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Dimension ?

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posted on Dec, 10 2005 @ 09:47 AM
What is a dimension ?

I know this sounds very basic, but I really need to ask.

What is a spatial dimension ?

posted on Dec, 10 2005 @ 10:07 AM
3 dimentions, and a 4th time. now they are saying though that there are only 2 dimensions including time, the spatial dimensions co exist as a flat space time. one spanning the eons, and one moving foward. then if you believe string theory, everything gets mixed up because they say that there are 12! which would mean that there are 8 unaccounted for dimensions. which would be like a series of cross correlating string dimensions. where stings envelope one another, sewing, mending, and ultimately exuding energy into the space time continuem. this is what i know, im sure a physisist could explain it a lot better though...

posted on Dec, 10 2005 @ 02:05 PM
Spatial dimensions describe where an object is in space, or the size & shape of an object. For example, I am six foot two inches tall. That is a height, and is a spatial dimension. I am 300 kilometers north of Calgary, Alberta, that is another spatial dimension.

For objects, we typically measure their spatial dimensions in height, width, length. For distances, we can do a similar thing with vectors. For example, to get from my computer to the shower in my house, I need to go up about 12 feet (I am in the basement) and north about 20 feet.

There are three common ways I have seen to describe spatial dimensions. Cartesian Coordinates (height, width, length), Cylindrical coordinates (height, radius, angle) and Spherical Coordinates (radius, angle, other angle) Wikipedia or Hyperphysics probably describe those better than I can; alternately, find a math text in the library and look those up, they would probably be in most calculus books.

posted on Dec, 24 2005 @ 11:39 PM
Ok I don't know if I'm the only one that has thought of this because I haven't looked into much of it but I have been writing my own theries about time and dimentions that I'm sure would be interesting to people but I won't dive too much into that.
The way I figure it, Time and different Dimentions are interlinked because Time itself isn't really a straight line but it has many cut off points and branches due to Humankind making different decisions.
Therefore I see time and dimentions as more of a D.N.A. ladder that drops down into levels and each "Level" Has a timestamp on it to pinpoint which intesects with every Dimention.
it's almost like bridges and intersections that the timeline goes up and down fluctuating along the ladder to connect to the point that two or more dimentions intersect with each other.
so lets say we go down our time line and we get to lets say ANY war in history we keep going the way we go but the time line splits into other directions and keeps going as if it were normal for itself.
anyway back to the ladder, I think they're are many ladders along the time line to hold time up like a suspention bridge, each ladder drops down to the other dimentions and also upword from our point.
who knows how tall or far down the ladders go because who knows how long time really is, think about how fast the years pass as you get older..
anyway I believe that the older the period in time is the more dimentions there are over and under it.
see as time moves forword the dimentions gather energy from lifeforms untill it cannot take it any longer and then disperses the energy to make another dimention below it, I believe the ladder drops down because even though there is no gravity in that Junction that is how things seem to work in our space so that is why I believe it drops.
I think the reason that we have not yet had a public time jump is because even though we could pinpoint any time we choose you could jump to a wrong dimention down the line and we would need a sustaining energy to keep charged long enough and that could keep stable without collapsing on itself.
even if you could pinpoint and map the time and dimentions it would take trial and error because if you shoot for one point and as I stated before the world has not dispersed it's energy then you COULD wind up in a blank space waiting for it to form for a long time, who knows if you would disapear or be in a sespended animation?
anyway I have alot more to this but if you have heard of someone who also thinks like this let me know or post back to let me know what you think because I want credit for discovering this if I did in fact be the first to think like this...
Hope to hear from you all soon, Joshua

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