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What/who is/are freemasons, masons, masonry etc.

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posted on Dec, 5 2005 @ 11:57 PM
Simple question. Just want to know what you think/know. Haven't researched much and thought I could here from you.

posted on Dec, 6 2005 @ 01:04 AM
To put it simply. Masons are the dupes of the iluminati. Every smart crook and conspirator needs a fall guy to take the heat.

To me, Masons are a bunch of screwballs. My step father and step brothers are masons. Theres nothing worse than a screwball who thinks he's part of something secret, and the joke is on him. You can't make a patsy believe he's a patsy or he wouldn't be a patsy. In fairness to masons, they were an honorable lot before the iluminated masters of the earth infiltrated them to use them as a vehicle. I'll say one thing, they take good care of each other. You just don't see many, if any, masons out of work. They all pretty much have good jobs.
Theres strength in numbers and that isn't lost on the masons. You have to be born into masonry because it's more likely you'll be loyal to family and fraternity than if you were recruited. I've tried to pry with my own step father and step brother and all I get is dirty looks everytime. Never a single word about anything that went down at the meeting. Not a word, just dirty looks.

posted on Dec, 6 2005 @ 01:53 AM
In all fairness, I will give the reasons for the people I know being in:

Three people I know have joined because family members were members and they pretty much were talked into joining so they could do all the fun stuff with each other. One of these has been a close friend of mine since grade school and he has read my posts on this subject and occasionally has sort of helped push me in the right direction on things, while still remaining true to his oath. This one joined because his father-in-law pushed him too, and now that his relative has passed away, he is thinking of quitting.

Another friend of mine joined because he thinks it will further his governmental career to be in with the right people. He also has relatives that are members that helped push him in that direction, but the fun aspect of it is not something he cares about one-way or the other. The funniest part is that he totally does not believe in God and should therefore not even be allowed to be a member. He knows how I feel about the organization, since he wanted me to join with him, and we joked around about the fact that he should list himself as a Luciferian just for laughs (I figured that since people always accuse masons of being that, he would get some raised eyebrows from the other masons). If he actually did this, I will have to ask him later on. He is trying to get two other mutual friends who are both police officers to join as well.

None of these people are screwballs. Though I do think that none of them are as studied in religion or the occult as I am, and would have no idea if they were doing anything they should not as Christians to begin with, while others arn't religious at all. I think that this is where some of the problems in these threads comes from. On one hand, you have those that see the symbolism as relating to things that are Pagan at the least and perhaps even worse. Then you have those that are members and are in it for the fun and the community of it, and they believe that there is nothing inherently wrong with that symbolism, so they defend it staunchly. They see it as a charitable fraternity that they belong to with friends and relatives, and nothing more.

As far as the Illuminati are concerned, there is not really any proof that there is such an organization, though there might have been one at some point. Therefore, I think that you would find it difficult to try and tie that to masons, and it obviously ticks them off when people do. I think the poster in the Terms and Conditions thread said it best when he mentioned that people of power and position join like clubs and this may be one of them. So if all the presidents belonged to the same country club would that club be inherently evil just because of who its members where?

So my point is that I doubt that the masons are trying to take over the world, if they were they would be farther along by now. I don’t think that any members are overtly evil or aware that some of what they do may not be acceptable for Christians, so they consider themselves to be Christian Masons. I don’t think that many realize the Pagan overtones inherent in their rituals and symbolism, and just join it as a social charitable family fraternal organization.

posted on Dec, 6 2005 @ 01:59 AM
Here's a crazy idea. Ratehr than asking such a simple question, why not read the reams of threads here? Your exact question has been answered to the best of anyone's ability, from both sides of the street.

Feel free to read.

This thread is more than a duplicate. Thread closed.

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