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My official welcome to ATS Freshmen.

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posted on Dec, 11 2005 @ 01:12 AM
Hopefully, you've had enough sense to check out all the rules and forums on ATS before deciding to dive in. ATS is a wonderful place, but if you don't know how to apply yourself, you'll be drowned out or worse yet, ridiculed.

ATS is a big board.. and everyone is here for many different reasons. Your dive into the ATS Freshman forums shows you wish to truly apply yourself and be a part of the big overall discussions that take place on ATS.

This place is huge.. so huge that after being a member for 3 years, I still find old material that was debated in the past.

But what exactly is ATS you may be asking yourself... what's makes this place 'different' from any other message board forum..

Allow me to tell you..

ATS is filled from the bottom up with discussions that can not be finished. Discussions that many people leave reading in a neutral belief, niether excepting it as fact, or fiction.. but leave it a possible angle.

You decide. If you can.

How is the NWO tied into the existence of the Skull and Bones and other prominently secret societies such as the Illuminati and how does this all tie into the Bohemian Grove gatherings? Are they connected? Or is it all just a huge collections of undisputable bits of coincidental information?

You decide. If you can

Did the US Government purposly turn a blind eye to the 9/11 attacks? Did they order their puppet terrorist group they invented to strike the building to spark the War on Terror to intentionally invade 2 countries, and possibly more? Were the World Trade Center buildings rigged to fall down, or was it truly an unexpected phenomenon?

You decide. If you can.

Is the addition of the Patriot Act designed to literally strip the average United States citizen of a whole slew of articles in the Bill of Rights? Was it implemented due to the "impending danger" the nation faces, or is it clevely disguised by the War on Terror?

You decide. If you can.

In 1947, the military dispatched a rather large military force to the desert of Roswell to retrieve weather balloon. Was there something more to that than a measly weather balloon? What technology did that balloon contain that it was so important to quarentine from the American public? Was the balloon a balloon, a new technology, or an alien aircraft? Did project Serpo really happen?

You decide. If you can.

Forty years after John Kennedy's murder in Dallas, the event remains a part of the American conscious. Polls show the majority of the public still believes there was some sort of conspiracy involved in his assassination and the average person thinks it just might be exposed once the government releases all the confidential documents some day. Those that deny the conspiracy question scoff at all this, stating that no conspiracy could have been good enough that somebody would not have talked after all this time.

You decide. If you can.

Welcome to ATS Freshmen. We hope you all rehash old debates with new information. ATS is, afterall, designed for debate of the past, present, and future events of our world.

Welcome aboard.. the minds in this place are deep and educational. Not only will you gather information on old conspiracies, but new, currently present conspiracies.

And if that doesnt float your boat, I'm sure our extensive collection of scientific inventions, theories, and research will.

Have fun.


p.s. Other members feel free to welcome our new members.. I encourage it.

[edit on 12/11/2005 by QuietSoul]

posted on Dec, 11 2005 @ 03:06 AM
Okay dude, get outta My mind, lol. I understood & agree with most of the things you posted about those conspiracies on the post.

See ya round the forum

~watches you closely, backing away quietly~


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