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Bad experiences

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posted on Dec, 21 2005 @ 06:47 PM
Heya guys i always here about these paranormal things, and things going to plan. Some bad times and all that, but i cant remember reading a thread here 4 quite a while of the negative side of dealing with the paranormal. In anyway shape or form

Some have said when doing obe's you have to be carefull coz you can meet entities in that other realm you go to. Some have even claimed to have seen other beings in their room on leaving the body. I tried asking about ouija boards on here b4 but didn't get much response.

Basically I am just after any peoples accounts or stories that people have had maybe themselves, or heard from others, that would make you weary about this paranormal side of our existence...

Here's a story of ouija:

Some things i found :

The Lower World is called the Yomi World, Hell, the Infernal Reaches, or the Underworld. It is the emotional realm, shaped by passions, instincts, and the dark forces of reality like death and destruction. It contains hells, lost or forgotten lands, and the smoldering remains of cities and whole civilizations. The beings which dwell here are called demons, ghosts, baka, fomorians, or shadows. These entities represent death, decay, corruption, and destruction. Travel to this realm usually involves going underground or into a large body of water, descending the World Tree, or travelling downstream on a spiritual river.

From this link :

And this :

The Death Realm is the world known in the West as the Hades or the Netherworld. In a distant past, it controlled the Demon Realm as the Spirit Realm still controlls the Human Realm. While the dead spirits of virtuous people and saints spend their afterlife in the Spirit Realm, the dead spirits of vicious people used to spend their afterlife in the Death Realm.

The beings of both Spirit Realm and Demon Realm are called oni (devil/ ghost/ ogre/ monster) or kami (godity), according to their power. In Spirit Realm, the oni are the officers of the kami, who look after the cosmic balance. There, the Oni's appearence is as the legends describe: horns according to each Oni's hierarchical importance, sharp claws and teeth, skin blue, pink or yellow in colour and as clothes a tiger's leather. But in the Demon Realm you can find the most bizzare monstruosities.

The Demon Realm is the home of most of the supernatural creatures, having a ghost counterpart for each species in the Human Realm. The counterpart for humans are demons that can be extremely horrendous or beautiful. The sky is scarlat in color and is eternally covered with black storm clouds; the air gives off a odor of blood and rotten flesh. This air, being filled of Ghost Ki, is mortal to normal humans. The Demon Realm is a world huge in measurements and strangeness. It has around 25 levels, like a building, and the Spirit Realm barely controls half of one level!

From here :

I would just like to know about any stories, advice, caution etc, whilst dabbling in the spirit / spiritual part of this life. Because sometimes this darker scarey side can be hidden by a lovely golden lining...

Chat away

posted on Dec, 21 2005 @ 07:23 PM
Ouija has intrigued me for a long, long time. I want to try it, but then again I realise the potential dangers and long-term side effects of communicating with the other side.

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