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Is today's peace of heart tomorrow’s piece to destruction?

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posted on Dec, 5 2005 @ 08:29 PM
Many people this day in age see life as the way you like it will be the way it works for you. Your life will be just the way you want it, saying then if you don’t believe in hell or heaven than there will not be a heaven or hell. It is truly all up to you, and now more than ever children are being thrown this theory more and more. The thing is that today's children are tomorrow’s world and so then what will happen?
Is the peace of mind taking over the world to where leaders and people will just end up being at peace for the wrong things, the opposite of what God meant it to be?
I believe the main reason that The United States of America has been so industrious and powerful is because of what this country was founded on. It was founded on the rights of God over the people and the leaders. I just feel evermore that America and the world will turn to where there is no truth unless you really believe some bogus lie or faith which no one could care for. Because truly that’s what the world is almost like right now. I just believe the world will eventually end up giving up on faith and begin to travel into a world of life, with pleasure, power, and future pleasure and power; based on no true foundation.
Could what is being built today be the pieces of a societal building that would eventually collapse leading the world into psychological devastation. Because the right and firm foundations are being changed out for weak temporary stilts to lift up mans spirits for pleasure and power and ultimately going being wiped out by a swift wind of anger from God.

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