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British Government Blocks Public Enquiry Into The July 7th Bombings

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posted on Dec, 13 2005 @ 05:32 PM
An independent Public Enquiry into the events in London on the 7th July appears to be very unlikely. Instead the Government Led by PM Tony Blair intends to release an "Account" of events. A Report is to be compiled by a senior Member of the Civil Service, who hold hidden if immense power in British politics. Many groups including the Muslim Council of Britain and the general British public, who expected as a matter of course, a full and open Public Inquiry into the events of July 7th to include the resources and expertise needed for the truth to be revealed.
The absence of a wider public inquiry is likely to anger Muslim community groups, who argue that it is essential to understanding what happened.

But ministers felt it would divert attention and resources away from pressing security and community issues and take too long.

Instead, a senior civil servant will compile a narrative, drawing together intelligence and police material.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

I can not believe that the reason given for not fully investigating the events of that day is stated as resources. What resources? Some independent experts and a Judge or someone similar to look closely at every aspect of it for a year or two. We are at war using massive amounts of money and resources sold to us (some!) by a lie and yet we are expected once again to except another blatant cover up of the truth with more spin.

This is as about respectful to those who died and their loved ones, as Donald Rumsfield's current use of a printer to sign the Dead Soldier Letters. More smoke and mirrors, spin and it seems more and more apparent each and every day the true way that our lives and rights are valued by those we have elected, to supposedly cherish and protect these things.

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