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Contemporary Gospel

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posted on Dec, 12 2005 @ 05:35 PM
In your opinion if the gospels were happening today in a modern setting what would be the parellels. What would Jesus be? A carpenter still, or a used car salesman? Instead of being in Isreal where would Jesus live? New York? Ottawa?

What could be some modern miracles, perhaps instead of feeding 5,000 Jesus could fill 5,000 gas tanks.

Please discuss

posted on Dec, 12 2005 @ 11:50 PM
He'd be some ranting lunatic on the streets of new york, talking to unruly mobs of hookers, aids infected IV drug users, and genuinely insane bums.

To get him arrested and executed for sedition, today he'd have to be a muslim or something, calling for the firey destruction of the world order, and raising and training cells to accomplish it.

Not sure what the roman parrallel would be. Could just be the US government, with the local city government or just the public representing the jewish people as a class from the gospel stories. Or perhaps the UN or a war crimes tribunal as the Romans and the US as the yehudis.

Keep in mind that a parrallel would also be for everyone to look at the average american or average person as lowly as the jews were looked upon by the later christians.

But a problem is the context. Jesus is in judea/palestine because of the jewish religion, his context is judaism, and he comes about fufiling prophecies from that religion, or at least thats the claim, and its judea because thats the sacred jewish state at the time, a state that has a 'covenant' with god himself, according to the story. The US definintly doesn't fit that bill as an open democratic liberal society, created with an eye torwards removing religion from the public sphere.

Perhaps Italy could be a close match, or maybe brazil or mexico or something like that.
That might be interesting, jesus as a mexican and the romans being the US, with jesus being arrested for ignoring the border and having poorly armed but zealous cells in operation. Hell, we'd all say 'kill the bastard'. Thats the other thing, the situation'd have to be such that everyone says 'what a crook, kill the sumbitch'

posted on Dec, 13 2005 @ 12:53 AM
Jesus would be what you perceive he was.

(Apologies for the short answer mods, I've got the warning in the past, I considered the warning, but I wanted to inject a little humour into a humourless subject, let's just say - now I'm trying to be serious)

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