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SCI/TECH: 'Podcast' Hailed 'Word Of The Year'

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posted on Dec, 7 2005 @ 08:16 AM
New Oxford American Dictionary has declared 'Podcast' the word of the year. The term which comes from the words 'ipod' and 'broadcasting' has been defined as "a digital recording of a radio broadcast or similar program, made available on the internet for downloading to a personal audio player". New Oxford will be adding the term to their online dictionary during the next update in the early part of next year.
Podcasts have grown quickly in popularity over the past 12 months as they are an easy way of getting digital content and playing it when and where you want.

The term was coined by journalist Ben Hammersley and although originally derived from combining "broadcasting" and "iPod", this definition has become something of a misnomer as podcasts can be listened to on any digital music player.

Some have criticised the term for giving too much credit to Apple, which had little to do with the development of the technology and some have tried to suggest alternative terms such as blogcasting or audioblogging.

Podcasts have become popular because anyone with a microphone, computer, software and a net connection, can produce one themselves.

"Podcast was considered for inclusion last year, but we found that not enough people were using it, or were even familiar with the concept," said Erin McKean, editor-in-chief of the New Oxford American Dictionary.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

This just proves the 'rise of the Podcast' over the last year.

Just 12 months ago they refused to enter the term as it was believed not enough people knew about a Podcast, myself included.

But now they are everywhere...including here at our very own ATS!

*Long Live The Podcast*

[edit on 7/12/2005 by MickeyDee]

posted on Dec, 7 2005 @ 10:48 AM
Very interesting find.

Word of the year indeed. Making podcasts is the best fun I've had for along time.

posted on Dec, 7 2005 @ 05:51 PM
To be perfectly frank, I hate the word 'podcast'. It's blatant branding-- the medium of worldwide Internet broadcasts is a very exciting one, but calling it 'podcasting' is rather a lot like calling television 'Sonyvision', if you ask me.

Ipods frighten me. Why anybody would want to spend $150 on an MP3 player when you can get a perfectly servicable model for $25 or $50 is beyond me... quite a few people have evidently fallen under the sway of Macintosh's evil marketing rituals.

posted on Dec, 7 2005 @ 06:04 PM
Mickey Dee, What I want know is why is this in ATSNN instead of a PODcast?

They are terribly fun! I wish I could think of more good subjects and had more time. I'd be flooding the PODcast forum even more than I do now!

posted on Dec, 7 2005 @ 06:06 PM
Well actually, from the company I work for they are going to begin to face out Apple products all together. The IPod and everything to do with them is too much of a problem for us. The fact we have to phone the United State's to even get customer support. The fact only 10% of their products can be sent back as faulty [even throuigh over 20% do not work] and so on and so fourth.

PodCasting is a piece of product placement. We have seen it even on ATS where people believe you need an IPod to listen to the streams...I think we need a much better word, one to define it. I think we should name it after me, unless anyone can think of a better term?

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