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Israel Successfully Tests New Missile System

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posted on Dec, 2 2005 @ 06:57 PM
Israel has successfully tested it's Arrow missile defence system today, the Isareli Military has announced. The Arrow intercepted and destroyed a target similar to the Iarnian Shahab-3 missile, which the Iranians claim can reach Israeli territory.
Israel has carried out a successful test of its Arrow missile defence system, military officials have said.
An Arrow missile intercepted and destroyed a target similar to Iran's long-range Shahab-3 missile.

The test was launched from an air force base in the centre of Israel and stuck a target over the Mediterranean.

Israel considers Iran its greatest threat and has been working to counter the Shahab missiles, which Tehran says can reach Israeli territory.

The Israeli military began developing the Arrow anti-ballistic missile system after coming under attack by Iraqi Scud missiles during the first Gulf War.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

After the First Gulf War, Israel clearly needed an anti-missile defence system that performed better than the Patriot.Whilst this system performed "ok", it had many shortcomings.

This new "Arrow" system they have developed has now been tested successfully on it's likely target, namely an Iranian Shahab-3 missile which has a range in excess of 2,000 Km, more than capable of reaching any target within Israel.

I can see this latest developement heating up the already hot arms race that is occuring in the region, with the Iranians likely to look for a missile that can avoid this new defence, much like the new Russian claims of having a weapon that can maneuver at hyper-somic speeds to avoid interceptor missiles.

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