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New Orleans Area under Flood Watch

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posted on Dec, 7 2005 @ 03:54 PM
High winds and high tides are creating conditions conducive to coastal flooding, not an uncommon event in that area. The hurricane protection levees damaged by Katrina are also vulnerable. Let's hope for the best:

Expires 8:15 PM CST on December 07, 2005

Statement as of 12:15 PM CST on December 07, 2005

Minor coastal flooding is possible tonight and Thursday along east
facing shores from Orleans Parish to Plaquemines Parish.

Northeast winds around 20 knots will continue in the coastal
waters east of the Mississippi River through much of Thursday.
Tides this morning were running one half to one foot above
normal from near Lake Borgne to Breton Sound. Tides are expected
to rise another one half to one foot in these areas through
Thursday. High astronomical tides occur between midnight and 5 am
tonight with tidal ranges around one foot.

Sections of hurricane protection levees along and near Bayou
Bienvenue and other areas of the coastline and inland waterways
have experienced damage from Hurricane Katrina and are susceptible
to flooding from higher than normal tides.

Tide levels in Lake Pontchartrain are not expected to rise enough
to produce a flood threat along its shoreline.

Persons in the affected areas should monitor weather and water
conditions and follow advice from emergency officials. If flooding
is observed in your area... move to higher ground. Do not drive
into areas where water covers the Road.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

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