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Indira Singh- Ptech, Bohemian Grove, 9/11, Child Slaves & Bush

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posted on Nov, 20 2005 @ 06:09 PM
Singh who exposed Wall street Ptech software, and how it could have been used during 9/11 attacks, has done her own investigation into the belly of the beast, the ‘Octopus’ as Danny Casolaro referred to it while doing his investigation into PROMIS (Ptech ver 1.0) .

There is a new interview with Indira Singh on her investigations, and she has a few bombshells go off.

The money trail of Iran Contra, and the names involved lead back to the familiar faces, some direct ties to Michael Aquino and Larry King (Franklin Coverup). Poppy Bush doing some satanic rituals in california, lots of stuff. Finders network is still running

This also ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, Ptech and 9/11...

Really powerful stuff!

Realplayer format

to download the files as mp3

posted on Nov, 20 2005 @ 08:04 PM

First of all I'm going to have to find, download and install Real media Player Alternative, as RMP really poos me up the wall and I only recently formatted.

But, thank you
As soon as I get that done I am going to download and take a look at these.

From the surface it looks very interesting, and an excellent post!

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posted on Nov, 20 2005 @ 08:09 PM
you can download the interview in mp3 below (works better)

it's a radio interview, and yes it's bigtime

I hope this gets around

posted on Nov, 20 2005 @ 09:42 PM

Originally posted by slave
you can download the interview in mp3 below (works better)

I'm on dialup but i did end up getting the MP3's, i've got the first one and the 2nd one is now downloading.

it's a radio interview, and yes it's bigtime

I'm listning to it now, it does sound it.

Edit: also, the 3rd MP3 dosent seem to work at the moment, but I will try it a bit later, the server might just be down.

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posted on Nov, 21 2005 @ 12:37 AM
I copied the filename wrong to begin with

posted on Nov, 21 2005 @ 12:56 AM
Ah-ha! i thought there was a gap inbetween the first one i listened two and the second

Downloading that one now, and listening to the first/last one. This is really powerfull stuff!

I'm sure everyone is aware of the corruption in US Politics (Haliburton just to name one) but this just shows how much deeper, and how much more kind of, planned this all is.


I'll post some more thoughts once i've listened to it all.

Edit: "The only solution is Jesus Christ". "Thats correct". ?? :|

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posted on Nov, 21 2005 @ 03:32 AM
The "War on Terror" & events like 9/11 are all leading towards an eventual stealing off all of our American freedoms. The way they're going to steal it away from us totally, they are in the process of taking it away now, with people letting them willingly, is the "War on Terror". See, "terrorism" has such a large & open & vague definition.

A terrorist isn't just an Arab with a towel on his head, & a bomb in his backpack, at least not what the US will use as the only definition. They will eventually use that as a definition of terrorism, along with bank robbery, computer hacking, peaceful protest marches, you name it, it will be defined as a "terrorist action". Even comments like this one, will be seen as a seditionist, or traitorous comment, which could potentially be seen as turning people into terrorists if you listened to it, or I was standing on My soapbox & saying anti-government speeches.

Along with all of this, eventually there will be a second Civil War in America, after years of struggle & many many deaths, the government will eventually reign the US population in after taking away all of our guns (by the way, we as Americans do not have the "right to Bear Arms" as most people think we do, there is more to that part of the Constitution, it says "The Right to Bear Arms, in a Military or Militia Group" which means, you have to be in the Military, or a Militia group[the Government has been cracking down on all Private Militia groups, as they've gotten too Militaristic for the Governments liking] or very close to that, My apologies for the crude interpretation) & weapons, & they will use things like 9/11 as a "Remember the Alamo" to inspire us to "Unite" again, after a bloody Civil War, which will more than likely be Hispanic on Black on White inspired.

You know how they will do it? With images of 9/11, images of the many different "terrorist actions" along with image of "United Airlines" & "America Airlines", which were 2 of the airlines that went down in 9/11. You take the first name of each, & you have "United America" & you can switch it even, to "America United", that way it is interchangeable. There's more to it than just this simple & uncomplicated explanation I've given here. As I'm sure you're aware, it takes time to type it all out on this & I'll suggest you watch My posts, as I'll fill it in where I can in response to other peoples comments on here.

posted on Nov, 21 2005 @ 09:39 PM
Thank you so much for posting this. I posted a similar post called "Indira Singh links DC to 9/11, drug trafficking and child sex rings" that got moved.

