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Education and time

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posted on Dec, 11 2005 @ 01:51 PM
I believe that the main problem has come from education and discipline
Mankind has had alot of advancement(in some ways of thinking)In technology,where as we are just now coming into an age of understanding ourselves and what we feel.Very little of our education system or the system in a whole revolve around unity.even down to the central family unit. which is supposed to be a group,we have each individual sepparating for most of their day. Now this can be added on to and discussed in the view of individualism at school,or work but i will leave it at that.Now as these days go by.people pick up small attachment with other people.But through conditioning due to the way our capitalist scociety runs.A rich man will walk by a hungry dying man and sneer.Or someone who has certain desires or problems with social activity are left aside just because noone talks to them.many kids are in turmoil now due to lack of understanding who they are.i myself have had a hard to my point. the amazing thing called television is the number one reason why our world is in the hands of such not to bash anyone. there are many conflicting
contributions to the decline of civilization but what the children learn and feel growing up is the most important thing.we only live for 100 years so
everything that is happening now is due to the teaching of the direction of our intent to the youth of tomorrow.Now with us putting our children infront of a tv screen gets us away for a moment after we get off work.
so they can watch advertisements being beamed into their subconcious
at 35 sec intervals for the companies that we slave for to pay the high mortgage to the companies who own everything we cant spend real quality time knowing that the little versions of ourselves are not troubled by whats happening to the earth or at school to stop them from turning out like us and working for a company cause our spirits are crushed by the world we live in and the image we have of ourselves against the backdrop of the damn scociety that i never even chose to live in in the first place.Dont you think that there is something a little strange going on with our behavior patterns?or do you take anti depressants.

Sorry people if i offend anyone although these are just my simpl views
as are

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