beliefs of a whole nation are "hijacked" in lieu of the new default settings. If you speak out for your core beliefs you are marked labeled and name called.. You must conform to the new system that is being programmed to play through by the hijackers.
Woodsyboy..this system of shilling for the body politic by politician, the media and educators goes by a ancient name of " Whoredom" In short it is the selling of the very souls of a people in a nation for the new agenda. Much of this agenda is contrary to the core beliefs of the very peoples of this nation. But the new agenda must be allowed to play through ...unobstructed..uninhibited. This can only be done by a hidden but subtle kind of hijacking. Problem is it has gone on long enought it cannot be hidden to most anymore.

Woodsyboy is very easy for the media to hijack the emotions of the public because so few think outside the programming they are raised or conditioned to allow. Many of these people dont even know that these are not thier settings on the dial they use but someone elses settings.
Just remember that the body politic. the media and education systems they are one and the same. Especially education since it gets people on this treadmill at a young age before thier thinking is fully developed and also because the body politic finances education..hence they determine what values are taught there.
Its up to you to train or retrain yourself to think for yourself. You dont have to let them know how you think ..just conduct yourself different in dont have to buy into these phony settings they want to instill in you. Make your own default settings. Re program your own computer. This requires individual thinking and dicipline.

I follow very little news from the radio or television...anymore ..most of it is garbage ..drivel to me..
I get most of my news and info from the internet. However, be very careful here too..there is alot of emotional drivel on the internet too. You just have to establish some diciplines in what you will or will not buy into.

Hope this helps you,

posted on Dec, 23 2005 @ 12:05 AM
I want to remind you of something that occured to me after I had gone to work this afternoon.
In your nation the muslims have purchased large portions of Government and media influence in the last 10 years. This is becoming noticably evident and also accounts for the strong pro muslim sentiment . It is merely what happens when you have the best government and media that money can buy. This will happen here eventually but preceeded by events in your nation and the continent of Europe where Muslim moneys have purchased their influence. Much of these moneys comes from outside your nation but it is spent within nonetheless. Same thing will happen here.
Here currently the Chinese have been trying to make inroads and buy up portions of this country and our government. Very quietly being done through campaign contributions and purchasing of companys. These things usually are quietly done until they can not longer be hidden or concealed.
Also these things are not usually made public. The public are the last ones to know or understand the pattern of what is happening to them.
Something for you to think about.


posted on Dec, 23 2005 @ 04:10 AM
The reason IMO that muslims have more say in the media, is because we need to see them in the media, because theyre constantly put in the "bad religion" section by people. We need to see pro-muslim things on tv to even out the anti-muslim sentiment in britain. I dont know about you, but at my school you constantly hear "F!*£$% Paki" or "B*&^%$D Muslim". I think its good that theyre on the media, even if it does meen other religions haveless media portrayl

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