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Iranian Air Force Aircraft

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posted on Dec, 6 2005 @ 03:15 PM
I was watching news coverage of the plane crash in Iran and they reported it was a C-130. They also showed a Chinook helicopter flying overhead. This got me to wondering what aircraft Iranian AF has. Anyone know the numbers?

posted on Dec, 6 2005 @ 03:43 PM

I feel like an idiot answering my own question but searched till i found something


posted on Dec, 8 2005 @ 01:04 AM
Some one else wrote this from an Iranian forum and I don’t know how true it is:

1. F-5E (66), F-5F (14), RF-5E (?)
The Tigers have been upgraded under Project "Ofogh," (Horizon) which improved the range of the F-5E APQ-159 radar and enabled the aircraft to carry advanced missiles like the PL-7, AIM-9P Sidewinder, and R-60 Aphid. Many have been converted to two-seat trainers.

2. F-4D (15), F-4E (71), RF-4C/E (8 )
The Phantom upgrades include the following:
- They have upgraded the APQ-120 Radar by improving its range (almost doubled)
- They have added Automatic Targeting and Moving Target Indication (MTI) capabilities
- They have modified the F-4s to carry and fire the Kh-58 anti-radiation missile with its associated targeting pod as well as R-73 and PL-7 short-range air-to-air missiles

3. F-14A (57)
The Tomcat upgrades include the following:
- They have increased the AWG-9's range and upgraded its capability
- They have integrated the R-73 AAM and various air-to-ground weapons with the aircraft
- They are manufacturing upgraded AIM-54A Phoenix long-range air-to-air missiles

4. F-7N (35)
These were originally procured by the IRGC/AF. However, they lost interest in the jets, and they were eventually in IRIAF hands. They are outdated, and are meant only to confront internal threats (such as Kurdish rebellion) or to crush terrorist activity.

5. MiG-29A/UB (35), MiG-29C (?), MiG-29SMT (24)
All in all, it is thought that they have 68-90 MiG-29 Fulcrums.
The Fulcrum upgrades include the following:
- Modified avionics and western AAM integration
- They have equipped the aircraft with indigenously-developed 99-lmp gallon (450 litre) external fuel tanks under Project "Khorsid" (Sun)
- They have given them in-flight refueling capability

6. Su-24MK (36)
The Fencer upgrades include the following:
- They have given them in-flight refueling capability
- They have modified them to carry the Upaz-A buddy refueling system to extend the range of other aircraft
- Active radar-jammers and electronic countermeasures have been installed

7. Su-25K/UBK (18-40; in service with IRGC/AF)
Little is known about the Frogfoots, other than the fact that they are the first fighter-bomber to see service in the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Air Force. Their capabilities were boasted in recent Iranian military maneuvers (Ashura-5, Peyrovane Velayat). Some reports suggest that the IRGC/AF plans on also purchasing Su-39 Sniper aircraft.

8. Mirage F.1EQ/BQ (23)
18-32 were flown by defecting Iraqi pilots to Iran during the Second Gulf War (“Desert Storm”). Spares and technical know-how were provided by South Africa. It has assumed the role once played by the F-5.

9. Azarakhsh (6-30)
Iran’s first indigenous fighter.

Indigenous Projects:

1. Azarakhsh (Strike Fighter)
Azarakhsh is an enlarged F-5F with shoulder-mounted air-intakes similar to those on the F-4. It has a medium range Iranian built radar and can fly at Mach 2. By 2001, Iran had 6 Azarakhsh aircraft and planned on having 30 by 2004. By now, all 30 have probably been delivered. Azarakhsh-2 has entered production, but its details are not known except that is substantially different from Azarakhsh.

2. Left this one out, because it seemed like speculation

3. Sa'eghe (Fighter)
Seen in July, it is an F-5E with twin tail fins, improved radar, greater thrust, fly-by-wire controls, etc. The status of this project and its relation to Azarakhsh-2 is unknown. There is always the possibility that it is merely a tech demonstrator or an upgrade programme.

4. Shafaq (One-seat Fighter; Dual-seat Attack plane; Dual-seat Combat-capable Trainer)
Once thought to be subsonic, Shafaq is now known to be supersonic with a substantially long range due to its enormous fuel capacity. It has reduced radar cross-section and is made of radar-absorbing material. It also has a large leading edge root extension (LERX) and utilizes multi-functional LCD displays along with HOTAS controls. It is believed to use a single RD-33, but this has yet to be confirmed. The first prototype was scheduled for 2008, but Iran announced that the prototype is ready for flight-testing already.

posted on Dec, 8 2005 @ 08:36 AM
Very nice info Sep. Thanks alot

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