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strangest thing ever power outage ufos jets an a lady callin my dad about a vision! an she turns

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posted on Oct, 27 2005 @ 11:05 PM
hey guys weirdest thing k i was jus about to post a topic on an alien thead .. all of a sudden the power goes out i grab a flash light i go out side look at the clouds no rain, no thunder, no snow, no lighting im thinking whats wrong here
i light up a smoke a cold wind comes in i look again with a closer look to see if can see anything weird in the sky to my amazment there was a red glowing sphere about 30 ft wide hight the bottom bump to top about 10 ft stopped for aminute an then moved left so i stepped off my porche an went to the left it than shot off to the right than speeded behind a cloud about 45 seconds later 3 jets show up im like wtf wishin i had a camera !!!!
anyways back to the story the jets aproached the ufo it shot up like straight up super fast the jets took off in different directions im now frozen...cold
beeing only 5 degrees in canada weather .. i go back inside turn my whind up radio on an flash light one station worked .... an it was in french.... about 5 minutes later all the stations come back on ...go to the local one ckrz an the power went out also there .. must have been a drunk driver shouts the anouncer.... about an hr later a lady callls my dad on his cell phone still being out... claiming she had a vision im ease droppin walked by the room she said also she had to talk to him about sum crop circle information an asked if it was safe to talk on the phone my dad said alright she replys ill email the info an set up a meeting ... my dads a traditional healer an herbalist has a degree hypnosis an reiki..
i got into my dads email got the vision here you go got an additional article on her crop circle findings
............. lm sorry bout the long story an no photos if i had a cam i would my fellow belivers ill get an article on the bizare power outage to for further proof an also cropcirlcles have been here in my town of six nations ohsweken ontario look up on google crop cirlce on sixnations...
here we go heres the email of the vision

Thank you for your kindness and help.

The vision I had is:

After the Full Moon, I began to feel this tremendous grief and sorrow,
without having a real personal reason for that. I continued and it seemed
to manifest itself in my own body yesterday (October 20) and today. I decided to
speak to the grief.

At first I tried to use some of the trance positions that F. Goodman writes
about to reach some kind of answer, but to no immediate avail. Then I just
let the grief out and cried from some deep place that I do not know as me.

When I asked the grief who it was, I started to get these faces showing themselves.
The first one was of an American native man–smooth-faced, handsome,
braided hair, from an old time. He seemed to be made of stone–at first reddish, then black-grey.
Then many other faces came, all of them grey colour and very sad, tormented or tortured,
contorted, twisted looking.
They seemed to be calling out or emerging.

I asked them what they wanted and they said that they wanted me to love them.
I asked how can I show this? They told me to pray to Huhnab'Ku (the Great Mother Centre
of the Milky Way in Mayan tradition).
They are the rock, caverns, tectonic plates. They have to move and
change and it is difficult for Mother Earth and Them.
They need our love. Amen.
I think this has to do with the great changes that are arising because our Solar System is aligning
with the Centre of our Galaxy, and the Earth is going through gigantic tremendous shifts.
These shifts do not only have to do with geology or what we call physical reality, they have to
do with the coming to a new consciousness of all of Mother Earth, Her Crystal Core, the Elements, the
Mantle and the 3-dimensional reality we live in as humans and share with all living beings.

Things can be problematic for those living on Her surface, but it is not because harm is willed.
I think that if we somehow project peace, calm and love to the Earth's Core and to the Great Tectonic
Plates and Rock, that it is helpful for us and for the actual movement towards the change.

I am not sure if I am crazy or not. But I do believe that it is important that all of us somehow extend our
thought in harmony to Earth.

I did one little personal prayer ceremony for the rocks to the Great Mother, and it felt like a relief and good.

Once I was able to visit the Petroglyphs near Peterborough on a school trip (Ontario College of Art & Design,
spring, 2003), and I was able to participate in a prayer ceremony there. I offered tobacco to a figure like a woman
with a sack on her back and a sort of lizard figure. No one there knew who these figures were. But when I came
back from there, I felt like the rock spoke to me. It was far away, deep and old.

The New Creation will be totally new and I think that even our understanding of material reality will be totally changed
someday. The Rocks and the Earth will be able speak to us again. We will be able to listen.

What I am asking you to help me with is to say if it is important that I communicate this kind of message so that there
is a community of people who are working in consciousness and prayer for this end, or is it just something for me to
be aware of and to make sure I do the work that I can on my own?

Thank you so much again. I look forward to your reply and to meeting you in the near future.

In Love & Peace,

Michelle Jennings

heres her article on crop circles

article name is.. Kephera: Scarab-Headed Demiurge
By Michelle Jenning

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