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NRDC Comprehensive Simulation of a US Nulcear Attack on Russia

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posted on Dec, 11 2005 @ 11:18 AM
I was reading seekerof's thread about the Warsaw Pact plans for a limited nuclear war in Europe, when I remembered this site.

This June 2001 report from NRDC's ( Natural Resources Defense Council ) nuclear program offers an independent assessment of the U.S. nuclear war planning process and the assumptions and logic of the SIOP, or Single Integrated Operational Plan, a Cold War relic that continues to guide U.S. nuclear war plans. Using customized computer software and a vast aggregation of declassified and open-source data to closely approximate the tools that SIOP planners use, NRDC has simulated a U.S. attack against Russian nuclear forces and attacks against Russian cities. The report includes a description of the history, evolution and working process of SIOP; detailed descriptions of the NRDC nuclear war simulation model and target database; and policy recommendations.

Fallout Patterns from an Attack, Consistent with the ALPHA Task of the National Strategic Target and Attack Policy, on All Active Russian ICBM Silos

If you want to step through the looking glass and see what would have happened if the US exercised it's SIOP ( Strategic Integrated Operations Plan ) on Russia, this is a must read. It is the most comprehensive document I've seen on teh subject.

US SIOP - Target Russia

Peacekeeper MIRV's reentering the atmosphere over a Russian missile field.

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