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Why is Rush Limbaugh Inside the White House Bubble?

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posted on Oct, 26 2005 @ 08:23 AM
This is just bizarre to me. Colin Powell's former chief of staff explains that in the run up to justifying the war on Iraq, the head of the cabal actually running things, Dick Cheney, was "a vice president who speaks only to Rush Limbaugh and assembled military forces," and Donald Rumsfeld, "a secretary of defense presiding over the death by a thousand cuts of our overstretched armed forces."

Dick at the Heart of Darkness
Published: October 26, 2005

Because of Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation on Iraq, all sulfurous strands lead back to the man W. aptly nicknamed Vice.

[sorry it's a pay subscription, limited reprintable text]

Colonel Wilkerson, the former chief of staff for Colin Powell, broke the code and denounced Vice's vortex, calling his own involvement in Mr. Powell's U.N. speech, infected with bogus Cheney and Scooter malarkey, "the lowest point" in his life.

He followed that with a blast of blunt talk in a speech and an op-ed piece in The Los Angeles Times, saying that foreign policy had been hijacked by "a secretive, little-known cabal" that hated dissent. He said the cabal was headed by Mr. Cheney, "a vice president who speaks only to Rush Limbaugh and assembled military forces," and Donald Rumsfeld, "a secretary of defense presiding over the death by a thousand cuts of our overstretched armed forces."

Even if you like Rush Limbaugh (though I can only think of one person on this board that does), you have to realize how insane that is given the notoriousness of this White House bubble. Nobody gets through. Except Rush Limbaugh? That's the "conscience" of America? No wonder we went to war on really poorly forged Niger documents and misjudged everything from WMD to Iraqi acceptance to American tolerance.

Rush Limbaugh was high as a kite on hillbilly heroin that whole time. That's worse than if Clinton had consulted Al Franken daily on what to do in Somalia. Freaky out of touch people run this country. I'm telling you.

Oh, I know. Rush is a good guy. He did nothing wrong. It's just the "criminalization of prescription shopping and black market drug buys."

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posted on Oct, 26 2005 @ 01:08 PM
When the Mr. Fitzgerald opened the site in the internet about the White House investigation I think that many Americans knew that the whole issue was going to climb very high in the White House chain of command now we know why.

Who wanted the war more than anybody else? Rant’ Cheney, all the rumors about the reasons of going to Iraq, the information, the lies.

The man that was running the White House all along was Cheney, Bush just went along with everything and that is how they got their war, and I will go farther than that, is all link to those contracts awards to Cheney’s friends follow the trail corruption the money, corruption is running rampant and now the pieces are falling in place.

I don't know who important Rush Limbaugh may be to Cheney but is odd that his name is coming out now.

For the next 3 years until the end of the Bush administration we are going to hear how everything was put in place in the white house for the invasion of Iraq and maybe we will be lucky to find out the reasons behind it.

Has anybody has seen Cheney lately? He is probably waiting with his hoard of high pay lawyers waiting if Mr. Fitzgerald dares to indict him, I think that he will get away with it, he will walk clean from this one.

Has Bush lost control of his house? Did he ever had control in the White House? Is the white house in crisis? It seems that the Bush administration is coming to an end, Bush is looking more and more like the puppet and Cheney was pulling the strings all alone.

The White House on Tuesday sidestepped questions about whether Vice President Dick Cheney passed on to his top aide the identity of a CIA officer central to a federal grand jury probe.

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posted on Oct, 26 2005 @ 02:31 PM
"How can you tell a Republican is not telling the truth?"

He's Breathing!

Anyways, how can you tell the Dems have Stomped the Reps? When no Rep on ATS/PTS will reply.

So sad, I thought the democrats were suppose to be the spineless. Also anyone see the video from one of the press confrences? He just walks away in the middle of it because the reporters were, get this, ASKING QUESTIONS!

posted on Oct, 26 2005 @ 03:02 PM
Cheney has a very short temper and he is arrogant after all a powerful man like him is no used to be questioned.

I feel that he blurted the name of the agent in one of his angry burst something that he does quite often, after Wilson questioning the reasons for invading Iraq, taken in consideration that obviously was Cheney's project I guess he took it personal.

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