Indira Singh is one of THE smoking guns to the real new world order, 9/11 truth and interlocking network of global elite and pure corruption on a global scale.

I never knew about Ptech before. My gosh, to think that Chertoff guy stopped the FBI investigation into them.

How come 9/11 truth never mentions Ptech? Forget WTC7, Ptech and BMI sound like smoking guns to me.

For the first time ever I've heard someone from the inside connect 9/11 to the same elite cabal behind what we learned about the Franklin coverup(child sex rings that reached the Washington DC political leaders), Iran-Contra, illegal corporate money laundering, and Bohemian Grove.

Paul Bonnoci won a $1 million civil law case in 1999 if I recall, part of his testimony and diaries from 1985 shows he was taken to Bohemian Grove for the most unimaginable horror committed by the global elite.

And in that interview, Indira eludes there is an investigation connecting Bush Sr to child sex abuse. Hunter S Thompson, who was said to be at the infamous 1985 Bohemian Grove incident, was said to be writing about
it and 9/11 at the time of his suicide. Hunter S Thompson, like Singh, would have been another major tie to all this.

Remember that Indira Singh is not some fringe conspiracy theorist. Like Sibel Edmonds, she was a trained specialist who became aware of some very deep level corruption.

...maybe Cathy O'Brien wasnt so crazy after all.

Also a great article on what the Boston Globe had to find about this, and the other connections:

posted on Nov, 22 2005 @ 02:20 AM
8bit, here's another interview from Oct 20th (same radio broadcast) it gets into more detail on some issues answers some questions

O'Brien is owed alot of good karma payback. Enough that if any movement really got behind her they would cut through these freaks like butter.

posted on Nov, 22 2005 @ 07:16 AM

Originally posted by slave
8bit, here's another interview from Oct 20th (same radio broadcast) it gets into more detail on some issues answers some questions

O'Brien is owed alot of good karma payback. Enough that if any movement really got behind her they would cut through these freaks like butter.

My god, my god. The media and republicans had a frenzy over Clinton's white house sex...but it's become apparent that the US government has been involved in child sex traffic for some time.

US defnse contractor Dyncorp, the Washington Times headline of underage clal boys touring the white house, Jeff Gannon, The Finders, Hunter S Thompson gosh it goes on and on and the mainstream is ignoring it. How does this relate to 9/11 truth? Because, as Indira Singh and others have realized...when ya pull back the theatre curtain on total elite corruption in Washington youll find not only the truth behind 9/11, but drug trade complicity and child sex rings.

I would LOVE to someday see on the cover of time magazine
Sibel Edmonds and Indira Singh with the headline:
"The Woman Who Brought Down Corruption At The Highest Level:
Exposing The Governments Role In 9/11, Drug Trades, And Child Sex Rings"

Just imagine that.

Here's a great 2005 interview on Alex Jones show that goes into the franklin coverup/hunter s thompson/related stuff:

I found some very very noteworthy articles:

posted on Nov, 22 2005 @ 08:41 AM
What was the most convincing evidence presented wrt the alleged sex ring or a false flag 911?

posted on Nov, 22 2005 @ 09:59 PM

Originally posted by Nygdan
What was the most convincing evidence presented wrt the alleged sex ring or a false flag 911?

I would have to say that while she mostly focused on the money trail and Ptech aspect of 9/11, she more than substantiated what is pretty clear: the Us gov at some level has been involved in child sex rings.

posted on Nov, 23 2005 @ 01:54 PM
Along these same lines, here is a documentary originally filmed for the Discovery Channel called "Conspiracy of Silence", about the Elite Sex Ring, and it's connections to the Bush Sr. White House. It was slated to air on May 3rd, 1994, and was listed in the T.V. Guides from that era, but then mysteriously, it was pulled, and has never been broadcast.

Here's the link to watch the documentary, where they interview victims, the police who were investigating, and some of those involved. It's a three part video, but well worth the time to watch.

posted on Nov, 23 2005 @ 02:29 PM
One point of reference here...

