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Giving up on Ghost Hunters

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posted on Dec, 7 2005 @ 09:55 AM
I'm a fan. I loved watching the show. But that
obvious fake on the Halloween show has just about
done me in.

#1 - The Philly prison 'shadow' was an obvious fake.
You can see the guys pants and the bottom of his
sneakers as he runs away. We were disapointed
that made the TV airways. It's an obvious fake.

#2 - The chair that Brian 'found' laying in the hall
in the first season. Obviously a plant by Brian.

#3 - Questionable - that faked footage on the
Queen Mary. The bed unmaking itself. If TANGO
hadn't have been there, and if he hadn't have
been honest, that too would have been presented
as evidence of an authentic haunting.

#4 - The final straw - The Halloween show where they
have a 'shadow' show up behind the pool table and
run back and forth. yeah, right. This was pathetic.
The guy under the blanket even bobbed upwards
when he was ready to run back behind the wall,
then he realized he wasn't there yet so he ducked
down really quick for the last few feet.

The fakes keep showing up when Brian is there - except
the Queen Mary. That was either a plant by one of the
ghost hunters, or it was a plant by someone working on
the ship. Guests wouldn't know how to go through the ship
to get into the room. They wouldn't know to unmake the
bed using the photography tricks of stopping film and
making sure their shadow doesn't fall into the room,
etc. It was faked by someone who knew what to do.

I have really enjoyed the show. Every so often they
get something good... like the mist on the Halloween
show that goes up, whereas all the dust particles are
going down, and they are moving faster than the mist
that's going up.

BUT .. these obvious fakes are making it past the so-called
ghost hunters onto our TV screens. It's a waste of time.

I'm HIGHLY disapointed.

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