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"The Hour"- TV News Program

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posted on Dec, 8 2005 @ 02:33 AM
This is for Canadians that get CBC. The show called "The Hour" with George Strombolopolous (not making it up
Anyway... In the past month or so George (the host) has been slowly poking his way into the UFO/ Alien subject, and is starting to talk about this a little more.
Just last night, I am certain that he brought on a guest for the sole purpose of ridiculing him in a rather subtle manner. Heres waht happened... if my memory serves me correct.
The guest was a psychoanalyst I believe from the American military, and George asked him to explain alien abductions.
The military guy said (in all seriousness lol) that alien abductions are nothing more than peoples memories of when they were babies, looking up at their big-headed mothers with big eyes. He said this is why all aliens 'look the same', big head, big eyes...
George then says... "OK, so we solved that mystery! Abductees are seeing their mothers through their baby memories." (somthin along those lines)
Then George says, "So what about people who report being taken aboard ships, having physical things done to them, ect."
I think the military guy responded with something about sleep paralysis being the answer to all those physical things basically.

To cap off the interview, George says jokingly.."remind me to call my mother so I can tell her about how she has haunted me all these years!"

I think George is just getting the ball rolling on the subject, and is essentially easing in the subject to the regular viewers. He seems genuinely interested in the whole phenomenon, and not like he was being forced to cover the subject.
For those who dont know anything about him, hes the young host of a new past pace news program that deals with everything, current events, discoveries, ect. And its a Candian show, so theres no looping of the same meaningless stories ala CNN. lmao

If George pushes the subject further at least a little every now and then, its better than nothing and will help raise awareness of the subject.

The Hour

Im thinking sending the show an E-mail to tell them to probe some of the really interesting cases maybe.

To anyone willing to help, goto the website, to the contacts page and submit a request to have more UFO related stuff on the show, it has a section for that.

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posted on Dec, 8 2005 @ 03:48 AM
That sounds like a fun program to watch. Since it's a canadian, does the US not broadcast...I hope I can get it. I live in Florida.

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