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Chakra healing...?

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posted on Dec, 20 2005 @ 10:17 PM
According to my researches, chakra healing is one of the most important technique during the time or the era of the ninja's.

Other power's regarding the use of chakra is the following:

healing(as mentioned before)
body multiplication
speed increasing
and other battle techniques

But during the era of the shamans, chakra is used for different reasons such as:

peace of mind
causing illness

And the power of chakra that is SAID to be used today are:

attracting the opposite sex (called gayuma in the Philippines)
reading others minds
and at last
looking at the future(called manghuhula in the Philippines)

If you're interested in this topic, I would be very happy to receive comments, replies and suggetions.

Thank you for your time and God Bless us all.

More power to ATS.

posted on Dec, 21 2005 @ 08:48 PM
There is an interesting section on chakra healing in Kaltem Gibson's TK handbook. He talks about the use of meditation in this regard. I know meditation can improve your wellbeing, and that supposedly is linked to the state of your chakras and auric field. I only know relatively little about this particular subject though.

posted on Dec, 26 2005 @ 08:36 PM
Hi there,

Yes, healing of the body, can be used by filling in the chakras of the body.

Using the deterimed colours of each chakra, and visualising the colour in that correspondig area, will help heal that area.

Kind regards

posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 09:55 AM
From personal experience, Chakra is all encompassing. You must have a machine fine tuned for it to work properly and do it's best for you

posted on Dec, 27 2005 @ 12:54 PM
I have this CD called "Rhythms of the Chakras" by Glen Velez that I enjoy. There are seven different songs with different tones, drums and rhythms that go with the seven main chakras. I like to listen to it and it is pretty good at relaxing you. These rhythms and drums are said to help focus mental energy and healing on chakras.
What do you expects think?? Do these things actually work?
By the way, yesterday I was using it to get to a meditative state of mind because I really want to have an OBE and at some point I did feel by body become paralyzed, tingly, and heard a slight roar in my ears. Of course I got too excited and it went away after a while

posted on Jan, 1 2006 @ 08:32 PM
Well AlphaC...
Sounds, colors, smells, vibrations, EVERYTHING has to do with our entire being. That's kind of what this chakra thing is all about :-)

If we set aside this particular view for a moment (for example sake and for the sake of the scientific view that this don't exist)...
I'm also degreed in psycology and studied other open and 'closed minded' type medical, biological, socialogical stuffs.

Ever noticed that fast food and resturaunts seem to have the same certain color scheme? (certain shades of reds, oranges, browns and yellows make you eat more and feel more hungry)
Ever notice that hospitals and factories where large amounts of people work and institutions have the same types of colors? (Some colors keep people calm while others (like the colors glowing in night clubs) keep people jazzed up and ready to go)

Same with the kind of music we listen to... puts us in a certain mood etc.

It's all very applicable and relative :-)

posted on Jan, 2 2006 @ 08:46 PM
Hi War_S.
I am curious could you give me a link to the ninja part.
Thank You

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