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posted on Dec, 19 2005 @ 10:16 AM
Its not just a letter, its what the infamous "HOONS" project stands for.

Imagine this:

A car that uses a special engine to run either H2 or LPG, and still drives up to about 500km on the equivelant of 1 tank of petrol.

Then there is the computer that manages the whole engine management and also your MP3/movie player, hands free phone, GPS, car security, and now for the cool stuff like voice opperated power windows and or aircon. Not to mention being able to communicate with other users of "H" over satalite internet, just like truck drivers with there long range CB radios.

The fact is this:

The engine system is still a few years away, but it is being developed, the engine management is easier, its just a case of putting the car on a dyno to tune it, and as for the computer, its already in use (although bugged, because so far the above applications are not in one simple software application), and as for "H" itself, just some servers to set up an ISP with satalite internet is all that is needed.

I have a Mazda Rotary, an engine which the H2 software can be run on because Rotaries can use H2 with only minor mods.

I also have the computer system running, and use it for MP3s on long trips. The GPS, voice power windows is to be added over the next few weeks, no voice aircon because of space limitations (RX7s are small cars), and "H" is kinda working in the format os online forums only. The servers are a question of finances, but isn't all that far off.

But really, will anyone want to drive/own a H2 powered car that has computer tech almost as good as Knight Rider??

Pics are avaliable of the computer if there is interest here, hey I might even make a small video clip showing a demo.

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