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A mother and her daughter...

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posted on Dec, 13 2005 @ 07:52 AM
The other day I was at a "social function" with several other people for several hours. There was a little girl there as well. She was a little over 2 years old. I am not around children all that much, but she appeared to be at least of average intelligence. She could put some small sentences together. Had a decent vocabulary too, at least in my opinion. Her sentences werent all that complicated, and sometimes broken. "I want a cup", "I want to color". Those were her favorites. Oh, and everything to her was "cinderal castle" (intentionally mispelled).

I didnt intentionally pay attention to her at all really. However, I did start to notice some things. Kids do there little tricks to try and get your attention. Hers..... She would walk up to people, through her hands up in the air, and yell "praise jesus". Then the person would laugh, and tell her how cute she was. Eventually she came up to me and yelled it. I categorically ignored it. She yelled again, and then again. Started pulling on my arm. Until I finally looked down and gave her a smile. She laughed and moved on.

Later on, this little girl, who could barely speak a full sentence started to sing a song. "jesus loves me this I know, for the bible tells me so" She sung it to the end. The little girl who could barely speak a sentence.

After thinking about it for a few days, I have become disturbed. This girl only knows what she is told. She obviously was looking for praise and attention when she did it. Children of her age rely on their parents for knowledge of this sort. Obviously, the child equates saying praise jesus with getting praise herself. She sees that it makes people laugh ect. Same with the song (oh the time that must have been spent). All this child knows, is what she is told. Especially in regards to religion. After all, she cant touch or play with religion.

I know her mother, a pentecostal from birth. Had this child out of wedlock with a man who she is not seeing anymore. She is very religious. Quick to judge others too. Recently, she has become more active in her church than before to my knowledge. Almost daily I recieve emails from her. You know those dreaded "forwards". Most of them are of religious nature.

Yesterday, and again the day before, I recieved emails from her. Still remembering her daughter, I kinda did a little check. The first email was about the supreme court, and how the ten commandments, as well as moses were basically all over it. Dont get me wrong here. I know full well that there are some connections to religion in our courts. However, I did a little check. Almost all of the claims in this forward incorrect. There were pictures that were labelled incorrectly. Downright lies, incorrect quotes ect.

The second email was in regards to iraq, and its location. After a little research, I found most of it to be speculative. Some, just plain lies. There was even a quote of a verse from the Koran (however you want to spell it). The quote was not even remotely close to the real verse from the book.

Like mother, like daughter. The mother believes this nonsense that she sends me. She believes it WITHOUT QUESTION. This is the # 1 problem with religious people today. They believe in their doctrine, without question. Sending around information like that means one of two things. Either you were irresponsible, and didnt check your facts, and are there fore uneducated. Or, you knew, and you down right lied. Sometimes, people actually believe that crap. They pick up on what you are saying. They repeat it. And, no, unfortunatly I am not just talking about her daugher.

What about her daughter? How different is the mental status when in comes to religion from mother to daughter. Daughter believes what she is told without question. Foolishly. Kids believe anything you tell them because they don't know any better. Mother, well.... you decide.

Before you criticise all other religions aside from your own, remember one thing about those people who you condemn to hell so readily. There kids sing "Muhammed loves me this I know....." because they dont know any better. And their parents dont even have access to research facilities to check and see if what they are told is correct.

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