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A letter to a friend!!!!!!!!

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posted on Dec, 20 2005 @ 03:07 AM
Just last night I wrote a letter to somebody who has trully help me in life, So I wrote him an email to thank him, In Honor of him I thought that I should post a copy of the email here, I don't know why but all I can say is that this truelly makes me feel better, and I hope you all end up writing sincere letters or emails to those that have had an impact in your life.

A little background , I have a bit of a record, So it is quite hard for me to find jobs that are adequate of my intelligence as well as personality , this person has given me the oppurtunity to make my life better, Going from a person who can barely help his family( not children, just my aging mother who cant work as well as siblings that work full time to pay for their own schooling) To a person who in the past six months has been able to pay all his bills as well as alot of his debt.

this person has been a friend Through and THrough, and I wish to share the email that i have just sent him. And Trust me its very embarrassing for me to do so seeing as how i am a very private person.

Here's a link to quotes from the Justice League animated cartoon

You know my friend i do not like lying to you, so i will tell you why I didn't make it to the christmas gathering, I waited until the last minute and could not find pants that could fit, I tried and tried , but really dress pants are not accomidating to heavy people, When i asked why the pants did not fit me i was told over and over again i'll have to go to a big&tall store. I did not answer my phone for embarassement and i apoligize to you for lying, Not telling the truth is something that does not sit well with me. And while sitting in my own shame ,I did not pick up a phone call from a friend in need. To me that is one of the worst sins that a person can be part of.
I also want to let you know that you are very near and dear to my heart, I just have personal problems right now that Hinder me from being the person that I should be. I am very Glad that you have been given the option of being a team leader, I know personally that any business will benefit from using your own personal strengths as well as skills in any business. I know that I might not seem it, but business wise I am a very skilled tactician, I have just personally chosen to work for my money as of lately. With that knowledge, It is very easy for me to see the
leader that is within in, should you choose it.

I see good things from you in life, but to be honest I believe that you need a little space and distance from your own life to truly be able to make Choices that are not only Logical but adequate of the situation, Your too far in to see the mistakes as well as the accomplishments, If you can find the time to do that , than as your friend i'm telling you to do so.

No advice from me can help you now, You are the kind of person that has true inner strenth, and to not use it truly diminishes the person that you are.

To end this long letter , I want you to know that I truly admire you, My annoyance is really aimed at myself but i can't but help to reflect it on the world around me. I truly do love you as a brother, I hope you know that, To be honest I love you more like a comrad in arms , in the battle that is life.

I respect you,I care for you and I admire you. YOu trully are an ispriration. WHile you are far from perfect, You seem to be Okay with that as well as the short comings in others, YOu accept it and you move on, Which is truly the highest compliment i can give another person.

As I sit here with some brandy that i have saved for a special occasion I toast to one of the best friends I could have. I appreciate all the lunches you have bought me, as well as all the heart felt hugs you have given me. All the times you've tried to cheer my grumbled self up, as well as all the personal thoughts and instances that you've had that you have shared with me.

You have trully honored me in life and have added to my soul a bit of your own inner strenth. You have tried to help me every step of the way, with gifts , words of encourangement, and the truest love that can only be shared among men. The love that is the blood behind true comradery.

I know that you have had hard times this past year not only those of which are financial(which i have felt this christmas season)but those of which occur in your own life. I also Apologize for not being able to buy you a christmas gift. I did not save enough, and have had other finacial concerns which i had to choose first. But i will try and make it up to you.

Just know that you have trully gifted me in life with your person, and that is all that i could ask for in life.

BTw feel free to send this to five of your closest friends, if you do this your truest wish will come true, If you do not, The gates of hell will open up and Rosie O Donnel will fiest on your penis!!!!!!!! and then your open wound will form into a vagina, and you will end up marrying an overweight man, who will never bring you to orgasm!!!!!!!!


So thats it , I Dont know how you will react to it, and to be honest its not much of member announcement to be put in this forum, I just hope you all write or call those that have trully changed your life as am now doing. If you wish so , please feel free to post your letters on here or even your thoughts, please remember those that have trully inspired or changed your life for the better.

Thank you,

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posted on Dec, 20 2005 @ 03:50 AM
This is a very valid point and thanks BornLazy for having the strength of charachter to offer up your personal words.

I have had some people in my life that have continuously offered the hand of friendship and their help, i will be writing several thank you letters this xmas to remind them of how much they mean to me.

its that true saying:-

" a good friend will bail you out of jail, a true friend will be sat next to you saying ' Damn....we ****** up!!'


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posted on Dec, 20 2005 @ 03:50 PM
That is great and it felt good to read that, especially around this time of year.

Last week I was feeling down on some of my own personal crap and reading your letter really made me think about the people who have really helped me out in life.

posted on Dec, 20 2005 @ 04:35 PM
Awwww this is great! truly lovely bordnlazy

It's so refreshing to see/read someone (especially a man) open up and put his feelings out there like that, to the friend and also for us.

it saddens methat i have lso touch with so many good friends, but I give up after making the effort a few times. Seems no-one wants to be my friend, n that's cool, I really don't care cause I enjoy ME and my company

But it does hurt a lil.

you're a great friend and your friend should feel honored to have U in his life

Thank you for sharing

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