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The Bloodline Of Margaret Tyndal Winthrop

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posted on Dec, 17 2005 @ 03:35 AM
"Margaret Tyndal Winthrop (February 23, 1880 – July 7, 1970) was the maternal grandmother of U.S. Senator John Kerry, the Presidential candidate. (Winthrop's daughter, Rosemary Isabel Forbes, was Kerry's mother.)

Winthrop came from a family with deep roots in New England history. She was born in Massachusetts and raised in Boston. Her grandfather was Robert Charles Winthrop, the conservative Whig Speaker of the House and a U.S. Senator. Her ancestors include James Bowdoin, former governor of Maine, and John Winthrop, the first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Other notable figures in this branch of the family tree are Franklin D. Roosevelt (Kerry's 4th cousin twice removed), Jane Addams, Calvin Coolidge (Kerry's 8th cousin once removed), and ironically, George H.W. Bush (Kerry's 9th cousin once removed), and George W. Bush (Kerry's 9th cousin, twice removed). [1] She also has some relation to all the royal houses of Europe, including such figures as Henry III, Henry II, Henry I, Richard the Lionheart, and Russian czar Ivan the Terrible.

Winthrop died at St. Briac Sur Mer, Ille-et-Vilaine, France."


I thought that was an interesting read. Any comments on that? Coincidence or not?

posted on Dec, 17 2005 @ 05:43 AM
Not surprising at all.

If you look you'll find most of those in the 'ruling class' are from the same idiot families that have been ruling since rulers began to rule.
Bunch of inbred, half brained, pompous good 'ole boys, who spank each other behind closed doors, worship giant owls, and play their game of world domination and control.
What else is there left to do when you are so rich you are in need of nothing, and have and control everything?

Put's to rest the myth that 'anyone' can be president, doesn't it?

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