Jeff Gannon didn't end up dead in a ditch... which you would assume by all these massive coverups...

instead he became a journalist with "unusual" access to the white house at the top levels...
quite the perks for being a punk to a politician?

these other claimants have sued and won...
I wonder how much of this is blackmail against the pervy politicians that liked to do boys (actually teens)...

To be blunt... how de we know that this isn't an agreement set up by the pervs and the punks... to deliver goods for favors? or is it a damage control after the abuse?

posted on Nov, 23 2005 @ 04:42 PM
Oh the power of the world wide web!

Three days, one page and a handfull of posters.... At least this time the topic's come up on ATS, it hasn't had a bunch "good men" demanding "proof" before they will believe that Organized, Ritual Child Sex and Slavery goes on.

It is a World Wide Protected and PROMOTED Industry with the active involvement of "good", "respected", "intelligent" and powerfull people, from ALL levels of society, that will only continue to thrive while "good men" shout down survivors and their supporters as deluded and mentally ill, the favourite first stage defence against any who dare to seek justice.

Many of the "good men" who post claims such as, "if it really did go on to that extent there would be more convictions." or simply don't bother posting their outrage, in my experience, have to be strongly suspected of involvement, even if it's "just" at the level of creating a "cover of silence".

posted on Nov, 23 2005 @ 04:52 PM
Well it is absolutely ridiculous. The media focuses on Michael Jackson for so long but the biggest sex scandal in American politics is right below the surface. The republicans and media had a frenzy over Clinton's indiscretions, yet mostly ignored the White House underage callboy ring udner Spencer, or the Franklin coverup which tied in. And that punk Michael Aquino who ties into all this, I guess he's protected by those high in charge. Lawrence King is out and free,
while look what happened to most of the victims who spoke out, the lead investigators, etc.

Look at the former head of the CIA William Colby! This was a man in charge of the CIA at one time and ended up pretty much done away with for what he was trying to expose.

And we see more mainstream examples of US state sponsored or complicit child sex trafficking. Look at Dynacorp International, the Virginia based defense contractor. Why didn't the media cause an uproar over that?
We know almost for a fact Barney Frank ran an underage callboy ring out of his apartment in the late 80's. People wonder why all these seemingly isolated cases and things keep coming back to Offut AFB, Bohemian Grove, etc...cases many years apart, where there is no way the victims would know about the other case. It makes ya wonder, well are people like Cathy o'Brien and these other supposed MK Ultra cases that crazy?

I'd love to see someone post scans of the US New and World Report from Dec 1993 that has an article about the CIA sponsored "Finders" child sex trafficking; as I think the media should have followed more of these stories, instead of focussing on celebrities.

posted on Nov, 24 2005 @ 12:39 AM
The man Singh refers to as Peter Tscherneff

Some more info


The San Francisco Chronicle
Father Who Kidnaped Son Released From Jail
Santa Rosa -- A Sonoma County judge ordered the release from jail yesterday of a former Petaluma tennis instructor who said he kidnaped his son to protect the boy from satanic ritual abuse.

Peter Tscherneff, 35, has been incarcerated since June on $ 500,000 bail while awaiting trial on felony charges of child stealing, concealment and false imprisonment.

Superior Court Judge Arnold Rosenfield ordered Tscherneff released without bail, but he will be subject to search and arrest and random drug testing. Tscherneff was also ordered to refrain from contacting his son's school in Petaluma.

Tscherneff said he took his 3- year-old son, Alex Blalock, on Feb. 4, 1993, because the boy was being ritually abused by satanists at a Novato day-care center.

Authorities say there is no substantiation of Tscherneff's allegations.



The man's name was Peter Tscherneff. Peter had obtained my name from Denise, in California. Denise had written an article," Never Again A Child" : which had been published in Vol.I, No.1 of the Outpost of Freedom, alongside the " Operation Monarch" article by Mark Phillips. Before publishing either article I had spent many hours on the phone learning of ritual child abuse. I had decided, prior to publishing the newspaper, that I would not publish any article without thoroughly investigating the matter to minimize the possibility of publishing erroneous information.

