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Building Spaceships

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posted on Dec, 15 2005 @ 04:03 PM
One of the main reasons our governments sent space missions to the Moon was to establish defense bases from which they could aim missiles at their enemies. Instead of living together in peace, harmony and brotherhood, Earth humanity is in a constant state of warfare or competing with one another for the gaining of power and material luxury.
So it is that people tend to judge others by their own standards of behaviour, and therefore imagine that people of other planets are greedy, competitive and warlike, the same as themselves. Therefore, when UFOs are sighted, people immediately assume that they are here to do us harm. This is so far from the truth! It is erroneous.
Benevolent space people are extending the hand of friendship to Earth's inhabitants, but mankind thinks it is holding a bomb! Instead of hostility, space beings are offering a wealth of valuable information and assistance in the construction of highly advanced space craft. If we cooperate with these wonderful space friends, we would be able to give this information to scientists who can make wise use of it.
Firstly, we need to learn how to utilise the free energy in our atmosphere and in all of space. This kind of propulsion is odourless, silent and available without cost.
But firstly mankind's suspicious attitude to ETs must be overcome. They need to learn to trust our other-worldly visitors who are here only for the purpose of helping Earth in this time of great crisis. Their assistance is needed much more than ever as global warming, Earth changes, ever-increasing natural disasters, pollution, diminishing oil and coal reserves and increasing crime rates and wars bring the world ever closer to world-wide catastrophe! As oil, petrol and coal rapidly diminish, and environmental destruction increases, the world is becoming more and more aware of the very urgent need for alternative, pollution-free sources of power. This is where information received from friendly ETs will be so very valuable. They can teach us how to use free energy in the atmosphere to power our cars, aircraft, ships, factories, houses and spaceships. By accepting their offer of information sharing, we can avert world-wide disaster and build a New World of peace, prosperity and universal brotherhood and sisterhood.

posted on Dec, 15 2005 @ 05:09 PM
touchy topic my friend.

Many things too be addressed in the universe. Like all Living/non living creatures it all comes down too how and were they evolved from and environment.
Humans for an example still have there barberic animal instincts inbeded in them. you man not understand this quote but it was given too me. " Our technology is surpassing our humanity". If only the human race evolved mentally 2,000 - 5,000 years then maybe we could understand logic and reason at its best. To create a well diverse environment were all can live in peace.

I do and do not think aliens are here for good and bad. What would seem as good too them would seem evil and low of the low too us. So its hard too say. Like a young child asking mother why I need to take this Grose medicine. Think like when aliens come too you and say its for your own good ect... considering they would be 10,000 years older than us and evolved in many different ways I would listen too them becuse I would not know any better because I have not experienced anything different. Non the less I do believe there are hostile creatures out there are will place monopoly with us.

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