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Divine Light (My angel) [Love poem]

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posted on Dec, 21 2005 @ 03:48 PM
You are my angel
A light in the darkness
Where I sought none
You, my dear, are what makes my life fun

So what can I say?
What would even come close?
All but three words are further off than every thought,
Yet even those three words are nothing when I see your face.

You are my light within an endless darkness,
You are what gives me hope when there is none,
You are my torch in the darkest of nights,
With you never can I lose my sight,
You are my one and only light
And the most beautiful sight.

So with these words shall I hold true,
For with these words have I not spoken from the mouth or the mind
But from much deeper inside,
You, my dear are my most beautiful light
With you there, I can never lose any fight

So I say,
What resides in my heart,
What resides deeper than my heart,
For my heart rest with you,
So the words come from my deepest soul,
And those words are something I know is true
For I speak them unto you,
Yet they have no need to be said
Because they are seen by any who can see us two,
Those words are…
…I Love you

posted on Jan, 8 2006 @ 02:21 PM
Very nice poem. I enjoyed it a lot. It seems that every poem you write, I have one to follow it up with. So, here it is.


The first time I saw that glint in your eyes
Everything in the world froze
You looked like a star up in the sky
As beautiful as a rose

Your voice is like an angel
Came down and caressed my ears
WIth the most beatiful of sounds
That no one could ever fear

When I go to sleep at night
And everything around me is dark
You are what brightens my world
You are what gave me that spark

I thank you for giving me hope
I thank you for setting me free
And that is why I always wish
You were lying here next to me


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