Peter, at the first meeting, simply asked, " Can I talk with you?" I invited him to come in the office, but he had already determined that there were others inside, so he explained the need for privacy, saying nothing more than was necessary to convince me that what he was asking deserved my utmost concern.

I returned to the office and asked everyone to leave. I explained that no explanation was necessary. All of these guests being familiar with me recognized that to even question my abrupt dismissal of them would be fruitless. They politely said " goodnight" as they filed out the door, nodding and repeating this departing salutation as they passed Peter out on the lawn.

All quiet, Peter took me over to a car I had not noticed earlier and introduced me to his girlfriend, Linda Issel, his almost three year old son, Alex and the courteous, but very concerned person who had driven them out to Florida from Santa Rosa, California. I invited them to come in and explain the nature of their request.

Although I had never spoken with Peter before, Denise had told me, many times, of the father who was concerned about his son's attending a day care center which had strong ties to Michael Aquino.

Aquino had founded a satanic church in California while still an active reserve officer with the Army. I had already reviewed police reports from San Francisco (Case #870910025, 8114/87) which indicated that certain military dependents had been subjected to ritual abuse which involved Aquino, his wife and others. The Army had transferred all of the military personnel in what appeared to be an effort to avoid the publicity of an Army officer being tried for child abuse. The city was unable to afford paying transportation costs from around the world to hold a trial. As a result, the charges against Aquino were dropped.

Subsequently, in hearings before the Congress, it was decided that it would be in the best interest of all if Aquino were to voluntarily resign his commission. Perhaps the transfer of the witnesses was the condition that convinced Aquino to resign.

Peter's investigation into the Miss Sandies Day Care Center in Novato, California, had developed that Aquino sat on boards with and rented property to, individuals associated with the day care center. Interestingly, , the government associates us, the free people of this country, with the company we keep. Yet, they are able to deny us the right to question these relationships when they include military personnel.

Peter had filed papers with the court regarding child custody. He had pled to the judge that he would prefer to have his son kept in another day care center, (subject to Peter's approval) and that he would bear all expenses of the cost of the center. The judge, lacking the wisdom of Solomon, denied this request

Peter, concerned with the safety and well-being of his son. had decided to flee California, knowing the risks, to assure that his son would not be subjected to associates of the satanic ritual artist, Michael Aquino. Risking all that he had hoped to gain, he had selected me, of the possible choices, to put his faith into. His judgment, I feel, was excellent, as would be proven over the next five months.

The man who had brought them out to Florida was anxious to return. He realized the risk he was taking, and had to minimize his absence. So, after a quick meal, he departed and left us to resolve the living arrangement for fugitives in flight....

more here

posted on Nov, 24 2005 @ 01:50 AM
Interesting reads there. I wonder, why is the millitary so adament on protecting Aquino? When they punished people in Abu Gharib, Tail Hook, and the unthinkable marine crimes in Japan a few years ago? Possibly, because he holds a lot of national security secrets and what not.

Now, it's important for people to seperate fact from fiction. When this subject is brought up...people will overlook the Dynacorp Intl., White House call boys and Nebraska Franklin coverup and dismiis it all as David Icke Cathy O Brien stuff.
They forget that CIA former head William Colby was able to privately substantiate a lot of claims made in Decamp's book, and that there has been an awful lot of witnesses, evidence and court testimony into this stuff.

Isn't it sad, how someone just doing their job like Indira Singh unknowlingly uncovers the biggest revelation in the world...and she gets labeled the tinfoil kook? It occurs to me the globalists are comfortable knowing the accusations of 9/11, drug trafficking and child sex trade is so over the top; that they know most the public will laugh it off as conspiracy stuff.

For people that think the US government would never do anything bad, have no idea about just the massive ocean of stuff that has been declassified.

posted on Aug, 30 2006 @ 03:32 PM
Amazing how utter crap like 'serpo' can spawn a monsterous thread, yet this gets little if any attention.
My question to you is, does this surprise you?
Not the fact that this got little if any attention, does the FACT that the global elite are engaged in sick and twisted child slavery rings really surprise anyone?

posted on Aug, 30 2006 @ 03:45 PM
True. Same with the Franklin Cover-Up. All you can do is scratch you head sometimes. Thanks for the links. I'll be downloading and listening soon!

Here's a similar thread started by 8bitagent

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