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New Bin Laden Video Released Dec. 13th 2005?

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posted on Dec, 18 2005 @ 11:00 AM
On December. 12, 2005 ADNKI reported that a Palestinian newspaper article says a new Bin Laden tape was about to be released. The source also says that al-Qaeda is re-establishing its cells in Afghanistan.

Later that day (December. 12,2005) Inthebullpen picked up on the report, and added some details.

On December. 15, 2005 Counterterror posted that Intelcenter announced the release of a new Osam Bin Laden video. They list details contained in the video.

Later that day news services began to downplay the video release. Almost all of the news reports say the exact same thing.

Is there, or is there not a new Bin Laden video? Where is it? What is in it?

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