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The Big Lie Theory All Over Again..

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posted on Dec, 17 2005 @ 07:19 PM
Media = propaganda machine
Christianity being used as a propaganda machine?

i'm gonna try to get a point out but not sure how to start it so i'll just go..
i had a heated discussion with alot of things this morning so here goes..

you guys know how when the World Trade Center was hit right?
the country believed it was the terrorists because in the MEDIA..
it kept saying we've been attacked by terrorists and such..but hmm

download loose change 1 and 2...

so in proves that it was a military plane that hit the wtc's and it seemed to have had a missile under it of some sort.

well..and then the pentagon..

anywho back to the point,The media i think is a propaganda machine..
like how the Big Lie Theory was all about,written by hitler in his book "mein comp?"

no matter how bizarre the lie is,keep telling it and they will believe you.

he used that for the jews...blaming that it was the jews who made them lose the first world war and such..

but see..if it was a military plane that hit the world trade centers..then it must be false that the people in the passenger boeing's that supposively hit the wtc,were fake? probably governmental actors voicing it and the family's of the people on the flight were fake too? government "employees" to make the 9/11 coverup more believable in the media to the people[us].

so why i say?
why attack our own grounds..our own people..innocent people in the wtc...?
The Lust of war so great by the elite's? the omega agency[nwo]?

the whole middle east into Iraq thing was bs!
and now looks at whats happening with israel and iran..
i'm guessing the US..gonna want to join up in that too?
and i forgot but i read somewhere that the US eventually will want to go to war with china? and the russian's are selling or gonna try to? sell stealth to they'll be in almost equal competition with the united states?
russians wanna step in too right?
[just gathering info from ats site]

so what is happening with that?
and then the Virgin Galactic thing..
wtf is up with that? it was full blown media coverage about it in the morning a few days ago
and i've never seen or heard anything much of it the newspapers too..a small tiny article about it..

Building will begin in early 2007 and flights will begin in 2008?
they trying to say their going ot build an underground spacebase thing in about a year?


A Civil War seems to become really soon..or some type of big war..
with what the government is doing..the thing's their keeping from us..

think of the future..after Bush's time is up in office as president..
can you see what is going to happen?
it'll be way different..a new problems..and new generations will be able to vote..hopefully more educated in the process.

Like Einstein said..something about world war 3...something about i don't know about world war III but the 4th one will be sitcks and stones...

sorry for the long insanity..


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