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Aliens and Human Experiments maybe this is it

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posted on Dec, 13 2005 @ 11:52 AM
OK I know there is no "proof" But look at this as an idea:
(read and then decide) Is this an abduction??

"I was walking along one day and saw a great flash of light, I panicked and then I felt myself paralyzed. Suddenly I was lifted up on a table with lights all around. I saw two strange smooth skinned beings and they started examining me. My blood was taken and my reproductive organs were examined. I felt so violated....
I was "microchipped" so my every move could be followed. When I came to my mind was foggy and I saw bright lights as they vanished into the darkness...."

No, this is just what animals in the forest or plains feel when we humans capture them for research. Don't you all get it? we are just just an experiment to the "creators" or "beings" Don't you think that animals have feelings, relationships, societies??? Maybe we are just really advanced animals and we are all being researched, just as we research animals.....What makes humans so special that we thing that we are the most important in the Universe????

posted on Dec, 13 2005 @ 04:26 PM

Don't you all get it? we are just just an experiment to the "creators" or "beings"

I have to agree with you there as im starting to think that way.
maybe we might get to meet these creators in 2012 as ive been reading everywhere.

posted on Dec, 13 2005 @ 07:28 PM
No doubt that we are not the top of the food chain as we were led to believe. I believe technology has us on the path to uncovering this fact & they will close the zoo.

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