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US Dept of Commerce-what ALL do they do????

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posted on Dec, 17 2005 @ 06:52 PM
I am looking for any type of theories of conspiracies that would involve the US Dept Of Commerce.

I am looking specifially for anyone who can expound upon the laws of the Dept of Commerce and why that organization seems to feed so much into other governernment areas( agendas ) right under the radar of general public knowledge.

I know of Ron Brown's murder under the Clinton administration after he had been appointed to commerce Secretary by Clinton and also about...oh dear God...can't think of her name...but the other woman who worked for Commerce at the same time and was found dead in her locked office, her bruised body found dead of "unknown" causes ...

what I am looking for beyond the death under questionable circumstances during the Clinton adminsitration of commerce employees, is really what OTHER conspiracies are there that involve the US Dept Of Commerce

...or beyond linking those deaths to Cinton...was it simply something they knew incriminating Clinton...or something that also incriminated the US Dept of Commerce?

What spurs my interest is actually the fact I worked for the Dept of Commerce...and the fact in my particular job I worked for the Bureau of the Census ("Census Bureau") which is known by most American's as the dept that "counts America"...until then I dind't know the Census Bureau did anything else or was a part of D of C

What I learned in that position of gathering classified that the "Census Bureau" did ALOT more than just "count America" and we did it every day of the year every year...and that there were interesting laws unique to my position and dept.

For instance, I worked on a conituing study of "the economic situation of the US" in a 4 year logitudinal study where I "interviewed" my assigned "participants" about 4 times a year...and followed them if they moved etc-making it logitudinal...

so it meant that I either conducted phone calls if I could not physically follow them into a new area, or they were transfered to an agent in there new geograhic area to continue in this "survey"

What sold me on my position in this survey initially was that everything was "confidential" meaning they could be blatantly honest with me about all aspects of their life and they were protected by strict confidentiality laws...and by the oath I took to keep all information classified as confidential etc...

for example...if they were receiving government aid, like welfare, but working under the table as a stripper making 5X as much-I'd go to jail if I reported this and breeched the law of confidentiality...I thought this was good a thing...

it also extended to other things though...if they smoked a joint, shot up heroin, and beat or molested their children in front of me I could not report was of no interest..we just wanted "the facts M'am" ...and in exchange we offered strict confidentiality...and had to turn our heads to anything illeagal or immoral

ok, no problem...and I was quick to relay this information and everything I had been taught to counter reluctant participants...this confidentiality and the laws governing it, as well as soothing them with the fact these questions I asked were for "demographic purposes only" etc...

but as I thought more about certain things I became unsettled in my position...some of the questions that would come up during my "interviews" with people rang some sort of alarm in the back of my head...and when it did for others (I had some participants who were in militia areas and generally untrusting of me and the government) I really felt ill as I eased their fears in the way I was so good at...the reason I'd been chosen for this position, my ability to sooth and manipulate even the questioning paranoid...

I was full of excrement and I knew it...because I did NOT really know why some of these VERY personal and in-depth questions were asked...or why if it was a random study that participants who had moved to many places continued to be randomly chosen beyond participating in the original study, or the study I was pressuring them to begin or continue with...

one of the things that stands out most to me now since I've left 6 years ago-is the law that protects the participants really protects the bureau is a law based on classifying the information gathered in such surveys as confidentail and it includes specifically exclusions to being subject to state or federal laws...even in court

I mean this was an actual "selling point" to me originally, and one I used to ease the fears of the reluctant or paranoid...but then I started wondering what was so special about basic econmic and demograhic information that it was protected from being even subpoenad in a court of law?!?!

and if the Dept of Commerce has such laws, what other information of theirs, or bureaus under them such as the "census bureau", is covered by such where it cannot be questioned or even subpenoed in a court of law? You know...seems like a huge loophole of hiding things to me...

anyway, most people don't even known the Bureau of the Census is part of the Dept of Commerce, or that they do anything but count heads in America every few years...but trust me they do much more...cover much area...and have peculiar lasws that I don't think are exclusive to the census bureau, but are to cover the Dept of Commerce in whole as well.

If anyone has information on these laws, or can expound upon conspircaies of the Dept of Commerce and/or the Census Bureau, please share anything you have or links to any resources. I've tried to research this, but find nothing except the Brown murder and other connections during Clinton-which really have more to do with the 30-40 some people affiliated with Clinton, Clinton fund raising or his administration which were killed and died mysterious deaths, than it was about the Dept of Commerce I believe...yet the fact they were murdered, and were part of the D of C does intrigue me nonetheless...

I don't understand the inplications and jargon of governemnt law re the Dept of Commerce either, so research into that area has left me...
so anyone that has researched such and understands and can expound, please do...

Boh and yeah if the words or idea of "Big Bbrother" are intering your mind, I can attest...I've met Big bro, worked with and for him in this position-you would not belive the kinds of "data" I "collected"
Big Brother is alive and well in the D of C /CB

posted on Dec, 17 2005 @ 07:46 PM
Commercial Purposes

Opinions vary. Here's mine.

The U.S. Department of Commerce oversees several aspects of the U.S. economy, and is charged with monitoring commercial activity in the U.S. and intervening in accordance with federal law.

Additionally, the Commerce Department works with U.S. intelligence agencies to provide economic advantages for U.S. businesses in foreign countries in exchange for providing additional intelligence resources for those agencies.

I believe this cooperation extends to domestic operations as well.

