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ATS: Family Accuses Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Of Covering Up Murder

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posted on Dec, 10 2005 @ 05:43 PM
The family of George Allen Smith has filed a lawsuit alleging that Royal Caribbean Cruise line has intentionally covered up what they feel was in fact a murder and not an accident as the cruise line claims. Smith who was on his honeymoon disappeared July 5 and his body has not been found.
Smith, of Greenwich, Conn., vanished July 5 from the Royal Caribbean ship Brilliance of the Seas sailing in the Mediterranean Sea between Greece and Turkey.

The family's lawyer, Brett Rivkind, said the death was suspicious because bloodstains were found inside and outside Smith's cabin, and there were reports from other passengers of a loud commotion inside the room before Smith went missing.

Rivkind said the family thinks Smith was murdered aboard ship and that Royal Caribbean has attempted a cover-up, including repeatedly calling the disappearance an accident, to protect the company and the cruise industry from bad publicity. The FBI has been investigating but has made no arrests.

"We believe that's because of the cover-up," said Smith's sister, Bree Smith.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Fox news and CNN reported tonight that witnesses saw the couple dancing separately and allegedly some witnesses claim they saw his wife kick him in the groin while others claim they heard a commotion in the cabinet where blood was found. His hand print was also found on the side of the ship, yet the cruise line says it was an accident???

These sounds like a big time cover up on the part of the cruise line while trying to protect their image, rather then catch the killer.

Edit to add CNN transcript.

I mean, she kicked him in the groin. You know, he was angry at her for leaning on a man. But I think, without available forensic evidence, what we really have to do is look to what we already know about these kinds of crimes.

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