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Technologies that have changed the world?

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posted on Dec, 8 2005 @ 06:50 PM
I want to encourage everyone here if you want, I think it would be an interesting discussion on the top 5 technologies over time that have changed mans life dramatically here on earth. Like you can post them i you want to. I know some of you might believe this thread has no point, to me it does. Really I fear that the technologies that have greatly helped us will one day bring about grief and annoyance but overall I believe all technologies have benefited man in some way if used properly. Anyways maybe if you want to, you can list 5 other future techs that would turn man’s life around again. It can be anything from just one tech you have known to change your life or the world or a group of techs that have made a difference in a large way. It could be a discovery, invention or anything. The thing is to explain why you believe this tech has changed our lives and or made a difference in your life or someone else’s. I think it is very interesting to see how other people view the world and the way the world now is the way it so incredibly is.

My top 5

1. The Computer- with out this piece of work my life would be so hard I know, especially if I was in school with a typewriter, I would explode every second because I did not have a delete button. Then how a computer can take our complex life problems and make sense or even help us in our most lost times. (search engines)
2. As that brings to mind the Internet, the Internet I believe has changed communication as I know it for the best. With being able to find resources from anywhere to medicine to how build a car from scratch and from sending megabytes of information to a simple kilobyte email the Internet is a most incredible establishment and I can not wait to see how much more it can help us.
3. The light bulb I believe is an incredible technology to help us, it brings so much truth and encouragement that anything can be done if you just keep on keeping on, as for Edison never giving up. I believe the light bulb have given us places to better further our current technologies and light now in a bulb where there is no longer darkness and batteries are more popular than ever.
4. This is probably my favorite tech ever, it is the lighter, well the control of fire it self. I am like a lot of guys I like fire the way it just burns or really whatever. The lighter has helped us so much not just the lighter but gas energy or so on. The way we now harness and use fire was unthinkable a century or two ago. Now with fire we have modern travel on land, air, sea and water. We have heat and well just about anything and it is just going to get better.
5. This is going to have to be the most important technology I would have to rate it is the establishment of modern medicine, I personally know I would not be hear if it was not for modern medicine, from having a death reckoning sickness to blood transfusions as a baby modern medicine I believe has saved our people and has given man the edge to life.

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posted on Jun, 15 2006 @ 11:29 PM
this could work, as of top future inventions what else could happen.....

posted on Jun, 15 2006 @ 11:32 PM
There are only really three:

AC, DC and Combustion engine

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posted on Jun, 16 2006 @ 07:09 PM
Fire, bronze, penicillin (sp?) computor, radio

there's my 5

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