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25th Anniversary: The Rendlesham Incident – Britain’s Roswell

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posted on Dec, 9 2005 @ 03:13 PM
It's Christmas soon, as I'm sure you are all aware.
It also happens to be the Rendlesham/Bentwaters Incident's 25th anniversary, so I thought I would summarise it.

If anyone has any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them.

It might look like a long post, but it's worth reading.

The Story
The Rendlesham Forest Incident is definitely the most important UFO incident to have taken place in Britain, some people believe it to be more significant than Roswell.

Over the last 25 years, researchers with the help of witnesses have been able to piece together an accurate version of what happened.

In the early hours of the 26th December 1980, a man named John Burroughs was stationed at ‘East Gate’ at RAF Woodbridge, he was working with Bud Steffens.
They had to keep the gate secure and more importantly, keep the door firmly closed to anyone who might be interested in the huge amount of nuclear weapons at the base.

It was then they noticed them. There were some red and yellow lights hovering at tree-top level in the forest on the other side of the road. The lights were pulsating, and they resembled a fire.
Thinking a plane could have been brought down they contacted the base's Central Security Control.

Sgt. Jim Penniston was sent down to investigate, he was accompanied by Ed. Cabansag.
They called for someone to take their place, and also act as a relay for the radio signals.

Jim Penniston and John Burroughs moved into the forest, leaving Cabansag with the jeep which was parked on the logging route 12. Soon, they heard from John Coffey over the radio that an uncorrelated target had been spotted on the radar screen, and had disappeared over Rendlesham Forest.

John Burroughs noticed the brightly lit metallic craft in between the trees, but Jim Penniston was further forward than him.
The radio’s signal was deteriorating, and the hair on Burroughs arms was standing up.

Jim Penniston approached the stationary object. It seemed to be moulded out of black glass, and the cobalt blue lights fitted perfectly into the material. It had a bright white light on the top and three blue lights at the base.
It had completely smooth corners, and made no noise at all.
He had his jotter with him, so he wrote down some notes and also drew the strange symbols which he could see on the side of the craft, they reminded him of hieroglyphics.

He touched it, noticing the warmth. As soon as he had done this the white light doubled in brightness. He took a step backwards. Slowly, it began to take off. It lifted up to the top of the trees, and in a blink of an eye, was gone.
There were 3 landing marks left where the craft was seen, Penniston later took plaster casts of these.

About one mile away, a man driving along a lonely country road slowed his car down as a blinding, white light appeared over the road. He turned the engine off and got out. He stood in amazement as a glowing, triangular shaped object, silently hovered over the road. It was dripping what seemed to be a liquid, rather like melting ice. He stared as it flew off away from the forest.

2 Nights later the strange lights were spotted again from East Gate. Colonel Halt, the deputy base commander, set out to debunk the story and put it to rest.

He gathered a group of airmen and followed the lights through the forest.
They found a small scuffed-up area, containing 3 landing marks. This is where radiation over 8x the normal amount was found.
A red pulsing light was spotted once again, it was swaying back and forth.

They followed it, and ended up in a field, it was now that the nearby farm animals went ‘into a frenzy’. The object began sparking and split up into 5 objects.
They flew up into the sky, some of which proceeded to send pencil thin beams of light down to the ground, only a few feet from Halt’s feet. Colonel Halt could hear mentions of beams of light scanning the nuclear storage area through his radio.

This story sounds like a script for a X-Files episode, but with so many trained witnesses, radiation readings, animal disturbances, radar tracking, documents, civilian witnesses, photographs and even a tape made live while the men witnessed the UFOs - this really is a strong case.

What has happened in the last few years?
Just to name a few events:
The MoD’s Freedom Of Information Act files on the incident were released.

More witnesses have come forward, such as Ed. Cabansag and even M. Nevilles.

Georgina Bruni’s book, “You Can’t Tell The People” was released.
It really does shed new light on the Rendlesham Incident, and it even sparked
a series of questions in the House of Lords.

Alleged photos of the UFO/Object have been discovered. Larry Warren was apparently contacted by someone who had taken photos of the UFO, Larry has them in his possession.
Unfortunately, not many people have seen them.

According to various paranormal groups which visit the forest, more UFOs have been seen. Some even claim the forest is a magnet for UFO activity.

What’s happening now?
Suffolk’s Forestry Commission will be adding an information board, to the already existent ‘UFO Trail’ at the forest.

Witness Larry Warren has been rewriting his book, ‘Left At East Gate’. It will contain explosive new content and should be released soon.

Several TV documentaries on the Rendlesham Incident are being made, one may even air this Christmas.

There is no doubt, that there will be some kind of Skywatch held over the three significant nights
(26th-29th) to celebrate and possibly relive the series of events witnessed in Rendlesham Forest.

We have yet to hear the complete story, but with all the new interest, perhaps this might change. Colonel Halt says he has a lot to tell, but would only release the information if a Public Inquiry was held, perhaps this is the next step to discovering the truth about Britain’s closest encounter.


That really is a very brief version of what happened, there was quite a lot more to it than what I have typed above.
I’ll just leave you with something which Ralph Noyes said, he used to work in the MoD.

"If the USAF really are capable of hallucinations induced by a lighthouse witch must surely be familiar to them, then I shudder for that powerful finger which lies upon so many triggers..."

posted on Dec, 9 2005 @ 04:52 PM
I've always been interested in the rendleshem forest incident as I'm from england.

Here is a Link to a site which contains a fair bit of information about the incident as well as a transcript of the audio recording by Lt Charles Halt of the UFO.

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