Essentially, I see the Commerce Department as a tool for advancing U.S. interests in the areas of business, intelligence, diplomacy and espionage at home and abroad. The nature of these interests depends on who controls the Commerce Department.

And yes, there has been some serious cloak-and-dagger activity involving the Commerce Department, including murder.

But hey, these are just my opinions.

Make of them what you will.

posted on Dec, 18 2005 @ 08:13 PM

Essentially, I see the Commerce Department as a tool for advancing U.S. interests in the areas of business, intelligence, diplomacy and espionage at home and abroad. The nature of these interests depends on who controls the Commerce Department.

Yes, I think that is an important aspect for me to realize-that it depends on who controls the Dept.

I do understand the basic role of the Dept, ...or thought I did...however the whole international aspect still leaves me a bit...curious...

and I don't understand why they needed the specific data I colleted...guess thats what leaves me most curious...

I don't know when you have a nagging bad feeling about something...and you just can't seem to shake's been nagging me for years...

Thanks for your input Majic

posted on Dec, 23 2005 @ 06:43 PM
nobody else has any info on the dept of commerce??

No one has participated in any surveys for the census bureau and found them invasive?

no one followed around for 15-20 years "randomely selected" time and again for surveys?

I had one couple just about shoot me as they'd moved 3 times...and the bureau always found them...and somehow they were randomely chosen to participate in various surveys...they were retired when I caught up with them and were NOT happy I wanted to continue to probe into their lives every 3-4 months for 4 years...

and questions about television viewing....hrs watched and when? Doesn't rng any alarms as none of their GD business?

I think too many people just don't included...but I have a hint...

hhhmmmm....was hoping I could find someone with more info or more questions...

posted on Dec, 23 2005 @ 08:32 PM
Below The Radar

I wouldn't be discouraged. There are all sorts of things that don't get a lot of attention, even in the "whacko conspiracy community".

In fact, I'm pretty sure the biggest conspiracies of our day get zero attention, because they are well-hidden.

Ironically, much of what conceals them is attention focused on a steady diet of red herring fed to us through the mass media by people who are paid to do so.

Also, most people are conditioned to have their eyes glaze over at the mere mention of the word "commerce", which implies a torrent of boring facts and figures.

Of course, that's by design. It allows hiding things in plain sight.

My advice is to not let that get under your skin. Rather, I recommend keeping what you know in mind and being attuned to the kind of information slipping through the cracks which may help you and others form a clearer picture of what all this means.

Stay alert, keep questioning everything, and don't let the buggers grind you down.

posted on Dec, 26 2005 @ 08:58 PM
Thanks Majic

Its hard you know, because I increasingly became uneasy with my position, especially in the manipulation required to keep people participating in the study after they refused etc...

...and then after all the garbage I'd feed them...I'd then come across these questions that would come up out of the blue. These were not the regular questions about income, assistance, or interest and assets etc...these were more bizarre questions slipped in here and there every time.

..and this would sometimes make even the most easy going participants question why these were being asked...of course they were easy to appease...and the truth was I had no freakin idea why they wanted to know some of the things they did...and the reluctant often were not easily appeased...and I became less interested in pressuring them...

I don't know what it is really...I just had this gut feeling I was doing something "wrong" you know? Especially when this retired engineer and his wife seemed literally shocked and scared to see me at their doorstep showing my ID...and they begged not to have to participate...and my job was to overcome their objections etc...and they asked if it was a random survey, chosen by address etc...why did they keep getting randomely selected time and again for various surveys...for nearly 20 years and 3 addresses...

I checked into this with my supervisor and she didn't I checked in with my regional sup and she told me well it was randomly selected...but sometmies based upon social secuirty people were tracked to where they lived, and their address was randomly selected based on being put into a pull of eligible participants by their SS#

ANyway, the more garbage I learned the more I realized I was never really given the truth to begin with...nor was I giving the truth to participants...and like I just made me kind of ....sick to my stomach...

and it's just one of those things that stays with me and I look for signs or answers but don't come accross much.

Anyway, thanks....if nothing else...for letting me purge some of my guiltty conscience-lol

posted on Dec, 26 2005 @ 09:36 PM
View From The Glass House

Originally posted by think2much
Anyway, thanks....if nothing else...for letting me purge some of my guiltty conscience-lol

Dude, I've done worse things at parties than what you're worried about.

And don't even ask what I've done for a living. Suffice it to say I'm not fit to judge you on anything whatsoever.

Just repeat after me: "I was young and needed the money."

The fact that you're asking questions about all this is a very encouraging sign. I suspect you aren't quite the empty soul you portray yourself to be.

Come, break bread with us at the table of repentant sinners and help us gain a better perspective on all the madness.

If nothing else, it's a hell of a hobby.

posted on Dec, 26 2005 @ 10:37 PM

Dude, I've done worse things at parties than what you're worried about.

WTH kind of parties you go to?!?! or is this a morals vs ethics comparrison? LOL yes...indeed...I was young and I needed the money-LOL...though I am curious to your former occupations now I admit!

I guess back when I left, I was disturbed by some of the things I was, I'm just more curious as to what is done with that information...and what all the other data is collected in the other studies I wasn't involved in for the Dept of Commerce etc...

and what all do they do that people don't even know of? Thats what I really want to know

...people I know still don't understand that when I worked for the Census Bureau for almost 4 years, that I NEVER participated in a census!!! ah well...I guess I'll never really know what I did either, eh?

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